Celeb Kids

Born in July 2014

5. HOLLAND MARYSIA WALKER Hartington born to American TV presenter Courtney Hansen and boyfriend Jay Hartington in Nashville, TN. 

10. DAENERYS JOSEPHINE Ruzicka born to American pop-rock singer Gina Glocksen and husband Joe Ruzicka in Chicago, IL. 

10. JANE Kimmel born to American late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly McNearney in California. Half-sister KATIE Kimmel [22]. Half-brother KEVIN Kimmel [20].

13. MEILANI ALEXANDRA Matthews born to American reality TV star Jenni "JWoww" Farley and fiance Roger Matthews in New Jersey. 

14. REBECCA KLEIN (Klein) Moore born to American country musician Justin Moore and wife Kate Gales in Nashville, TN. Sisters ELLA KOLE [4] and KENNEDY FAYE Moore [2.5]. 

Born in June 2014

3. MALIA BARBARA Treanor born to American Olympic Champion beach volleyballer Misty May-Treanor and husband Matt Treanor in Long Beach, CA. 

9. CONSTANTINE ANTHONY Vlachos born to Survivor: Cagayan winner Tony Vlachos and wife Marissa Ann in Jersey City, NJ. Sister ANASTASIA MARIE Vlachos [1].

9. ROYAL REIGN Hernandez Jones born to American rappers Lil' Kim and boyfriend Peoples "Mr. Papers" Hernandez in Hackensack, NJ.

12. RIVER ROSE Blackstock born to singer Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock in Nashville, TN. Half-sister SAVANNAH Blackstock [12]. Half-brother SETH Blackstock [6].

16. CHLOE SOPHIA Trump born to American businessman/TV star Donald Trump, Jr. and wife Vanessa Haydon Trump in New York City. Sister KAI MADISON Trump [7]. Brothers DONALD JOHN III (Donnie) [5], TRISTAN MILOS [2.5], and SPENCER FREDERICK Trump [1.5]. 

20. GEORGIA MARIE Thompson born to American SNL star Kenan Thompson and wife Christina Evangeline in New York City. 

20. ADELINA ROSE Mariano born to American reality TV stars Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich Mariano in Pensacola, FL. Sisters LUCIA ROSE [4], CARINA ROSE [3], and ISABETTA ROSE Mariano [2]. 

20. DEAN DANNY BENJAMIN Patterson born to American model Anansa Sims and former NFLer David Patterson in Los Angeles, CA. Sister AVA BRIELLE Patterson [2.5]. Brother DAVID BERNARD Patterson III [1.5]. 

26. ALAYNA MADALEINE Fischer born to American Olympic Champion gymnast Kerri Strug and husband Robert Fischer in Tucson, AZ. Brother TYLER WILLIAM Fischer [2].

??. DAUGHTER born to British filmmaker Guy Ritchie and wife Jacqui Ainsley in London, England. Half-brothers ROCCO JOHN [13] and DAVID BANDA MWALE CICCONE [8], and brother RAPHAEL Ritchie [2.5]. Sister RIVKA Ritchie [1.5].

Born in May 2014

2. MAXIM Arnault born to Russian model Natalia Vodianova and boyfriend Antoine Arnault in New York City. Half-brothers LUKAS [12] and VIKTOR Vodianov Portman [6]. Half-sister NEVA Vodianova Portman [8]. 
5. EVELYN PENN Willis born to actor Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming-Willis in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sisters RUMER GLENN [25], SCOUT LARUE [23], and TALLULAH BELLE [20], and sister MABEL RAY Willis [2]. 
5. ALEXANDER FROST Brown born to American country musician Zac Brown and wife Shelly expecting a son in February 2014. Sisters JUSTICE [6], LUCY [5], GEORGIA SLOAN [4], and JONI MASON Brown [3].

6. LEO & LENNY Federer born to Swiss tennis star Roger Federer and wife Mirka Vavrinec Federer in Switzerland. Sisters MYLA ROSE and CHARLENE RIVA Federer [4]. 

7. JAXON WYATT Cutler born to American NFLer Jay Cutler and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari in Chicago, IL. Brother CAMDEN JACK Cutler [1.5]. 
8. LENNA MARIE NEWTON Wade born to Survivor reality star Benjamin "Coach" Wade and wife Jessica Newton in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother AVAAN Newton [5].
13. JOHN RUBEN & MICHAEL LUIS de los Reyes born to American actress Sherri Saum and husband Kamar de los Reyes in Los Angeles, CA. 
16. ALIJAH MARY Baskett born to American reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett in Los Angeles, CA. Brother HENRY RANDALL (Hank) Baskett IV [4]. 

19. FUTURE ZAHIR Wilburn born to American RnB singer Ciara and rapper Future in Atlanta, GA. 

20. GEORGIA BLUE Nichols born to American country musician Joe Nichols and wife Heather Singleton in Texas. Half-sister ASHELYN [15] and sister DYLAN RIVER Nichols [2]. 

21. JUNE JOANNE Allman born to American actors Jamie Anne (nee Brown) and Marshall Allman in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers ASHER JAMES and OLIVER CHARLES Allman [1]. 

24. LUCY MARIE Wolf born to American actor Scott Wolf and wife Kelley Limp in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers JACKSON KAYSE [5] and MILLER WILLIAM Wolf [1.5]. 

25. HARPER MARIE Kirk born to American actress Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk in Los Angeles, CA. Brother WESTON LEE Kirk [2.5].

29. OLIVER FINLAY Dallas born to American actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas in Los Angeles, CA.

29. VICTORIA MILANI Aaron born to American soap actress Teresa Castillo and husband Shane Aaron in Los Angeles, CA.

29. RIVER JUOZAS Baskauskas born to Survivor reality TV star/singer-songwriter Aras Baskauskas and fiancee Christy Petersen in Los Angeles, CA.

Born in March 2014

18. TRISTAN & SASHA Hemsworth born to Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky in Los Angeles, CA. Sister INDIA ROSE Hemsworth [2]. 

22. CARL LEO Crawford born to American reality TV star Evelyn Lozada and American MLB star Carl Crawford in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister SHANIECE Lozada [20]. 

25. ELOISE MCCUE Show born to American actors Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother HENRY LEE Hopper [23]. 

31. JAMES HAMILTON McDonough born to American actor Neal McDonough and wife Ruve Robertson in Los Angeles, CA. Brother MORGAN PATRICK McDonough [8]. Sisters CATHERINE MAGGIE [6], LONDON JANE [4], and CLOVER ELIZABETH McDonough [2.5].

??. SON born to American singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and husband Jack Dishel in Los Angeles, CA. 

Born in April 2014

4. PEYTON MARIE Federline born to American reality TV star Kevin Federline and wife Victoria Prince in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister KORI MADISON [11] and sister JORDAN KAY Federline [2.5]. Half-brothers KALEB MICHAEL JACKSON [9], SEAN PRESTON (Preston) [8] and JAYDEN JAMES Federline [7]. 

6. PEMMA MAE Krumholtz born to American actor David Krumholtz and wife Vanessa Britting in Los Angeles, CA. 

11. SUNDAY MOLLY Myers born to Canadian comedian Mike Myers and wife Kelly Tisdale in New York City. Brother SPIKE Myers [2.5].

16. ASA CHARLOTTE Bartha born to American actor Justin Bartha and wife Lia Smith in Los Angeles, CA. 

17. WINSTON Elba born to English actor Idris Elba and girlfriend Naiyana Garth in London, England. Half-sister ISAN Elba [11].

20. OTIS ALEXANDER Sudeikis born to actors Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis in New York City. 

20. BECKETT THOMAS Strickland born to American reality TV star/entertainment reporter Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland in Texas. Sister AVA GRACE Strickland [3].

21. ISABELLE AMARACHI Asomugha born to American actress Kerry Washington and husband Nnamdi Asomugha in Los Angeles, CA. 
22. FRANKIE BARRYMORE Kopelman born to American actress Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman in Los Angeles, CA. Sister OLIVE BARRYMORE Kopelman [1.5].
23. WILDER TOWNE Helberg born to Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Towne in Los Angeles, CA. Sister ADELINE Helberg [2]. 

28. CHARLIE WEST Arquette born to actor David Arquette and girlfriend Christina McLarty in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister COCO RILEY Arquette [9]. 

30. JOSH Parker born to French NBA star Tony Parker and fiancee Axelle Francine in San Antonio, TX. 

??. DAUGHTER born to American actor Jason Schwartzman and wife Brady Cunningham in Los Angeles, CA. Sister MARLOWE RIVERS Schwartzman [3].  

Born in January 2014

1. ENZO JETT Carroll born to Australian actor Luke Carroll and girlfriend Danica Sarno in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Half-brother MARLEY Carroll [13]. 

3. LUCAS Black born to Aussie Rules Footballer Simon Black and wife Catherine Chappell in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Brother LACHLAN THOMAS Black [2]. 

3. CHAYRA MARITZA Ahsan born to Indonesian World Champion badminton player Muhammad Ahsan and wife Christine Novitania in Jakaarta, Indonesia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. MILA Pavlyuchenka born to Russian footballer Roman Pavlyuchenko and wife Larisa in Moscow, Russia. Sister KRISTINA Pavlyuchenka [7]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. BRENTON JOHANNES (Brent) van Lieren born to Dutch Champion dressage equestrian Laurens van Lieren and fiancee Lynne Maas in Schore, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. MARTIN Casillas born to Spanish footballer Iker Casillas and girlfriend Sara Carbonero in Madrid, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. CARSON PARRY JOYCE Tucker born to American TV news anchor Chad Tucker and wife Meredith beeker in King, NC. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. JULIAN Holkenborg born to Dutch composer/producer Tom "Junkie XL" Holkenborg and girlfriend in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. BRETT Desmond, Jr. born to Irish pop singer Andrea Corr and husband Brett Desmond in Dublin, Ireland. Sister JEAN Desmond [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. MICHAEL ALEXANDER Mazo born to Polish and Russian Dancing With the Stars pros Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo in Los Angeles, CA. 

5. SON born to English actor Sam Riley and German actress Alexandra Maria Lara in Berlin, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. LINCOLN THOMAS Jones born to Canadian NHLer Ryan Jones and wife Jamie Arundel in Edmonton, AB, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. HAVEN MICHELLE Leach born to American tennis star Lindsay Davenport and husband Jonathan Leach in Newport Beach, CA. Brother JAGGER JONATHAN Leach [6]. Sisters LAUREN ANDRUS DAVENPORT [4] and KAYA EMORY Leach [2]. 

7. EMERSON JANE Foran born to New Zealand rugby star Kieran Foran and girlfriend Rebecca Pope in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

7. VALENTINE Feillu born to French pro road cyclist Romain Feillu and wife Amelie Leveque in Rennes, France. Brother ANDREA Feillu [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

7. DAUGHTER born to Australian-English pop singer/reality TV star Peter Andre and girlfriend Emily McDonagh in Taunton, England. Half-brother JUNIOR SAVVA Andrea [8]. Half-sister PRINCESS TIAAMII CRYSTAL ESTHER Andrea [6].

7. DYLAN MAC Rodgers born to American TV newsanchor Diana Perez and husband Ducis Rodgers in New York City. Brother DEVIN BEAU Rodgers [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. HARPER ROSE Barash born to American soap actress Kristin Storms and husband Brandon Barash in Los Angeles, CA. 

8. STORM EVE NAPIER Williams born to Australian TV presenter Tom Williams and wife Rachel Gilbert in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

8. JAXSON & EMELIA Parise born to American NHLer Zach Parise and wife Alisha Woods in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Born in December 2013

1. MIA ROSE Knight born to Australian basketball star Matt Knight and wife Sherelle Johnson in Perth, WA, Australia. 

2. EMMA Alonso Aranburu born to Spanish footballer Xabi Alonso and wife Nagore Aranburu in Madrid, Spain. Brother JONTXU (Jon) Alonso [5]. Sister ANE Alonso [3]. 

2. JETT Barker Liles born to American country musician Stephen Barker Liles and fiancee Jenna Michelle Kennedy in Nashville, TN.

3. QUINCY XAVIER Morgan born to American actress Kim Fields and husband Christopher Morgan in Atlanta, GA. Brother SEBASTIAN ALEXANDER Morgan [6].

4. LUCA ANDREI Hanescu born to Romanian tennis star Victor Hanescu and wife Andreea in Bucharest, Romania. (*thanks Ramona!) 

4. NAIA Letts born to Australian model Gemma Ward and boyfriend David Letts in Hawaii. 

4. RYKER MOBLEY Brice born to American country musician Lee Brice and wife Sara Reevely in Nashville, TN. Brother TAKODA Brice [4].
6. BERKELEY SEON Dunbar born to American actor Rockmond Dunbar and wife Maya (nee Gilbert) Dunbar in Los Angeles, CA.

7. BEAR Winslet born to actress Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll in Sussex, England. Half-sister MIA HONEY WINSLET Threapleton [13]. Half-brother JOE ALFIE WINSLET Mendes [9].

8. AVERY Ballantyne born to Aussie Rules Footballer Hayden Ballantyne and girlfriend Alyssa Hennessy in Perth, WA, Australia. Half-sisterAVARNA Hennessy [4]. 

8. JAY van Hoof born to Belgian pop singer Kathleen Aerts and husband Sven van Hoof in Belgium. Brother LEWIS van Hoof [2.5]. 

11. SKY LYNLEE Keathley born to American actress Clare Kramer and husband Brian Keathley in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters GAVIN [5] and RIVER Keathley [3]. Brother HART Keathley [1.5]. 

12. ZEYNO Yakupoglu born to Turkish singer Fazli "Teoman" Yakupoglu and wife Ayse Kaya in Istanbul, Turkey. (*thanks Ramona!) 

13. MIGUEL JAYLUCA TOUCH MacDonald born to Indonesian-Dutch rapper Brace MacDonald and girlfriend Isabella in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!) 

13. AVYA LOVEEN KAUR Jhooti born to British R&B singer Jay Sean and fiancee Thara Natalie Prashad in London, England.

13. VALENTINA Menini born to French rugby star Alexandre Menini and girlfriend in Biarritz, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

14. KRISTINA EVA Sanderson born to Aussie Rules Football star Brenton Sanderson and wife Veronika Tammeova in Adelaide, SA, Australia. 

15. FLAME Chase born to British actress Tina Malone and husband Paul Chase in London, England. Half-sister DANNIELLE LETICIA Malone [31].

16. RUBY AURELIA McManus born to Australian TV presenter Rove McManus and wife Tasma Walton in Los Angeles, CA. 

17. CORMAC KEVIN Piper born to Australian politician Jacinta Allen and husband Yorick Piper in Bendigo, VIC, Australia. Sister PEGGY MARIE Piper [1.5]. 

17. REUBEN Shepherd born to English soap actor Jack P. Shepherd and fiancee Lauren Shippey in Manchester, England. Sister NYLA RAE Shepherd [4]. Half-brother GREYSON Milewski [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. GAIA JISSEL & JOHN AETHER (Aether) Ramirez Land born to Dominican actress Dania Ramirez and husband John Amos Beverly "Bev" Land in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother KAI MILES Land [11].

17. RAPHAEL Elmaleh born to Monegasque royal Charlotte Casiraghi and Moroccan-French actor Gad Elmaleh in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Half-brother NOE Elmaleh [13].

18. LUCY DIAMOND STELINA MARY ANNA NANCY Palmer born to Australian MP Clive Palmer and wife Anna in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Half-brother MICHAEL JORDAN Palmer [24]. Half-sister EMILY SUSAN [18] and sister MARY JEAN Palmer [5].

19. SON born to American comedic actor Anders Holm and wife Emma Nesper in Los Angeles, CA. 

20. SVEVA LUCIA Agostini born to Italian model Barbara Chiappini and husband Carlo Maria Agostini in Milan, Italy. 

22. ANDREW LENNOX MARSHALL Hames born to British politicians Duncan Hames and Jo Swinson in Chippenham, England. 

22. SON born to American actor Jared Padalecki and wife Genevieve Cortese in San Antonio, TX. Brother THOMAS COLTON Padalecki [1.5].

22. KAIUS JAGGER (Kai) Berman born to American celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman in Los Angeles, CA. Brother SKYLER MORRISON Berman [2.5].

24. LIAM Vliegen born to Belgian former tennis pro Kristof Vliegen and girlfriend Iginia Tilocca in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

24. ROBERT CHARLES (Bobby) Bryan, Jr. born to American tennis star Bob Bryan and wife Michelle Alvarez in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Sister MICAELA Bryan [1.5].

26. MARIANELLA Duarte born to Colombian pro road cyclist Fabio Duarte and wife Daniela in Bergamo, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. BROOKLYN Barber born to American former NFLer/sportscaster Tiki Barber and wife Traci Lynn Johnson in New York City. Half-brothers ATIIM KIAMBU (AJ) [11] and CHASON Barber [9]. Half-sisters ELLA and RILEY Barber [3].

28. DAUGHTER born to Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis and wife Kathryn Camsey in Nashville, TN. 
29. DAHLIA RAE Abrams born to Canadian celeb chef/TV host Gail Simmons and husband Jeremy Abrams in New York City.

29. JASPER MICHAEL BROWN Quintana born to American pro equestrian/socialite Georgina Bloomberg and boyfriend Ramiro Quintana in New York City.

30. RIVER ISAAC Ruah Olsen born to American actress Daniela Ruah and fiance David Olsen in Los Angeles, CA. 
31. ALIOCHA Haroche born to French singer Raphael Haroche and actress Melanie Thierry in Paris, France. Brother ROMAN Haroche [5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 
31. GRACE LOUISE Guthartz born to American TV anchor Maria Sansone and husband Joshua Gutzhartz in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

Born in November 2013

1. JOSIAH Paterson born to Australian politician Rebecca (nee unknown) Paterson and husband Tom Paterson in Monash, VIC, Australia. Sibling ? Paterson.

1. MAURITS JOHANNES Klaver born to Dutch politician Jesse Klaver and girlfriend in The Hague, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. FEE Zonneveld born to Dutch TV presenters Jojanneke van den Bergh and Thijs Zonneveld in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. TITUS de Vos born to Belgian actress Lotte Heijtenis and boyfriend Simon de Vos expecting in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. LEON Schiltz born to Belgian politicians Willem-Frederik Schiltz and Freya Piryns in Antwerp, Belgium. Half-brother JESPER Piryns [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)  

3. ISLA GRACE Buhrer born to Australian rugby star Jamie Buhrer and wife Grace Adler in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

3. SEMYON Anikin born to Russian Olympic Champion synchro swimmer Natalia Ishchenko and husband Sergei Anikin in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. CHARLEY ELIZBETH Gilbert born to American soap actress Martha Madison and husband AJ Gilbert in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. VELVET Gameau born to Australian actors Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and Damon Gameau in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

4. DYLAN SKYE Bosh born to American NBA star Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne Williams in Miami, FL. Half-sister TRINITY Bosh [5]. Brother JACKSON ANTHONY Bosh [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona/Larry!) 

4. SEBASTIAN OSCAR Burwell born to American TV presenter Victoria Recaño and husband Tom Burwell in Los Angeles, CA. Sister MAXIMILIENNE ELIZABETH (Emme) Burwell [4].

5. JULIA Conesa Ochoa born to Mexican former LPGA star Lorena Ochoa and husband Andres Conesa in Guadalajara, Mexico. Brother PEDRO Conesa Ochoa [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!) 

6. MARCEL Otten born to Belgian TV presenter Hans Otten and wife Colette Van Remortel in Brussels, Belgium. Half-sisters ESTEE Otten [13] and ? [9]. Half-brother MERLIJN YSBRAND Otten [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. AURORA Razinova born to Russian singer Andrei Razin and girlfriend Karina Burda in Moscow, Russia. Half-brothers ILYA [26] and ALEXANDER Razin [12]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

7. WILLE Bengtsson born to Swedish pop singer Robin Bengtsson and girlfriend Emma Hallbygard in Stockholm, Sweden.

7. MIRTHA Mecucci born to Italian reality TV star Samuele Mecucci and girlfriend Arianna Fabbri in Cerveteri, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

7. MILEON Andersson born to Swedish wrestler Frank Andersson and wife Jeanette Bouvin in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-brother ISAC [16] and brother WINSTON Andersson [1.5]. Half-sisters ANGEL Bouvin [8], ANNA MIRA AMANDA (Mira) Andersson [7], NELIA Bouvin [6], and MONTANA Andersson [5]. (*thanks Izzie/Ramona!)

7. CAROLINE LUCILLE Yoder born to American politician Kevin Yoder and wife Brooke Robinson in Shawnee Mission, KS.

9. MILA Ignjovska born to Serbian footballer Aleksandar Ignjovski and wife Jovana in Bremen, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!) 

9. GOUD Pardoel born to Dutch rapper Gers Pardoel and girlfriend Selina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. BRAD ROBERT Wenstrup, Jr. born to American politician Brad Wenstrup and wife Monica Klein in Cincinnati, OH. (*thanks Ramona!) 

10. EVANGELIA Tsimitselis born to Greek actors Yannis Tsimitselis and Vaso Laskaraki in Athens, Greece. (*thanks Ramona!) 

10. ILSE Hammar born to Swedish TV host/producer Filip Hammar and wife Jennie Carlzon in Los Angeles, CA. 

10. LOUIS AUGUSTUS Walton born to American actors Majandra Delfino and David Walton in Los Angeles, CA. Sister CECILIA DELPHINE Walton [1.5].

11. Archduchess MARIA STELLA of Austria born to Archduke Imre and Kathleen "Katie" Walker, Archduchess of Austria in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. (*thanks Lilitha!)

11. KAI JAMES Giteau born to Australian rugby star Matt Giteau and wife Bianca Franklin in Toulon, France. Brother LEVI Giteau [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. LILY FRANCES Kennedy born to American businessman Matt Kennedy and wife Katherine "Kate" Manning in Boston, MA. (*thanks Ramona!) 

12. ZOJA Hossa born to Slovak NHLer Marian Hossa and wife Jana Ferova in Chicago, IL. Sister MIA Hossa [2]. (*thanks Lilitha!) 

13. SON born to English TV presenter Laura Hamilton and husband Alex Goward in London, England.

14. PEIYTON Cudjoe born to English rugby star Leroy Cudjoe and wife Jenna in Huddersfield, England. Brother OISIN Cudjoe [6].

14. CANNON THORPE Colquitt born to American NFLer Dustin Colquitt and wife Christia Brinkley in Kansas City, MO. Brother BRINKLEY [6], COLSTON [4], and KINSLER Colquitt [1]. Sister HARTLEY Colquitt [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)   

15. HECTOR Steen born to Swedish hockey player Calle Steen and wife Anna Lindberg in Malmo, Sweden. Brother YELVERTON Steen [4].

15. MILLIE GRACE Sykes born to British pro superbike racer Tom Sykes and wife Amie in Leamington Spa, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. SIMON Sanchez Bronzetti born to Spanish former tennis star Emilio Sanchez Vicario and wife Simona Bronzetti in Naples, FL. Sisters VICTORIA [12] and VALENTINA Sanchez Bronzetti [7]. Brother EMILIO Sanchez Bronzetti [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. LINCOLN MARSHALL Marroquin born to American reality TV star Kailyn Lowry (Teen Mom 2) and husband Javi Marroquin in Nazareth, PA. Half-brother ISAAC ELLIOT Rivera [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. VALENTINO Barcelata Suarez born to Mexican actor/TV presenter Mauricio Barcelata and wife Maria Jose Suarez in Mexico City, Mexico. Brother MATEO Barcelata Suarez [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

16. RUBY LANE Powell born to American celebrity fitness trainer/TV host Chris Powell and wife Heidi in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother MATIX Solomon [8] and brother WILLIAM CASH (Cash) Powell [2]. Half-sister MARLEY Solomon [6].

18. JADEN DAESHAWN van Aanholt born to Dutch footballer Patrick van Aanholt and girlfriend Linsey van H. in Arnhem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!) 

19. GILLIS Spangberg born to Swedish blogger Isabella "Blondinbella" Lowengrip and husband Odd Spangberg in Stockholm, Sweden.

19. SON & DAUGHTER born to German rapper Anis "Bushido" Ferchichi and wife Anna Maria Lewe-Lagerblom in Kleinmachnow, Germany. Half-brother MONTRY Anantaponge [10]. Sister ALIYA Ferchichi [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. NORA KARA Kennedy born to American politician Patrick J. Kennedy and wife Amy Savell Petitgout in Galloway, NJ. Half-sister HARPER Petitgout [5]. Brother OWEN PATRICK Kennedy [1.5].

20. ACHILLE Ciman born to Belgian footballer Laurent Ciman and wife Diana in Liege, Belgium. Sister NINA Ciman [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)  

20. ALMA Sanchez born to Spanish footballer Pedro Leon Sanchez Gil and wife Julia in Madrid, Spain. Sister CELIA Sanchez [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

20. ANTONIO ANDRES Hernandez born to American actress Paula Garces and husband Antonio Hernandez in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister SKYE Mahoney [21].

21. JAMES ALEXANDER Koch born to Dutch model/actress Leonie ter Braak and boyfriend Floris Koch in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.(*thanks Ramona!) 

21. LUKA VIOLET TONI (LuLu) Candy born to Australian-British actress Holly Valance Candy and husband Nick Candy in London, England.

21. RIVER VAN COLEMAN & ROMAN PARSONS Crow born to American country musician Bart Crow and wife Brooke Nelson in Austin, TX. Brother TOWNES BLAINE Crow [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. CIVAN MERT Cabas born to Turkish model/actress Tuba Unsal and journalist/publisher Mirgun Cabas in Istanbul, Turkey. Half-sisters SARE Pilevneli [3] and LEYLA Cabas [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

22. FAUSTO & MACEO Buffel born to Belgian footballer Thomas Buffel and girlfriend Stephanie De Buysser in Genk, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

22. SAFFRON ROSE KIRAN Kanal born to American rock musician Tony Kanal (No Doubt) and wife Erin Lokitz in Los Angeles, CA. Sister COCO REESE LAKSHMI Kanal [12.5].(*thanks Ramona!)

23. PAULA ELISE Mross born to German trumpeter Stefan Mross and wife Susanne Schmidt in Rust, Germany. Half-sister JOHANNA Mross [12]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

24. DANIEL THOMAS Karaty born to American celebrity choreographer Dan Karaty and wife Natasha in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister QUINN VANESSA Karaty [2]. 

24. KAIA ROSE & KANE REN Biermann born to American reality TV star Kim Zolciak and husband Kroy Biermann in Atlanta, GA. Half-sisters BRIELLE [16] and ARIANNA Zolciak [12]. Brothers KROY JAGGER [2.5] and KASH KADE Biermann [1].

24. BRYNN CATHERINE Rodgers born to American politician Cathy McMorris Rodgers and husband Brian Rodgers in Spokane, WA. Brother COLE MCMORRIS Rodgers [5]. Sister GRACE BLOSSOM Rodgers [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

25. NEILIA Eriksen born to Norwegian footballer Lars-Kristian Eriksen and wife Caroline Berg in Skien, Norway. (*thanks Ramona!) 

25. DASHIELL FORD Warren born to American actress Autumn Reeser and husband Jesse Warren in Los Angeles, CA. Brother FINNEUS JAMES (Finn) Warren [2].

26. AUTUMN JAMES Hallisay born to actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and husband Brian Hallisay in Los Angeles, CA.

27. DAUGHTER born to Swedish journalist Annika Leone and boyfriend in Stockholm, Sweden.

28. JAMIE Betsis born to Australian actress Mary Coustas and husband George Betsis in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Half-brother THOMAS (Tom) Betsis [15]. Half-sister STEVIE Betsis, deceased.

28. ASTA Tutungi born to former Aussie Rules Footballer Casey Tutungi and fiancee Bridget Ure in Geelong, VIC, Australia. 

28. PRINCETON J. ALEXANDER Hamblett born to English pop singer JJ Hamblett and girlfriend Caterina Lopez in London, England. 

29. NYLE THOMAS Rubulotta born to American TV newsanchor Erin Burnett and husband David Rubulotta in New York City.

30. MAISIE GRACE Hills born to Australian comedian Adam Hills and opera singer Ali McGregor in London, England. Sister BEATRICE PEARL (Bebe) Hills [3].  

30. DAUGHTER born to Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

30. LILY GEORGINA Walker born to American entertainment reporter Brooke Anderson and husband Jim Walker in Los Angeles, CA. Sister KATE VICTORIA Walker [4].

??. TYLER Archa adopted at three years old by American reality TV star (Survivor) Coby Archa in Texas. Sister JANU Archa [8].

??. SON born to Swedish-American actress Melinda Kinnaman in Stockholm, Sweden.

??. ROMAN TITIAAN PIETER Edens born to Dutch TV host Harm Edens and girlfriend Harm Wesselink in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister IMME EMILY MIJNTJE Edens [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)  

??. FONS Vijverman born to Belgian soap star Koen Vijverman and girlfriend in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

??. LINA Anelka born to French footballer Nicolas Anelka and wife Barbara Tausia in London, England. Brothers KAIS [5] and KAHIL Anelka [3]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)
??. SON (?) born to American actor Larenz Tate and wife Tomasina Parrott in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers MYLES XAVIER [7] and ZANDER Tate [5].
??. CHILD born to American actress Ambyr Childers and husband Randall Emmett in Los Angeles, CA. Sister LONDON Emmett [3].

Born in October 2013

1. AZURA SIENNA Onoye born to English singer/TV presenter Alesha Dixon and boyfriend Azuka Ononye in London, England.

1. MASON MAC Taylor Dawson born to English actor/singer Ashley Taylor Dawson and fiancee Karen McKay in London, England. Brother BUDDY MAC Taylor Dawson [2.5]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

1. JAVIER Revuelta Saura born to Spanish actress Mar Saura and husband Javier Revuelta de Peral in Madrid, Spain. Sister CLAUDIA Revuelta Saura [8]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

1. TESSLY J. Roberts born to American reality TV star Sarah Roberts (16 & Pregnant) & boyfriend Justin in Chickamauga, GA. Half-sister TINLEIGH LOUISE Thomas [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

1. MASON Faram born to American TV newsanchor Lauren Nelson and husband Randy Faram in Oklahoma City, OK. (*thanks Ramona!) 

1. ISOBEL KELLY O'Brien born to American actress Jessica St. Clair and husband Dan O'Brien in Santa Monica, CA. 

2. CHLOE D'Aponte born to Italian reality TV star Guendalina Tavassi and husband Umberto D'Aponte in Rome, Italy. Half-sister GAIA Nicolino [6]. (*thanks Michela!)

2. VINCENT G. Palotai born to Dutch and German power metal musicians Simone Simons and Oliver Palotai in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2. CIELO & SANTO Pedri born to French DJ/label exec Jean-Roch Pedri and girlfriend Anais Monory in Paris, France. Half-sisters GIOIA [15] and TOSCANA Pedri [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. SOPHIA Boeck born to Brazilian football keeper Marcelo Boeck and wife Dayane in Lisbon, Portugal. Brother ARTHUR Boeck [2]. 

3. FLORENCE Warner born to Australian Olympic Champion freestyle skier Alisa Camplin and husband Oliver Warner in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Brother FINNAN MAXIMUS Warner, deceased. 

3. DANIEL KASPER Gademan born to Dutch TV presenter Evelien Bosch and boyfriend Mark Gademan in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother TIJS Gademan [2].

3. THEO LUCKY OEDS Dijkstra born to Dutch journalist Erik Dijkstra and wife Hester in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister JACKIE HANNEKE JOHANNA Dijkstra [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. VERA Valdes Cardona born to Spanish footballer Victor Valdes and wife Yolanda Cardona in Barcelona, Spain. Brothers DYLAN [4] and KAI Valdes Cardona [1].
4. ELLA Scheiser born to Australian cricketer Matt Scheiser and girlfriend in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia. 
4. LIV Haemhouts born to Belgian footballer Robbie Haemhouts and girlfriend Eline in Tilburg, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)
4. DELFINA Coria born to Argentine tennis star Guillermo Coria and wife Carla Francovigh in Venado Tuerto, Argentina. Brother THIAGO Coria [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)
5. CAN Kasabali born to Turkish actor Kivanç Kasabali and wife Sedef Avci in Istanbul, Turkey. (*thanks Ramona!)
5. VASCO D'Epiro born to Italiaan actress Violante Placido and fiance Massimiliano D'Epiro in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)
5. MACEO ROBERT Martinez born to actors Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister NAHLA ARIELA Aubry [5].

6. JAMES KNIGHT Newman born to American actress Jaime King and husband Kyle Newman in Los Angeles, CA. 
6. LUCIANA Rojas born to Mexican singer/actress Lorena Rojas in Miami, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. ELA Senturk born to Turkish footballer Semih Senturk and wife Pinar in Istanbul, Turkey. Sisters NAZ [5] and ADA Senturk [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. ESTHER LUCY Haines born to New Zealand politician Holly Walker and boyfriend David Haines in Wellington, New Zealand. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. BAS Vanden Broecke born to Belgian actor Bruno Vanden Broecke and wife Evie in Antwerp, Belgium. Brothers SAM [5] and MAX [3], and BEN Vanden Broecke, deceased. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. REMI & LOU Persoons born to Belgian footballer Koen Persoons and wife Melanie de Coster in Aalst, Belgium. Brothers JULES, deceased, and JEROME Persoons [2]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

7. ZADOK CHUBUIKE JULIUS Agwu born to Bigerian comedian Julius Agwu and wife Ibiere in Houston, TX. Sister ZAHRA CHIZARUM Agwu [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. NADEZHDA born to Russian actress Tatyana Piskaryova in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

8. SIMEON Sarrap born to Estonian pop singer Birgit Oigemeel and boyfriend Indrek Sarrap in Tallinn, Estonia.

8. MATTEO Ribas da Cunha born to Brazilian footballer Diego Ribas da Cunha and wife Bruna Leticia in Wolfsburg, Germany. Brother DAVI Ribas da Cunha [2.5]. (*thanks K!)

8. LEA Lulic born to Bosnian footballer Senad Lulic and wife Sandra Fehr in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)
8. PHOENIX EMMANUEL Sursok-McEwen born to South-African-Australian actress Tammin Sursok and husband Sean McEwen in Los Angeles, CA.
9. ALI NADIR Sasmaz born to Turkish actor Necati Sasmaz and wife Nagehan Kasikci in Istanbul, Turkey. (*thanks Ramona!)
9. NOVA Grandqvist born to Swedish footballer Andreas Granqvist and girlfriend Sofie Richter in Helsingborg, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)
9. KNOX Bentley born to Country musician Dierks Bentley and wife Cassidy Black Bentley in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters EVALYN DAY (Evie) [5] and JORDAN CATHERINE Bentley [2.5].
10. SOLE Trussardi born to Swiss-Italian TV presenter Michelle Hunziker and boyfriend Tomaso Trussardi in Milan, Italy. Half-sister AURORA SOPHIE Ramazotti [16]. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)
10. TULLIO JAHAN (TJ) Santomarco born to English politician Oona King and husband Tiberio Santomarco in London, England via surrogate. Brother ELIA Santomarco [8]. Sisters KAIA [6] and ARIEL Santomarco [2].
11. JAROD Halimi born to French TV presenter Marie Inbona and husband Alexandre Halimi in Paris, France. Sister ROMANE Halimi [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 
11. JOSEPHINE & LEONARD Lacherie born to French model/politician Elodie Gossuin-Lacherie and husband Bertrand Lacherie in Amiens, France. Brother JULES Lacherie [5]. Sister ROSE Lacherie [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)
12. EVELYN ROSE (Leni) Russell born to American screenwriter Kay Cannon and husband Eben Russell in Los Angeles, CA.
13. SADIE ELLEN Sharp born to Canadian NHLer Patrick Sharp and wife Abby Banever in Chicago, IL. Sister MADELYN FRACE Sharp [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 
13. CAPRI MIRABELLE Reynolds born to Australian author Kathryn Eisman and husband Siimon Reynolds in Los Angeles, CA.

14. ZOEY Klein adopted at two years old by The Little Couple reality TV stars Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold in India. Brother WILLIAM RIJIN Klein [3].

14. JOSEPH FREDERICK Kushner born to American businesswoman/reality TV star Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner in New York City. Sister ARABELLA ROSE Kushner [2].

15. ADA CHAMPLAIN Weinberger born and adopted by American politician Miro Weinberger and wife Stacy Sherwat in Burlington, VT. Sister LI LIN BESS Weinberger [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. MAVI ALEXANDRA JEAN Amell born to Canadian actor Stephen Amell and wife Cassandra Jean in Los Angeles, CA. 

16. TIMOTHÉ Andreu born to French rugby star Mark Andreu and wife Julie Dargenne in Castres, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. KENDRICK Martins born to Nigerian footballer Obafemi Martins and girlfriend Abigail Barwuah in Seattle, WA. Half-sister ? Martins. Half-brother TYLER Martins [3]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

17. SON born to Swedish musician Anders "Moneybrother" Westin and girlfriend Haddy Foon in Stockholm, Sweden.

17. Princess CECILIA MARIA JOHANNA BEATRIX of Bourbon-Parma born to Prince Carlos, Duke of Parma and wife Annemarie Gualtherie van Weezil in The Hague, The Netherlands. Half-brother CARLOS HUGO RODERIK SYBREN Klynstra [16]. Sister Princess LUISA IRENE CONSTANCE ANNA MARIA of Bourbon-Parma [1.5]. (*thanks Lilitha/Michela/Ramona!)

17. SELMA Cantona born to French former footballer Eric Cantona and actress Rachida Brakni in Paris, France. Half-brother RAPHAEL [25] and brother EMIR Cantona [4]. Half-sister JOSEPHINE Cantona [18]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)
17. ELSIE Ryan born to Irish TV presenter Pamela Flood and boyfriend Ronan Ryan in Dublin, Ireland. Half-brother ZACHARY (Zach) [11], and brother HARRISON Ryan [2.5].
17. GEORGE ABRAHAM WALKER (Abraham) Hanson born to Musician Zac Hanson and wife Kate Tucker Hanson in Tulsa, OK. Brother JOHN IRA SHEPHERD (Shepherd) Hanson [5]. Sister JUNIA ROSA RUTH Hanson [3]. 

17. ATTICUS Behr born to American actors Jason Behr and KaDee Strickland in Los Angeles, CA.

18. AYDEN Turuc born to Dutch footballer Deniz Turuc and girlfriend Shauna Janssen in Deventer, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. PARKER Bridge born to British pop singer Frankie Sandford and footballer Wayne Bridge in London, England. Half-brother JAYDEN JEAN CLAUDE Bridge [6].

18. VALENTINA Leiva born to Brazilian footballer Lucas Leiva and wife Ariana Lima Bonifanti in Liverpool, England. Brother PEDRO LUCAS Leiva [2.5].

19. HOPE Newton born to American-Australian rugby star Clint Newton and girlfriend Carly Shelmerdine in Penrith, NSW, Australia. 

19. ALLAN KIPRONO Kiplagat born to Kenyan World Champion distance runner Vivian Cheruiyot and husband Moses Kiplagat in Eldoret, Kenya. (*thanks Ramona!) 

19. OLIVIA Feillu born to French pro road cyclist Brice Feillu and wife Maud Bouet in Rocquebrune-sur-Argens, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. NOEMI Meucci born to Italian Champion long distance runner Daniele Meucci and girlfriend Giada in Pisa, Italy. Brother DARIO Meucci [2]. (*thanks Michela!) 

20. AUBREY LYNN Godsey Born to American reality TV star Maddy Godsey (16 & Pregnant) and ex-boyfriend Cody in Tinley Park, IL. (*thanks Ramona!) 

22. SON born to Dutch footballer Vincent Kompany and wife Carla Higgs in Manchester, England. Sister SIENNA Kompany [3]. 

22. RYLYNN JO Amos born to American reality TV star Lori Wickelhaus and boyfriend Joey Amos in Fort Thomas, KY. (*thanks Ramona!) 

22. WILLIAM HUDSON (Hudson) Goodell born to American pop singer/actress Nikki DeLoach and husband Ryan Goodell in Los Angeles, CA.
22. JULIUS Chick born to Brazilian-American actress Morena Baccarin and husband Austin Chick in Glendale, CA.
23. GIA Byrne born to Irish pop singer Nicky Byrne and socialite Georgina Ahern in Dublin, Ireland. Brothers ROCCO BERTIE & JAY NICKY Byrne [6]. 

23. JASMINE Todaro born to Italian dancer/actor Raimondo Todaro and girlfriend Francesca Tocca in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

23. BRENNAN GREY Foster born to American reality TV star Jennifer Brennan and husband Todd Foster in Austin, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. SON born to British TV presenter Cherry Healey and former footballer Rory Allen in London, England. Sister COCO Allen [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. EMILY ALEXANDRA Glover born to American TV reporter Mycah (nee unknown) Glover and husband Matthew in Midland, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. Count CONSTANTIN of Limburg-Stirum born to Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria and husband Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum in Brussels, Belgium. Brother Count LEOPOLD of Limburg-Stirum [2]. (*thanks Michela!) 

25. PATRICK Scollan born to Irish TV newsanchor Claire Byrne and fiance Gerry Scollan in Dublin, Ireland. (*thanks Ramona!) 

25. DAXTON CHARLES Butler born to American vlogger "Shay Carl" Butler and wife Colette Crofts in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers GAVIN SHAY [9] and BROCK VINCENT Butler [2.5]. Sisters AVIA COLETTE [7] and EMMI LAURIE Butler [5]. (*thanks Ramona/Izzie!)

26. GOVERT ANTONIE Veldhoven born to Dutch actress Susan Smit and husband Peter Veldhoven in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister LINDE Veldhoven [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

26. MATTEO MICHAEL Dams born to Belgian pop singer Elsie Morais and boyfriend Vinie Dams in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)
26. SIMON Rossouw born to South African rugby star Danie Rossouw and girlfriend in Toulon, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

27. VALOR born to American actor Emile Hirsch and ex-girlfriend in Cape Canaveral, FL.

27. ALFONSO LINCOLN Ribeiro, Jr. born to American actor Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela Unkrich in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sister SIENNA Ribeiro [11]. 

29. MELISSA Lidberg born to Swedish Champion wrestler Martin Lidberg and wife Catharina Wettermark in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-sister NATHALIE Lidberg [16]. Half-brothers ISAAC Lidberg [14] and DEVIN Wettermark [6]. (*thanks Izzie/Ramona!)

29. BEATRICE Romano born to Italian model/socialite Noemi Letizia and boyfriend Vittorio Romano in Naples, Italy. (*thanks Michela!) 

29. JOVEYN Kazemian born to Dutch pop singer Kim Sasabone (Vengaboys) and boyfriend Nick Kazemian in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.(*thanks Ramona!) 

29. VIVIENNE Montero born to Colombian footballer Fredy Montero and girlfriend Alexis in Lisbon, Portugal. 
29. FRANCISCA Pereira Pinto born to Portuguese actor Ricardo Pereira and girlfriend Francisca Pinto Rivera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brother VICENTE Pereira Pinto [2]. 

29. LIAM Weatherly born to American actor Michael Weatherly and wife Bojana Jankovic in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother AUGUST MANNING Weatherly [17]. Sister OLIVIA Weatherly [1.5].

30. RENE Keisse born to Belgian pro road cyclist Iljo Keisse and wife An-Sofie Zenner in Ghent, Belgium. Brother JULES Keisse [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

30. TOMMY FRANCIS White born to actress Michelle Monaghan and husband Peter White in Los Angeles, CA. Sister WILLOW KATHERINE White [4].

31. ILJA CHARLIE Gunneweg born to Dutch actor Pepijn Gunneweg and wife Annelieke Telle in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. XAVIER Capela Matos born to Portuguese TV newsanchors Raquel Matos Cruz and Hugo Pedro Capela in Lisbon, Portugal. Sister JACINTA Capela Matos [3].

??. LORENZO Amabile born to Italian pro road cyclist Marco Amabile and girlfriend Alessia in Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

??. ROBIN O'Callaghan born to Irish rugby star Donncha O'Callaghan and wife Jennifer Hart in Limerick, Ireland. Sisters SOPHIE [3] and ANNA O'Callaghan [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. LINA Anelka born to French footballer Nicolas Anelka and wife Barbara Tausia in London, England. Brothers KAIS [5] and KAHIL Anelka [3]. 

Born in September 2013

1. CHARLIZE Cabaye born to French footballer Yohan Cabaye and wife Fiona Carter Cabaye in Newcastle, England. Sister MYLA Cabaye [3]. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

2. GRACE Seselja born to Australian politician Zed Seselja and wife Roslyn in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Brothers MICHAEL [13], THOMAS (Tommy) [11], and WILLIAM Seselja [7]. Sister OLIVIA Seselja [5].

2. ALESSIO Biglia born to Argentine footballer Lucas Biglia and wife Cecilia Ambrosio in Rome, Italy. Sister ALLEGRA Biglia [4]. (*thanks K!)

2. ADDY RUTH Pastrana born to American X-Games Champions Travis Pastrana and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins in Davidsonville, MD.

3. JIAXUE (Jia) Zhao born to Chinese Olympic Champion pairs skaters Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao in Beijing, China. (*thanks Michela!)

3. NIKA Teeuwen born to Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen and girlfriend Eva in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)
3. ROSE Nugent born to English footballer David Nugent and girlfriend Chloe Tee in Portsmouth, England. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. BRANDON GRAVES Gimelstob born to American sportscaster Justin Gimelstob and wife Cary Sinnott in New York City. (*thanks Ramona!) 

3. LAIYAH SHANNON Brown born to American R&B singer Monica Arnold and NBA star Shannon Brown in Atlanta, GA. Half-brothers RODNEY RAMONE (Rocko) Hill II [8], SHANNON CHRISTOPHER Brown [6], and ROMELO MONTEZ Hill [5].

3. PAISLEE MAE Lind born to American reality TV star (Teen Mom) Adam Lind and girlfriend Taylor Halbur in Vermillion, SD. Half-sister AUBREE SKYE Houska [3]. (*thanks Michela!) 

4. ANTON ROLF Belcher born to Australian Olympic Champion sailor Mathew Belcher and wife Friederike "Rike" Ziegelmayer in Mermaid Beach, QLD, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. EMILY Pavey born to British Champion long distance runner Joanne "Jo" Davis Pavey and husband Gavin Pavey in Exeter, England. Brother JACOB Pavey [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

5. OLIVIA Zimling born to Danish footballer Niki Zimling and wife Christina in Mainz, Germany. Brother OSKAR Zimling [1]. (*thanks K!) 

5. ALEX PATRICK Dias da Costa born to Brazilian footballer "Alex" Rodrigo Dias da Costa and wife Patricia in Paris, France. (*thanks K!) 

6. AYDA Esen born to Turkish singer/actor Timuçin Esen and wife Bilge Ture in Istanbul, Turkey. (*thanks Ramona!) 

6. ARABELLA MIRABELLA Zahoor born to Russian singer/actress Kamaliya Shmarenkova and husband Mohammed Zahoor in Kiev, Ukraine.(*thanks Ramona!) 

6. OTTO HERMAN Amos born to Italian fashion designer/socialite Margherita Missoni and husband Eugenio Amos in Milan, Italy.

6. BROOKLYN Meirlaen born to Belgian singer Born Crain and girlfriend Lotje Vandenbroucke in Ghent, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. ALEKSANDRA CHRISTINA Bakker born to Russian model Natasha Poly and husband Peter Bakker in New York City. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. VICTORIA Maldonado born to Venezuelan Formula One racer Pastor Maldonado and wife Gabriela Tarkanyi in Caracas, Venezuela. (*thanks Lilitha/Michela!)
6. LYDIA NORRISS Johnson born to American NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson and wife Chandra Janway in Charlotte, NC. Sister GENEVIEVE MARIE Johnson [3].  

7. SIENNA RAE Halsall born to English soap actors Alan Halsall and Lucy-Jo Hudson in Manchester, England.

7. JACK BORU Easton born to American actor Michael Easton and wife Ginevra Arabia in Los Angeles, CA. Sister LILAH BELLE Easton [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

8. GINEVRA Failli born to Italian pro cyclist Francesco Failli and wife Irene in Montevarchi, Italy. (*thanks Michela!) 

8. MILA van de Wege born to Dutch radio presenter Alfred van de Wege and girlfriend in Woudrichem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. JEANNE De Winne born to Belgian actor Maxime De Winne and girlfriend Laurence in Ghent, Belgium. Half-brother FAUST De Winne [8].

9. LIDIA Bakova born to Russian actress Anna Mikhalkova and husband Albert Bakov in Moscow, Russia. Brothers ANDREI [13] and SERGEI Bakov [11]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

9. VALENTIN Simon born to French tennis star Gilles Simon and girlfriend Carine Lauret in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Brother TIMOTHEE Simon [3]. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)
9. DOMINIC MAZZA (Nico) Lopez born to American actor/TV presenter Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Mazza Lopez in Los Angeles, CA. Sister GIA FRANCESCA Lopez [2.5].
9. KANE PHOENIX Dougherty born to American model/sports presenter Leeann Tweeden and husband Chris Dougherty in Los Angeles, CA.
10. ARCHIE EDWARD Adcock born to Aussie Rules Footballer Jed Adcock and wife Hayley Opel in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Sister LILY ROSE Adcock [2.5]. 
10. TINDRA Ekwall born to Swedish sports journalist Patrick Ekwall and girlfriend Hanna Kindstrand in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-sister WILMA Ekwall [14].

10. SHAQUILLE Molteni born to Italian model Marysthelle Polanco and husband Westher Molteni in Lugano, Switzerland. (*thanks Michela!) 

10. AISA-LYNN ROSA Oosterhuis born to Dutch singer Edsilia Rombley and Tjeerd Oosterhuis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister IMAANI TANICIA Oosterhuis [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)
10. JULIAN Brewster-Form born to American actress Jordana Brewster and husband Andrew Form in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate.  

11. JULIAN AARON Copeland born to American politician Julissa Ferreras and fiance Aaron Copeland in New York City. (*thanks Michela!) 

11. ZOE SOFIA Bogomolov born to Russian-American tennis star Alex Bogomolov, Jr. and wife Luana Goncalves in Boca Raton, FL. Brother MADDOX Bogomolov [3].(*thanks Lilitha/Michela/Ramona!)

12. FAYA Blanc born to Dutch singer Nicky van der Kuyp and boyfriend Denny Blanc in Leiderdorp, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. SANKARA Alafia born to American model/actress Yaya DaCosta and husband Joshua Bee Alafia in New York City. (*thanks Ramona!) 

12. SAMUEL BEAR ISAMU Draiman born to American rock musician David Draiman (Disturbed) and wife Lena Yada in Austin, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. EMMA Schajris born to Argentine-Mexican musician Noel Schajris and wife Gwendolyn Stevenson in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Michela!) 
12. CAMDEN QUINN Schaech born to American actor Johnathon Schaech and wife Julie Solomon in Los Angeles, CA. 
12. SAMANTHA ELIZABETH Marmalstein born to American TV producer Steve Marmalstein and wife Andrea Berrie in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!) 
13. LOLA Florencio Rodriguez born to Spanish pro road cyclist Xavier Florencio and wife Xary Rodriguez Gomez in Mont-roig del Camp, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!) 
13. ELSIE MARIGOLD Gruffudd born to Actors Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans in Los Angeles, CA. Sister ELLA BETSI JANET Evans Gruffudd [4].
14. BEN Westergren born to Swedish sports reporter Suzanne Sjogren and boyfriend Pontus Westergren in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-sister IZABELLA Jensen [5]. Half-brother BASTIAN Westergren [5]. 

13. EMMA GRACE & FORD DANIEL James born to American TV newscaster Amanda McDonald and husband Eric James in Rochester, NY. (*thanks Ramona!) 

14. JONAH Terrain born to French rugby star Romain Terrain and wife Liz Descharmes in Perpignan, France. Brothers MAXENS [5] and LOAH Terrain [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

15. DERAIN Farrell born to Australian rugby star Dylan Farrell and girlfriend Hayley Mundy in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister LEILANI Farrell [3].
15. DANIEL JOSEPH Flacco born to American NFL quarterback Joe Flacco and wife Dana Grady in Baltimore, MD. Brother STEPHEN VINCENT Flacco [1]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!) 

16. VIOLA Sorrentino born to Italian footballer Stefano Sorrentino and girlfriend Sara Ruggieri in Bergamo, Italy. Half-sisters CARLOTTA [8], MATILDA [4], and MARIA VITTORIA Sorrentino [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

16. DAUGHTER born to American stage star Kelli O'Hara and husband Greg Naughton in New York City. Brother OWEN JAMES Naughton [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. JADE Peythieu born to French actress Ingrid Chauvin and husband Thierry Peythieu in Paris, France.

17. TWIN DAUGHTERS born to French footballer Etienne Didot and wife Maria Paz in Toulouse, France. Sister OLIVIA Didot [3]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 
17. BRIXTON GABRIEL Shaddix-Sakrejda born to American rock musician Jacoby Shaddix and wife Kelly Sakrejda in Sacramento, CA. Brothers MAKAILE CIELO [11] and JAGGER MONROE Shaddix-Sakrejda [9]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)
17. BECKETT Rhimes adopted by American screenwriter Shonda Rhimes in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters HARPER [11] and EMERSON Rhimes [1.5].
18. HARRY & ELIZAVETA Galkin born to Russian singer Alla Pugacheva and comedian Maxim Galkin in Moscow, Russia via surrogate. Half-sister KRISTINA EDMUNDOVNA Orbakaite [42]. (*thanks Ramona!)
18. BILLIE Widerberg born to Swedish actor Johan Widerberg and girlfriend Christina Strindlund in Stockholm, Sweden.
18. JACK LEON Lynch born to Belgian tennis star Kim Clijsters and husband Brian Lynch in Bree, Belgium. Sister JADA ELLIE Lynch [5].
18. DESMOND born to American rapper Natassia "Kreayshawn" Zolot and boyfriend in San Francisco, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)
19. JACK ALEXANDER Turnbull-Brown born to Australian socialite Daisy Turnbull-Brown and husband Capt. James Brown in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
19. SON born to Italian-British professional dancer Vincent Simone and girlfriend Susan Duddy in London, England. Brother LUCA Simone [4].
19. MICHAL JAN Valko born to Slovakian World Champion swimmer Martina Moravcova and husband Martin Valko in Dallas, TX. Sister KAROLINA Valko [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 
19. VIVIENNE LEE Judd born to American dancer/reality TV star Cris Judd and wife Kelly Wolfe in Chicago, IL. (*thanks Michela!) 

20. WILLIAM JAMES Watkins born to British Olympic Champion rower Anna Bebington Watkins and husband Oliver Watkins in Wokingham, England. (*thanks Ramona!) 

20. ALMA Morin born to French politician Herve Morin and wife Elodie Garamond in Paris, France. Half-sister CLEMENTINE Morin [18]. Half-brother RAPHAEL [18] and brother JULES Morin [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

20. THEODORE IGNATIUS Fitzpatrick born to American actress Kaylee DeFer and musician Michael Fitzpatrick in Los Angeles, CA. 

21. CALI Smith born to New Zealand rugby star Jeremy Smith and wife Jody in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Sisters MARLY [8] and EVIE Smith [2]. Brother JEREMY (JJ) Smith, Jr. [1].

22. ISA-BEAU Braakman born to Dutch politician Sabine Uitslag and husband Menno Braakman in Welsum, The Netherlands. Sister ANNA-BELLE Braakman [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. EVE Lacson born to Filipina actress Iwa Moto and boyfriend Panfilo "Pampi" Lacson, Jr. Half-brother PANFILO (Thirdy) Lacson [7].(*thanks Ramona!) 

23. DANTE Cambiasso born to Argentine footballer Esteban Cambiasso and wife Claudia in Milan, Italy. Sister VICTORIA Cambiasso [5]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

23. LEONOR Madeira Machado born to Portuguese comedian Eduardo Madeira and wife Joana Machado in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!) 

23. COLBIE McCann born to American MLB star Brian McCann and wife Ashley Jarusinski in Lawrenceville, GA. Brother COLT MICHAEL McCann [1]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

24. NOAH Behrmann born to Australian celebrity bookmakers Luke and Claire (nee unknown) Behrmann in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

24. VIOLET RACHAEL Miziner born to Australian TV presenter/model Rachael Finch and husband Michael Miziner in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

24. JEROM born to Belgian radio/TV presenter Kristien Maes and partner in Antwerp, Belgium.

24. MIRA Desramaults born to Belgian celebrity chef Kobe Desramaults and girlfriend in Ghent, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. FAYENNE Keizer born to Dutch pro cyclist Martijn Keizer and wife Lisanne in Muntendam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!) 

25. OLIVIER NICOLAAS MATTHEUS de Sevren Jacquet born to Dutch TV presenter Suze Mens and husband Emiel de Sevren Jacquet in Limburg, Belgium.

25. EMMA Dominguez born to Spanish TV newsanchor Carme Chaparro and husband Bernabé Dominguez in Madrid, Spain. Sister LAILA Dominquez [2]. (*thanks Michela!) 

25. WYATT Smith born to American singer-songwriter Kim Walker and husband Skyler Smith in San Francisco, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. DELILAH GRACE Wilshere born to English footballer Jack Wilshere and fiancee Lauren Neal in London, England. Brother ARCHIE JACK Wilshere [2].

26. BENJAMIN (Benja) Suarez born to Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez and wife Sophia Balbi in Liverpool, England. Sister DELFINA Suarez [3].
27. NENA Boom born to Dutch pro cyclist Lars Boom and wife Nike Timmermans in Vlijmen, The Netherlands. Sister KEE Boom [1.5].
27. JAKE ELIJAH Rae born to Northern Irish superbike racer Jonathan Rea and wife Tatia Weston in Castletown, Isle of Man, Great Britain. (*thanks Ramona!) 

27. MIGUEL VICENTE (Vicente) Campos Esteves born to Portuguese musician Joao Campos and girlfriend Sara Esteves Cardoso in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MAJA Mawson born to Austrian TV presenter Mirjam Weichselbraun and boyfriend Ben Mawson in Innsbruck, Austria. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. REGINA Ortiz de Pineda born to Mexican actress Andrea Torre and husband Pedro Ortiz de Pineda in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)
28. DAXEL VAUGHN Friedman born to American model/reality TV star Lisa D'Amato and husband Adam Friedman in Los Angeles, CA.
28. ELIJAH Hubbell born to Glee star Heather Morris and boyfriend Taylor Hubbell in Los Angeles, CA.

28. CHARLOTTE EASTON Gillies born to Actors Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies in Los Angeles, CA.

29. ANNA Teuwen born to Dutch actor Rob Teuwen and girlfriend Elie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!) 

29. DOMINIC JAMES Cesternino born to American reality TV contestant Rob Cesternino and wife Nicole Palmeri in Los Angeles, CA. 

30. LEO born to French actress Melanie Laurent and husband in Paris, France.

30. MAXIMUS (Max) Fisico born to Canadian WWE star Trish Stratus and husband Ron Fisico in Toronto, ON, Canada.

30. NOAH Tisdelle born to Canadian actress Michelle Morgan and husband Derek Tisdelle in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sister MARA CARMEN Tisdelle [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. HAYK VICTOR Odadjian born to Armenian-American rock musician Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down) and wife Sonia Thorosian in Los Angeles, CA. Brother SHAVO DYLAN Odadjian [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. DEKKER EDWARD Goselaar born to American actor Mark-Paul Goselaar and wife Catriona McGinn in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother MICHAEL CHARLES Goselaar [10]. Half-sister AVA LORENN Goselaar [7]. 

??. KITTY Wanganeen born to retired Aussie Rules Footballer Gavin Wanganeen and wife Pippa Hanson Wanganeen in Adelaide, SA, Australia. Half-sister MIA Wanganeen [13]. Half-brother TEX Wanganeen [10]. 

??. JACK & JULIUS born to Belgian actress Natali Broods and boyfriend in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

??. JETT & JAX Comfort born to American model/TV star Caprice Bourret and boyfriend Ty Comfort in Los Angeles, CA. One born via surrogate August 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, but she won't reveal which. 

??. SON born to American-Canadian actress Grace Park and husband Phil Kim in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

??. DAUGHTER born to American actress Jaime Ray Newman and husband Guy Nattiv in Los Angeles, CA. 

??. CHILD born to American actress Maya Rudolph and filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters PEARL BAILEY [8] and LUCILLE Anderson [4]. Brother JACK Anderson [2].

Born in August 2013

1. BLAKE BENJAMIN Dellacqua born to Australian tennis star Casey Dellacqua and girlfriend Amanda in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. AURORA Marcato born to Italian pro cyclist Marco Marcato and wife Elisa in Padua, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. MILA Paillaugue born to French rugby star Benoit Paillaugue and girlfriend in Montpellier, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

1. ROSABELLA Stringfellow born to English nightclub king Peter Stringfellow and wife Rosabella "Bella" Wright in London, England. Half-sister KAREN Stringfellow [50]. Half-brother SCOTT Stringfellow [46].

1. EVAN JAMES O'Donoghue born to Irish actor Colin O'Donoghue and wife Helen in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. ELI WALLACE Edwards born to American former politician Edwin Edwards and wife Trina Grimes Scott in New Orleans, LA. Half-sisters ANNA [62] and VICTORIA Edwards [60]. Half-brothers STEPHEN [50s] and DAVID Edwards [50s], and LOGAN [15] and TREVOR Scott [13]. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. SCARLETT ROSE Coyne born to American model/TV presenter Tiffany (nee unknown) Coyne and husband Chris Coyne in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. STEFAN Krupski born to Polish musician Jakub Krupski and girlfriend Samanta Janas Stuhr in Warsaw, Poland. Half-sister MATYLDA Stuhr [13]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. BARTOLOME Legasse born French journalists Natacha Polony and Perico Legasse in Paris, France. Brother ? Legasse [6]. Sister ? Legasse [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. AMELIA Gower born to Australian rugby star David Gower and wife Erika and in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

3. MUHAMMAD ZA'EEM Ruzaini born to Princess Hafizah of Brunei and husband Muhammad Ruzaini in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. (*thanks Michela!) 

3. SEBASTIAN Delueg born to Italian politician Renate Gebhard and boyfriend Patrick Delueg in Bressanone, Italy. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)

4. CONSTANTIN PAUL Pavel born to German reality TV doctor Sarah Sophie Koch and husband Christopher Pavel in Berlin, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. OZZIE WERSCHING Full born to American actress Annie Wersching and husband Stephen Full in Los Angeles, CA. Brother FREDDIE WERSCHING Full [2.5].

5. LOVELIA Alberti born to Swedish model Marie Plosjo and husband Michel Albert in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. AYDEN GIDEON Beharry born to Grenadian-British Iraq War hero Johnson Beharry and wife Mallissa Noel in London, England. (*thanks Michela!)

6. PUCK Huntelaar born to Dutch footballer Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and wife Maddy Schoolderman in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Brothers SEB [4] and AXEL Huntelaar [2]. (*thanks K/Michela/Ramona!)

6. THEO da Silva born to Swedish pop singer Carin da Silva in Stockholm, Sweden.

6. AMINAA Yatabaré born to French-Malian footballer Mustapha Yatabaré and girlfriend in Guingamp, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. CHARLOTTE JOY Barnes born to American soap actress Christie Clark Barnes and husband Thomas Barnes in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters HANNAH BELLA [5] and EMMA ROSE Barnes [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. RYAN JOHN Shilling born to American Olympic Champion soccer star Amy Rodriguez and husband Adam Shilling in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!) 

7. WILLIAM ZACHARY Denis born to Australian Paralympic Champion track star Katrina Webb and husband Eddie Denis in Adelaide, SA, Australia. Brother SEBASTIAN ZAVIER Denis [5]. Sibling ? Denis [2.5].

7. VICTOIRE Bouet born to French pro cyclist Maxime Bouet and wife Sabrina Cervera in Chambery, France. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

7. NAIRON Quinaz Gallardo born to Portuguese footballer Goncalo Quinaz and ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. DAVIS & GAGE Folk born to American NFLer Nick Folk and wife Julianne Plauche in East Rutherford, NJ. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. VERNON LINDSAY Vaughn born to actor Vince Vaughn and wife Kyla Weber near Los Angeles, CA. Sister LOCKLYN KYLA Vaughn [2.5].

7. JAXON CRUZ Cedeno born to American actor Matt Cedeno and wife Erica Franco in Los Angeles, CA.

8. AURELIA DAHLIA Klosseck born to Iranian-German model/actress Shermaine Shahrivar and boyfriend Markus Klosseck in Berlin, Germany. Half-brother ETHAN Klosseck. (*thanks Ramona/friend!)

8. MONROE van der Reijden born to Dutch model/TV presenter Renee Vervoorn and celebrity personal trainer Guy van der Reijden in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Half-sister LISA SOPHIE Zwaneveld [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. ANNA De Sutter born to Belgian footballer Tom De Sutter and girlfriend Linsey in Bruges, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. BELLA ROSE Lambert born to English footballer Rickie Lambert and wife Amy in Southampton, England. Brothers CARTER [5] and ? Lambert [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. RAUL Spinola Jardim born to Portuguese model/TV presenter Pimpinha Jardim and boyfriend Francisco Spinola in Lisbon, Portugal. Brother FRANCISO MARIA Spinola Jardim [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. HARPER GRACE Allgaier born to American pro race car driver Justin Allgaier and wife Ashley Hanson in Mooresville, NC. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. TYLER Brown born to Australian soccer coach Michael Brown and wife Louise in Ipswich, QLD, Australia.

9. EVEREST HOBSON Lucas born to American filmmaker George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson in Los Angeles, CA via gestational surrogate. Half-sisters AMANDA [32] and KATIE Lucas [25]. Half-brother JETT Lucas [20].

10. LINCOLN DeSanto born to American reality TV star Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother) and husband Jess DeSanto in Lakeville, MN. Sister VIOLET ANNE DeSanto [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. JASLENE EVA Schliep born to Canadian Champion hurdler Priscilla Lopes-Schliep and husband Bronson Schliep in Whitby, ON, Canada. Sister NATALIYA AVA Schliep [2]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

11. ZOFIA Wisniewska born to Polish actress Margorzata Socha and husband Krzysztof Wisniewski in Warsaw, Poland. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. MAX PETER Haslam born to English pro motorcycle racer Leon Haslam and wife Olivia Stringer in Derbyshire, England. Sister AVA MAY Haslam [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. FENNA De Boer born to Dutch former footballer Ronald de Boer and girlfriend Suze van Roselaar in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-sisters MAXIME [21], DEMI [15], and BROOKE de Boer [13]. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. MAX PETER Haslam born to English pro superbike racer Leon Haslam and wife Olivia "Oli" Stringer in London, England. Sister AVA MAY Haslam [1.5]. 

12. JETT RIVIERA Hayler born to British model/reality TV star Katie Price and husband Kieran Hayler in Palma de Majorca, Spain. Half-brothers HARVEY DANIEL Price [11] and JUNIOR SAVVA Andrea [8]. Half-sister PRINCESS TIAAMII CRYSTAL ESTHER Andrea [6].

12. DAMIAN Mata Galitzine born to Princess Xenia Galitzine and husband Alberto Mata Maya in Houston, TX. Sister LIDIA Mata Galitzina [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!) 

12. AMY BELLE Calloway born to American TV presenter AJ Calloway and wife Dionne Walker in Los Angeles, CA.

13. HELENA Myszkowska born to Polish singer/actress Justyna Steczkowska and husband Maciej Myszkowski in Warsaw, Poland. Brothers LEON [12] and STANISLAW Myszkowski [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. CHAREL Van Riet born to Dutch TV/radio presenter Sofie Van Moll and boyfriend Jelle Van Riet in Limburg, Belgium. Sister JOSKE Van Riet [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. SASHA born to French former judoka champion/sports presenter Celine Geraud and boyfriend in Paris, France. Half-sisters MARGAUX [19] and ANOUK [13]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. DOMINIQUE Garcia Taron born to Colombian footballer Radamel Falcao and wife Lorelei Taron in La Colle, Monaco. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

13. XANO WILLIAM Gann born to Australian actor Jason Gann and wife Alejandra Varela in Los Angeles, CA.

14. LOUIS GASPARD OTTO GEORGE Haitsma Muller born to Princess Vanessa of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and husband Pieter Haitsma Muller in Salzburg, Austria. Sisters SELINA ISABELLA ANNETTE MARIE [6] and FELICIA CATHARINA ANNA ANTONIA Haitsma Muller [3]. (*thanks Michela!)

14. SON born to German rapper Paul "Sido" Wurdig and girlfriend Charlotte Engelhardt in Berlin, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. LEON Kroos born to German footballer Toni Kroos and girlfriend Jessica Faber in Munich, Germany. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

14. GIANMARCO Morelli born to Italian actor Giampaolo Morelli and fiancee Gloria Bellicchi in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

14. NINE Muus born to Dutch actress Melissa Drost and boyfriend Lykele Muus in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. AMANDA Del Moro born to Argentine TV presenter Santiago Del Moro and wife Marta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sister CATALINA Del Moro [2.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

15. ANNA Beridze born to Russian actor Vakhtang Beridze and girlfriend Olga Arntgolts in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

15. MATU Alilović born to Croatian pro handballer Mirko Alilović and wife Iva in Zagreb, Croatia. Brother IVANA Alilović [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. MAUD ELIZABETH DAPHNE MARINA Windsor born to British actress Sophie Winkleman Windsor and husband Lord Frederick Windsor in Los Angeles, CA.

15. ROCCO Faison born to American actor Donald Faison and wife CaCee Cobb in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brothers SEAN Faison-Ince [16], DADE [14] and KOBE Faison [11]. Half-sister KAYA Faison [11].

16. MARCEL Martinchon born to French pop singer Christophe Mae and girlfriend Nadege Sarron in Paris, France. Brother JULES Martinchon [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. CARTER SEVEN Seabrook born to Canadian NHLer Brent Seabrook and wife Dayna Marcellus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. WYATT OLIVER Olsen born to American actor Erik Christian Olsen and wife Sarah Wright in Los Angeles, CA.

17. ELEONORA Benti born to Italian Champion track cyclist Elisa Frisoni and boyfriend Paolo Benti in Verona, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

17. ALFREDO Evacuo born to Italian footballer Felice Evacuo and wife Rossella in Campania, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

17. EMMA ROSE Walker born to Canadian radio/TV presenter Anne Marie Withenshaw and husband Jay Walker in Montreal, QC, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. JUDE Buckley born to Scottish actor James Buckley and wife Clair Meek in London, England. Brother HARRISON Buckley [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. OLIVER Leishman born to Australian PGA golfer Marc Leishman and wife Audrey Hills in Virginia Beach, VA. Brother HARVEY ANDREW Leishman [1].

19. JULIA Baczek born to Polish World Champion fencer Sylwia Gruchała and husband Marek Maczek in Warsaw, Poland. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. ERIK Reveny born to Swedish pop singer Emilia Rydberg Mitiku and boyfriend Lars Reveny in Stockholm, Sweden.

19. BONNIE Adda born to Tunisian-French filmmaker Karim Adda and girlfriend Constance Fouchard in Paris, France. Half-sister ? Adda. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. ALEXIA BELLA & MELINA LIVIA Maaddi born to American reality TV stars Rob Maaddi and wife Remy in Voorhees, NJ. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. LINCOLN JULIA Bolland born to Canadian NHLer Dave Bolland and wife Julia Zalucki in Toronto, ON, Canada.

19. SON born to American model/TV star Caprice Bourret and boyfriend Ty Comfort in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate.

20. JULIAN Janiak born to Polish TV host Olivier Janiak and wife Karolina Malinowska in Warsaw, Poland. Brother FRYDERYK [4] and CHRISTIAN Janiak [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ILONA born to French actress Rebecca Hampton and boyfriend in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ELLYSIA HARPER Cantwell born to Australian pro cyclist Jonathan Cantwell and wife Alana in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. HARPER ESTELLE Wolfeld Gosk born to American TV reporters Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk in New York City.

21. KARTER Frost born to American rapper Rasheeda Buckner and husband Kirk Frost in Atlanta, GA. Half-sister ? Frost [18]. Brother KY Frost [12]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. LYRIC Richard born to American R&B singer LaTavia Roberson and husband Rodney "Don Vito" Richard in Atlanta, GA. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. JAMESON WEST & ROCCO MCQUEEN Messner born to American actress Kathryn Morris and boyfriend Johnny Messner in Los Angeles, CA.

22. ARON Budan born to Croatian footballer Igor Budan and wife Dina in Palermo, Italy. Sister AMBER Budan, deceased. (*thanks Michela!)

22. ARIELA Tapia Gonzales born to Peruvian dancer Genesis Tapia and ex-boyfriend Carlos Gonzales in Lima, Peru. (*thanks Michela!)

23. ELSA Edlund born to Swedish journalists Johan Edlund and Sofia Geite in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-brother JACK Edlund [8].

23. SENN ROBERT LAURENS JAN Smit born to Dutch singer Jan Smit and wife Liza Plat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-sister FEM Visscher [6] and sister EMMA MONIQUE MARIA ALIDA Smit [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. CARMEN GABRIELA Baldwin born to American actor Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Thomas in New York City. Half-sister IRELAND ELIESSE Baldwin [18].

23. OLIVIA Alfonso Chaves born to Argentine model/actress Paula Chaves and fiance Pedro Alfonso in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. LEA Latendresse born to Canadian NHLer Guillaume Latendresse and singer-songwriter Annie Villeneuve in Montreal, QC, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. OLIVIA Elias born to Mexican actor Erick Elias and wife Karla Guindi in Mexico City, Mexico. Sister PENELOPE Elias [2]. (*thanks Michela!)

24. LAPO Drzewicka born to Italian reality TV star and (he disputes paternity) actor Ivano De Cristofaro in Codogno, Italy. (*thanks Michela!) 

25. GIUSEPPE Floccari born to Italian footballer Sergio Floccari and wife Maria Elisa in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

25. LILY SOPHIE STEPHANIE Venneker born to Dutch musical stars Tommie Christiaan and Michelle Spietelhof in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. CHLOE MARGARET Zempilas born to Australian radio/TV presenter Basil Zempilas and wife Amy Graham in Perth, WA, Australia. Sister AVA JESSICA Zempilas [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. MILA Agulla born to Argentine rugby star Horatio Agulla and girlfriend Victoria Monopoli in Bath, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. RAFF Vermaelen born to Belgian footballer Thomas Vermaelen and English TV presenter Polly Parsons in London, England. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

27. SACHA born to English-French TV presenter Louise Ekland and husband in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. NOAH Buble born to Canadian singer Michael Buble and wife Luisana Lopilato in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

28. JACKSON ROY Jones born to Australian PGA golfer Steve Jones and wife Kate in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MATEO Jajalo born to Croatian footballer Mato Jajalo and wife Ivana Dolic in Cologne, Germany. Brothers EMANUEL [4] and GABRIEL Jajalo [2]. (*thanks K!)

28. JULIE Tankink born to Dutch pro cyclist Bram Tankink and wife Vera van Haupt in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. Sisters ROSE [5] and SARAH Tankink [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. NOA Goossens born to Belgian Champion gymnast Aagje Vanwalleghem and boyfriend Denis Goossens in Wevelgem, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. BEAU KYLE Dykstra born to American actress Jamie Lynn Sigler and fiance Cutter Dykstra in New York City.

28. MOLLY LYNN Young born to American soap actor Jacob Young and wife Christen Steward in Los Angeles, CA. Brother LUKE WAYNE Young [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. LILY EMMELIE CLARA Norrstrom born to Swedish reality TV stars Peter and Mirka Norrstrom in Sweden. Half-sisters EMMELIE [27] and MIKAELA [20], and sisters LINNEA VANESSA ANITA [13], JENNIFER ALICIA [11], SELINA MIRKA [9], ALICE CHRISTINA [6], NELLIE FREYA SAVANNAH [3], and ALVA Norrstrom [1.5]. Half-brother DANIEL [21], and brothers KEVIN PETER [15], BENNY JONATHAN [11], VICTOR ANDRE [8], OLIVER SVEN [6], and THOR ATLE Norrstrom [5].

29. GEORGE O'Hara born to English model/TV star Danielle Lloyd and footballer Jamie O'Hara in London, England. Brothers ARCHIE [3] and HARRY JAMES O'Hara [2].

29. AXL JACK Duhamel born to actor Josh Duhamel and singer Fergie in Los Angeles, CA.

30. BROOKLYN KNOX Tamou born to Australian rugby star James Tamou and girlfriend Brittney McGlone in Townsville, QLD, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. JUSSI Kaisen born to Belgian pro road cyclist Olivier Kaisen and girlfriend Ludivine Henrion in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

30. LEO Vazquez born to Spanish footballer Victor Vazquez and wife Andrea in Bruges, Belgium. (*thanks K!) 

30. SCARLETT MADELYN Jeff born to American radio presenter Matty Jeff and wife Stacy in Portland, ME. (*thanks Michela!) 

31. GRETA Stragne born to Swedish actress Ebba Hultqvist Stragne and husband Philip Stragne in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Izzie!)

31. DAUGHTER born to Swedish footballer Madeleine "Madde" Edlund and boyfriend Martin Lindgren in Stockholm, Sweden. 

31. LEONE Pugliese born to Italian reality TV stars Patrick Ray Pugliese and Martina Pascutti in Rome, Italy.

31. CLEMENTINE GRACE Novick born to American film producer Mason Novick and wife Katie in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!) 

??. DAISY Jetta born to Aussie Rules Footballer Lewis Jetta and girlfriend Jess in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Brother LEWIS (Junior) Jetta [2].  

??. CONNOR Gass born to Australian photojournalist John Gass and wife Louise Bezzina in Coolangatta, QLD, Australia. 

??. SIENNA Kavanagh born to Australian celeb horse trainer Sam Kavanagh and fiancee Kelly in Adelaide, SA, Australia. 

??. SON born to Australian rugby player Moses Manu and girlfriend Hayley McIntosh in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. Brother KOBE Manu [3].

??. MAJKEN born to Swedish Champion track star Susanna "Sanna" Kallur and boyfriend in Falun, Sweden. 

??. SON born to Swedish TV host Micke Leijnegard and wife Sanna Norell in Stockholm, Sweden. Brother IGOR Leijnegard [4].

??. CHILD born to British comedian Freddie Starr and wife Sophie Lea in Redditch, England. Half-brothers CARL [46] and JODY Starr [33], and ? McCulloch [10]. Half-sisters DONNA [37], STACEY [26], and EBONY Starr [6]. 

Born in July 2013

1. WILLEM JAN JOHANNES PIETER FLORIS van Vollenhoven born to Dutch Prince Floris van Vollenhoven of the Netherlands and Princess Aimee Sohngen in The Hague, The Netherlands. Sisters MAGALI MARGRIET ELEONOOR [5] and ELIANE SOPHIA CAROLINA van Vollenhoven [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. JHANNY Villalobos born to Spanish TV presenter Gineth Moreno and husband Jhonny Villalobos in Madrid, Spain. Sister ELITA Villalobos [5]. (*thanks Michela!)

2. LEO JOE & PENELOPE PATRICIA McGuinness born to English comedian Paddy McGuinness and wife Christine Martin in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. MAVEN SONAE Morgan born to American comedian Tracy Morgan and fiancee Megan Wollover in New York City. Half-brothers TRACY, Jr. [26], MALCOLM [24], and GITRID Morgan [21].

2. CRICKET PEARL Silverstein born to American actress Busy Philipps and husband Marc Silverstein in Los Angeles, CA. Sister BIRDIE LEIGH Silverstein [4]. (*thanks Lola!)

3. KATERIEN Joubert born to South African rugby star Ernst Joubert and wife Minki van der Westhuizen in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. ALESSO & MATTEO Kolb born to Mexican singer/actress Patricia Manterola and husband Forrest Kolb in Los Angeles, CA. Brother LUCCA LEO Kolb [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. BROOKLYNN Newsom born to American politician Gavin Newsom and wife Jennifer Siebel in San Francisco, CA. Sister MONTANA TESSA Newsom [3]. Brother HUNTER SIEBEL Newsom [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. ELEXA Henderson born to English footballer Jordan Henderson and girlfriend Rebecca Burnett in Liverpool, England. (*thanks Michela/K!)

4. BRODY Richardson born to American actress/terror suspect Shannon Rogers Guess and ex-husband Nathan Richardson in Longview, TX. Half-brothers BRANDEN [19] and ALLEN Rogers [14], and TAYLOR [10], ETHAN [7], and LOGAN Guess [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. SOPHIE Frey born to French footballer Nicolas Frey and girlfriend in Verona, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. BENJAMIN Gibson born to Dutch singer and TV host Kim-Lian van der Meij and husband Daniel Gibson in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister RONJA EMMA Gibson [6]. Brother SEAN WILLIAM Gibson [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. KOA NOEL Lulia born to Australian rugby star Keith Lulia and wife Kelly Mulligan Bradford, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. NOELIA Reyes born to Spanish footballer Jose Antonio Reyes and wife Noelina Lopez in Seville, Spain. Half-brother JOSE ANTONIO Reyes, Jr. [7].(*thanks K/Ramona!)

6. VASILISA Shabalina born to Russian World Champion ice dancer Maxim Shabalin and wife Irina Grineva in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

7. CHLOE Willis born to Australian celebrity chef Ben Willis and wife Andy in Canberra, ACT, Australia. 

7. NOAH JOHN Scott born to Australian rugby star Beau Scott and wife Amelia "Mim" in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Sister AVA Scott.

7. MOA Ekholm born to Swedish World Champion biathlete Helena Jonsson Ekholm and husband David Ekholm in Ostersund, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. SAMANTHA RAE Simpson born to Canadian Olympic Champion figure skater Jamie Sale and former NHLer Craig Simpson in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Half-brothers DILLON [19] and RILEY Simpson [16], and JESSE JOE Pelletier [5]. Half-sister KENNEDY Simpson [17]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LIV ELENA Roberts born to American actress Alana De La Garza and husband Michael Roberts in Los Angeles, CA. Brother KIERAN THOMAS Roberts [2.5].

8. LEONEL NILS JONATHAN Berg born to Swedish footballer Marcus Berg and wife Josefine Ringblom in Hamburg, Germany. Sister JOLIE Berg [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. THIAGO Alguibay Gallardo born to Mexican actress Liz Gallardo and boyfriend Enrique Alguibay in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. ANNABEL Dieteren born to Dutch orchestra conductor Guido Dieteren and wife Wendy Kokkelkoren in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Sister EMMA SOPHIE Dieteren [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. HARRY Tickle born to British soap actress Jennifer Ellison and husband Robbie Tickle in London, England. Half-sisters CHLOE and SOPHIE Tickle [12]. Brother BOBBY Tickle [3].

9. ARIELLA Bakaniceva born to Fijian rugby star Malakai Bakaniceva and girlfriend in Brive-en-Gaillarde, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

10. CARLO GIUSEPPE Consoli born to Italian singer-songwriter Carmen Consoli in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

10. MAXWELL HAZE Richardson born to Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and wife Kristin Willits in Los Angeles, CA. Brother MASON FREY Richardson [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. GAIA Mazzanti born to Italian volleyball star Serena Ortolani and husband Davide Mazzanti in Pesaro, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

11. CATERINA Giaccherini born to Italian footballer Emanuele Giaccherini and wife Dania Gazzani in Milan, Italy. Sister GIULIA MARIA Giaccherini [2]. (*thanks K!)

11. HALLE RAE Ince born to English footballer Thomas Ince and girlfriend in Blackpool, England. (*thanks Michela!)

11. PENELOPE JOAN So born to American actress Anna Chlumsky and husband Shaun So in New York City.

11. VALENTIN FRANCESCO Monteverde born to American actress/model Ali Landry and filmmaker Alejandro Monteverde in Los Angeles, CA. Sister ESTELA INES Monteverde [6]. Brother MARCELO ALEJANDRO Monteverde [1.5].

12. NIXON Wallace born to Australian Olympic Champion sprint canoeist Ken Wallace and girlfriend Naomi Shears in Tugun, QLD, Australia.

12. ALICIA VALENTINA Bastiaansen born to Dutch professional dancer/choreographer Remco Bastiaansen and girlfriend Amber Kreeft in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother VEYRON Bastiaansen [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. ALTHEA Rakitic born to Croatian footballer Ivan Rakitic and wife Raquel Mauri Olmo in Seville, Spain. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

12. ADRIANA Sola born to Argentine actor Miguel Angel Sola and girlfriend Paula Cancio in madrid, Spain. Half-sisters MARIA [16] and CAYETANA Sola [13]. (*thanks Michela!)

13. GISELLE OLIVIA Cristofoletti born to Swedish Champion equestrian show jumper Helena Lundback and husband Roberto Cristofoletti in Norrkoping, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. MARIA PIA Perez born to Argentine footballer Enzo Perez and wife Maria Florencia in Lisbon, Portugal. Brother ENZO SANTIAGO Perez [4]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

13. TILLY ELIZABETH Godwin born to American reality TV star Britney Haynes (Big Brother) and husband Nathan "Ryan" Godwin in Naples, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. MILAN Payet born to French footballer Dimitri Payet and wife Ludivine in Lille, France. Brother NOA Payet [3]. (*thanks Ramona/Michela/K!)

14. CAMERON Robinson born to American actress/model Susan Ward and husband David C. Robinson in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. JOAN Westerik born to Dutch rock musician Maurits Westerik (GEM) and girlfriend in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. MATTEO Caruso born to Italian pro road cyclist Giampaolo Caruso and wife Eloisa in Catania, Italy. Brother ? Caruso. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. REMI Vaessen born to Belgian singer/music producer Niels William and wife Ellen Christiaen in Brussels, Belgium. Half-brother LOWIE [abt 10] and brother JEFF Vaessen [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. JACOBI Jupe born to English soap actress Katy Cavanagh and husband Chris Jupe in Manchester, England. Brother NOAH Jupe [9]. Sister EMMA Jupe [6]. (*thanks Michela!)

15. RHYTHM MYER Overbey born to American TV presenter Whitney Whatley and boyfriend Brandon Overbey in Dallas, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. DOLORES Ham born to Dutch radio presenter Otto-Jan Ham and girlfriend Iris in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. MAXWELL ROBIN JOHN Gibb born to British musician R.J. Gibb and wife Megan Golub in London, England. (*thanks Michela!)

16. ADELA Acosta born to Dominican singer Hector "El Torito" Acosta and wife Eraleisy Lenina Vasquez Lopez in Miami, FL. Half-brothers HECTOR, Jr. [abt. 15] and NACHEL Acosta [abt. 13]. (*thanks Michela!)

16. JREL MICHAEL Donaire born to Filipino pro boxer Nonito Donaire and wife Rachel Marcial in Las Vegas, NV. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. TUUR Kolacny born to Belgian chior conductor Stijn Kolacny and actress Lokke Dieltiens in Aarschot, Belgium. Sister ROSA Kolacny [3]. Brother JUUL Kolacny [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. ISABELLA Lonis born to Costa Rican TV sports anchor Erik Lonis and girlfriend Tatiana Bolanos in San Jose, Costa Rica. (*thanks Michela!)

17. LUNA Huffman born to American singer Cassandra Estevez and husband Casey Huffman in Los Angeles, CA.

18. ABBIE Drouot born to French novelist Maxime Chattam and TV presenter Faustine Bollaert in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. ROMEO Albiol born to Spanish footballer Raul Albiol and wife Alicia Roig in Valencia, Spain. Sisters AZAHARA [4] and ALMA Albiol [3].

18. RUFINA Cabre born to Argentinean actors Nicolas Cabre and Maria Eugenia Suarez in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. DILLON Anderson Poueu born to American reality TV stars Stephanie Anderson and Sam Poueu in Los Angeles, CA.

18. MATEO CRUZ ANGEL Cevallos born to American entertainment reporter Kristina Guerrero and husband Gibby Cevallos on Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Michela!) 

18. RIO LAURA Hudson born to American actor Oliver Hudson and wife Erinn Bartlett in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers WILDER BROOKS [6] and BODHI HAWN Hudson [3].

18. HOLDEN ROBERT Jahangiri born to American actress Kate Levering and fiance Reza Jahangiri in Newport Beach, CA.

19. MAX DARGIN Cress born to Australian reality TV producer Julian Cress and wife Sarah Armstrong in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

19. SOFIA Rubiano born to Colombian pro cyclist Miguel Angel Rubiano and wife in Italy. Sister ISABELA IDA Rubiano [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. JEANNE Herbots born to Belgian actress Lien Van de Kelder and filmmaker Hans Herbots in Brussels, Belgium. Half-sisters CATO [15] and STINE Herbots [13]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. LOTTIE McGuinness born to English TV presenter Amanda Lamb and husband Sean McGuinness in London, England. Sister WILLOW ROSE McGuinness [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. LUCHINO & VITTORIO Arnaud born to French TV presenter Carole Rousseau and husband Silvio Rossi Arnaud in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. LEILANI GRACE Hoffman born to New Zealand rugby star Josh Hoffman and wife Emma Kerr in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ANTONIO Paes Baptista born to Brazilian model/actress Juliana Paes and husband Carlos Eduardo Baptista in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brother PEDRO Paes Baptista [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. YELIZAVETA Borodina born to Russian actress/philanthropist Oxana Fedorova and husband Andrei Mikhaylovich Borodin in Moscow, Russia. Brother FYODOR Borodin [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. Prince GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS of Cambridge born to Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in London, England.

22. LUNA Encinas Cruz born to Spanish actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem in Madrid, Spain. Brother LEONARDO (Leo) Encinas Cruz [3].

22. EISELE KAYE Tyrrell born to American country singer Hilary Scott (Lady Antebellum) and husband Chris Tyrrell in Nashville, TN.

23. FREYA ROSE Gower born to Australian rugby star Craig Gower and wife Amanda Flynn in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Sister LOLA Gower [3].

23. JACK de Gucht born to Belgiam politician Jean-Jacques de Gucht and wife Charlotte Mathias in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. INAYA Saihi born to French-Tunisian footballer Jamel Saihi and wife Priscillia Saihi in Montpellier, France. (*thanks K!)

23. KINSLEY LYNN Kesler born to American NHLer Ryan Kesler and wife Andrea in Livonia, MI. Sister MAKAYLA RYLAN Kesler [5]. Brother RYKER Kesler [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. WINNIE ROSE Fallon born to American late night host Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate.

23. CHARLES DAVID Liddell, Jr. born to American former MMA champion Chuck Liddell and wife Heidi Northcott in Los Angeles, CA. Half-sisters TRISTA Noland [15] and DANNIKA Northcott [9], and sister GUINEVERE BELLA Liddell [1.5]. Half-brother CADE Glessner [13].

24. BENEDETTA EMMA Camporese born to Italian footballer Michele Camporese and fiancee Rachele Tiberti in Florence, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

24. LINO Caminati born to French rugby star Julien Caminati and wife Laurie in Grenoble, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

24. MAREN VIRGINIA & EMILY TERESA Mauer born to American MLB star Joe Mauer and wife Maddie Bisanz in Minneapolis, MN. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. REED Holliday born to American MLB star Matt Holliday and wife Leslee in St. Louis, MO. Brothers JACKSON [9] and ETHAN Holliday [6]. Sister GRACYN Holliday 3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. SAMANTHA CHAY Flores born to Mexican singer Rosie Rivera and husband Abel Flores in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Michela!)

24. MALAIKA Nowitzki born to German NBA star Dirk Nowitzki and wife Jessica Olsson in Dallas, TX. (*thanks Michela!)

25. JAXON Dugan born to Australian rugby star Josh Dugan and ex-girlfriend Amanda Palmer in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

25. VIENNA VITA Wormgoor born to Dutch footballer Vito Wormgoor and girlfriend in Leersum, The Netherlands. Sister MILA OLIVIA LYNN Wormgoor [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. MOSE de Lint born to Dutch filmmaker Mick de Lint and wife Sari in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. VINCE Geraerts born to Belgian footballer Karel Geraerts and wife Els in Leuven, Belgium. Brothers YESSE [5] and XEM Geraerts [2]. (*thanks K!) 

25. NEYSSA Cyriac Sede born to Ivorian footballer Gohi Bi Zoro Cyriac and wife Maeva in Anderlecht, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. THATCHER BRAY Brunt born to American TV news anchor Megyn Kelly and husband Doug Brunt in New York City. Brother EDWARD YATES (Yates) Brunt [4]. Sister YARDLEY EVANS Brunt [2]. 

27. WESLEY Klein, Jr. born to Dutch pop singer Wesley Klein and wife Nelly van Veen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister JAILEY Klein [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. YARICIO SEAN Locadia born to Curacoan-Dutch footballer Jurgen Locadia and girlfriend Raya Meijnen in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. REMY van Buuren born to Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren and wife Erika van Thiel in Leiden, the Netherlands. Sister FENNA van Buuren [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. GUST born to Belgian TV/radio presenter Sofie Lemaire and boyfriend Ludovic in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. TANIA Danzé born to French footballer Romain Danzé and girlfriend in Rennes, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MARIA DA LUZ Cristas Pereira born to Portuguese politician Assunção Cristas and husband Tiago Pereira dos Reis Machado da Graca in Lisbon, Portugal. Sister MARIA DO MAR Cristas Pereira [11]. Brother JOSE MARIA [9] and VICENTE MARIA Cristas Pereira [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. ZOE OLIVIA Mahan born to American PGA golder Hunter Mahan and wife Kandi Harris in Dallas, TX.

29. BRADLEY Mbokani born to Congolese footballer Dieumerci Mbokani and wife Marlene Ntesa in Brussels, Belgium. Half-brothers DIEUMERCI (Jess), Jr. [3], and DAVID Mbokani, deceased. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. SACHA Grosjean born to Swiss-French Formula One racer Romain Grosjean and wife Marion Jolles in Geneva, Switzerland. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

29. SON born to actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell in Los Angeles, CA.

30. ADRIAN ROMEO Perrelli-Jensen born to Swedish pop singer Charlotte Nilsson Perrelli and boyfriend Anders Jensen in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-brothers ANGELO MATEO [9] and ALESSIO ROBERTO Perrelli [7]. Half-sister IZABELLA Jensen [5].

30. JACK Latijnhouwers born to Dutch TV news presenter Jeroen Latijnhouwers and girlfriend Tineke in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister BO MADDY Latijnhouwers [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. VIC Van Hemeledonck born to Belgian TV newsanchor Thomas Van Hemeledonck and wife Erika in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. KYLE RODNEY Kendrick, Jr. born to American MLB star Kyle Kendrick and wife Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick in Philadelphia, PA. Sister SOPHIA MARGUERITE Kendrick [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. ZOIE ALECIA Bentley born to American actor/rapper Fonzworth Bentley and wife Faune Chambers Watkins in Los Angeles, CA.

30. OLIVER NEIL Allen born to American singer-songwriter Kris Allen and wife Katy O'Connell in Los Angeles, CA.

31. HARRY JOSHUA Maldenis born to Australian reality TV stars Josdh Maldenis and Andi Thomas in Perth, WA, Australia.

31. JOSJE Hordijk born to Dutch pop singer Chris Hordijk and wife Christi in Wageningen, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. FEARNE GRACE Hatton born to English professional boxer Ricky Hatton and fiancee Jennifer Dooley in Manchester, England. Half-brother CAMPBELL Hatton [11]. Sister MILLIE MEG Hatton [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. AMALIA IOANA Nicolita born to Romanian footballer Banel Nicolita and wife Christina in Saint-Etienne, France. (*thanks K!)

31. ANTONIO Mazzone, Jr. born to Venezuelan TV presenter Sandra Villanueva and husband Antonio Mazzone in Caracas, Venezuela. (*thanks Michela!)

??. ELIA Cabrerizo born to Brazilian model Bruno Cabrerizo and girlfriend Maria Caprara in Milan, Italy. Sister GAIA Cabrerizo [2.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

??. CHARLIE Schaaf born to Dutch singer-songwriter Jenny Lane and actor Mark Schaaf in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. LILA Ducol born to French singer Camille Dalmais and husband Clement Ducol. Brother MARIUS Ducol [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. DOLLY Goldsmith born to British politician Zac Goldsmith and wife Alice Rothschild in London, England. Half-sisters UMA ROMANIE [13] and THYRA AMBER Goldsmith [11]. Half-brother JAMES Goldsmith [9]. (*thanks Sam!)

??. SON born to American NFLer Heath Farwell and wife Julie in Seattle, WA. Brother BROCK Farwell [1.5].

??. CHILD born to English footballer Danny Simpson and ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ward in England. Sister SKYE-LORENA Simpson [2].  

Born in June 2013

1. ALFIE born to Swedish Champion sprint kayaker Sofia Paldanius and boyfriend Henry in JOnkoping, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. EVA Zimmerman born to American and Italian former figure skaters John Zimmerman and wife Silvia Fontana in Coconut Creek, FL. Sister SOFIA Zimmerman [1]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

2. MARCUS ANTHONY Duggar born to American reality TV stars Joshua Duggar and wife Anna Kelley Duggar in Tontitown, AR. Sister MACKYNZIE RENEE Duggar [3]. Brother MICHAEL JAMES Duggar [1.5].

3. LACHLAN & CHLOE Hines born to Australian rugby star Nathan Hines and wife Leeann Whiteside in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Brother JOSHUA (Josh) Hines [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. ALICE Green born to American author/vlogger John Green and wife Sarah in Indianapolis, IN. Brother HENRY Green [2]. 

3. CASH YUN Lee born to American actor Will Yun Lee and wife Jennifer Birmingham Lee in Los Angeles, CA.

4. TOM JAN THEODOOR Tuitert born to Dutch Olympic Champion speed skater Mark Tuitert and wife Helen van Goozen in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. Sister ANNA VICTORIA MARIA Tuitert [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. RAPHAEL Trinh-Duc born to French rugby star Francois Trinh-Duc and wife Violaine Lopez in Montpellier, France. Brother THEO Trinh-Duc [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. ILIANA Gromushkina-Oblonkova born to Russian actress Natalia Gromushkina and husband Ilya Oblonkov in Moscow, Russia. Half-brother GORDEI Gromushkin [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. PAOLO Maresca born to Italian footballer Enzo Maresca and wife Maria Jesus Pariente in Genoa, Italy. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

6. JACK Berge born to Dutch singer Thomas Berge and girlfriend Myrthe Mylius in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. FINN Timmermans born to Dutch pro triathlete Tine Deckers and boyfriend Pieter Timmermans in Wijgmaal, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. LOGAN VINCENT Herbert born to American R&B singer/reality TV star Tamar Braxton and husband Vince Herbert in Atlanta, GA.

6. RIVER Thornton born to Canadian NHLer Joe Thornton and wife Tabea Pfendsack in San Jose, CA. Sister AYLA Thornton [2.5].

7. FRANKIE LOUISE Thurston born to Australian rugby star Jonathan Thurston and fiancee Samantha Lynch in Kirwan, QLD, Australia.

7. MOLLY & DANTE Granberg born to Swedish filmmaker Fredde Granberg and wife Carola in Stockholm, Sweden. Sister STELLA Granberg [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. SON born to Danish footballer Simon Kjaer and girlfriend Elena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

7. NEVAEH ROSE Cleverley born to English footballer Tom Cleverley and reality TV star Georgina Dorsett (TOWIE) in Manchester, England.

7. INES Lopez born to Spanish model/TV presenter Mireia Canalda and boyfriend Felipe Lopez in Madrid, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LOWELL MAXWELL Dariyanani born to American TV news presenter/businesswoman Krystal Ball and husband Jonathan Dariyanani in Fredericksburg, VA. Sister ELLA MARIE Dariyanani [5].

7. JAYLEIGH RAE Alderman born to American reality TV star Danielle Cunningham (16 & Pregnant) and boyfriend Jamie Alderman in Columbus, OH. Brother JAMIE PAUL Alderman, Jr. [2].

9. DANIEL Capparoni born to Italian actor Kaspar Capparoni and girlfriend Veronica Maccarone in Rome, Italy. Half-sister SCHEHERAZADE Capparoni [20]. Half-brother JOSEPH [13], and brother ALESSANDRO Capparone [5]. (*thanks Michela!)

9. MATEO Gago born to Argentine footballer Fernando Gago and former tennis star Gisela Dulko in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

9. GEORGIA MCCLAIN Ashley born to American country musician Jared Ashley and wife Taylor Hill in Nashville, TN. (*thanks Michela!)

10. HINA Vollaire born to French ecologist/TV host Maud Fontenoy and husband Thomas Vollaire in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Sister MAHE Vollaire [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. TIAGO Kasmirski born to Brazilian footballer Filipe Luis Kasmirski and wife Patricia in Madrid, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. JOSHUA Legear born to Belgian footballer Jonathan Legear and wife Lorraine Routiaux in Grozny, Russia. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

11. LIU Wellens Anthonissen born to Dutch actress Vanya Wellens and girlfriesarnd Jo Anthonissen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister ZITA Wellens Anthonissen [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. NATHALIE Marangon born to Brazilian footballer Alexander Doni and wife Camila in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Brother NICOLAS Marangon [7]. Sister THALITA Marangon [5]. (*thanks K!) 

11. WILLOW GRACE Radke born to American rock musician Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) and fiancee Crissy Henderson in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. PAYTON Halatau born to New Zealand-Australian rugby star Dene Halatau and wife Rochelle in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister TAYLA Halatau [2].

12. ELISE Wendt born to Swedish footballer Oscar Wendt and wife Sandra in Monchengladbach, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. MILANA Sammaritano born to French footballer Frederic Sammaritano and wife Jenny in Ajaccio, Corsica, France. Brother MATTEO Sammaritano [3]. (*thanks K!)

12. TALLULAH ANAIS Sykes born to British actress Marsha Thomason and husband Craig Sykes in New York City.

12. ISABEL VERONICA (Ivy) Mulroney born to Canadian TV presenter Ben Mulroney and wife Jessica Brownstein in Montreal, QC, Canada. Brothers BRIAN GERALD ALEXANDER and JOHN BENEDICT DIMITRI Mulroney [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. TOMMASO Testi born to Italian TV newsanchor Francesca Senette and husband Marcelli Testi in Rome, Italy. Sister ALICE Testi [6]. (*thanks Michela!)

13. VASCO Coelho born to French TV news presenter Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and husband Philippe Coelho in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. VINCE STEFANO Schaars born to Dutch footballer Stijn Schaars and wife Lonneke Rotmans in Lisbon, Portugal. Brothers MILAN DJANO [5] and JUSTIN ERMANO Schaars [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. MCCARTNEY CHARLES Sligh born to American signer Chris Sligh and wife Sarah in Nashville, TN. Sister KIERA LENNON Sligh [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. LOLA MAY Banahan born to English rugby star Matt Banahan and wife Rebecca "Becky" in Bath, England. Brother JOSEPH MATTHEW Banahan [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

14. LUCIE Sardou born to French comedians Davy Sardou and Noemie Elbaz in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. ESPERANZA Castro Rojas born to Argentine model Sabrina Rojas and husband Luciano Rojas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Half-brother MATEO Castro [11]. (*thanks Michela!)

15. ELIJAH CRAIG Walker born to American country musician Clay Walker and wife Jessica Craig in Longview, TX. Half-sisters MACLAY DALAYNE [17] and SKYLOR CLAYANNE [14], and sister MARY ELIZABETH Walker [3]. Brother WILLIAM CLAYTON Walker [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. NORTH (Nori) West born to rapper Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, CA.

16. TOOTS THADDEUS AFRIKA Lodiers born to Dutch radio presenter Patrick Lodiers and wife in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother OTIS CORNELIUS BRUSSEL Lodiers [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. JONAH FREDERICK Tuck born to American NFLer Justin Tuck and wife Lauran Williamson in Fort Lee, NJ. Brother JAYCE LEROY Tuck [3].

16. DAUGHTER born to American actor Ike Barinholtz and wife Erica Hanson in Los Angeles, CA.

17. LUCY THOMAS Manning born to American NFLer Eli Manning and wife Abby McGrew Manning in Oxford, MS. Sister AVA FRANCES Manning [2].

17. GIORGIO MICHAEL Nicassio born to American musicians Gianni Luminati and Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off the Earth) in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. HENNA NICOLE Ulugia born to New Zealand-Australian rugby star John Ulugia and wife Georgina in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister IVONA JULIE Ulugia [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. BRECHTJE LISA Bakker born to Dutch pianist Cor Bakker and girlfriend in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-sisters LAURA and ROSALIE Bakker. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. JADE Giroud born to French footballer Olivier Giroud and wife Jennifer in London, England. (*thanks K/Michela!)

18. ANDRE Fernandes born to Portuguese actress/model Vanessa Oliveira and boyfriend Joao Fernandes in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. HARPER MAE Evans born to Australian mommy blogger/journalist Clare Evans and husband in Ipswich, QLD, Australia. Sisters D'ARCY [16] and MACKENZIE Evans [6]. Brother CAI Evans [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. DAUGHTER born to British TV presenters Angellica Bell and Mikey Underwood in Kingston-upon-Thames, England. Brother ELIJAH JOSEPH Underwood [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. MAXWELL GEOFFREY (Max) Bresnan born to English cricketer Tim Bresnan and wife Hannah in Yorkshire, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. CIELO Tutera & CEDRIC Jurica born to American celebrity wedding planner/TV presenter David Tutera and ex-husband Ryan Jurica in Connecticut via surrogate. 

19. DOONE ISLA Brown born to American Olympic Champion swimmer Amanda Beard and husband Sacha Brown in California. Brother BLAISE RAY Brown [3].

20. BIANCA Toni born to Italian footballer Luca Toni and model Marta Cecchetto in Serramazzoni, Italy. (*thanks K!)

20. TOMMASO Scotti born to Italian model Sara Varone and boyfriend Alessandro Scotti in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

20. LEVI MORTEN Pahlplatz born to Dutch actress Liesbeth Kamerling and husband Frans Pahlplatz in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brothers VALENTIJN [8] and JACK Pahlplatz [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. CONSTANCE Mas born to French rugby star Nicolas Mas and wife Marjorie in Perpignan, France. Brothers PAUL [7] and LOUIS Mas [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. SHOOTER SANDHED JULIAN Schnabel Jr. born to Danish filmmaker Julian Schnabel and fiancee May Andersen in New York City.

21. ISLA Sims born to Australian rugby star Ashton Sims and wife Nicole in Townsville, QLD, Australia. Brother KOBE Sims [4]. Sister ALANI Sims [3].

21. SPENCER LUKE Fuda born to Australian photojournalist Luke Fuda and wife Soraiya in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

21. CHARLI CHICHEPORTICHE & BENTLEY CHICHEPORTICHE Graf born to Australian basketball star Carrie Graf and girlfriend Camille Chicheportiche in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

21. JULIA KIM Kuipers born to Dutch speed skater Simon Kuipers and girlfriend Karli Vulling in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. TIES MICHAEL Weerts born to Dutch actor Mike Weerts and wife Willemijn van Daal in Overloon, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. HEATON GREGORY, HOLDEN QUINCY & WILDER ADAMS Reich born to American TV newsanchor Martha Sugalski and husband Robert Reich in Orlando, FL. Half-brothers CHASE [18] and MAXWELL Minervini [15]. Half-sister SPENCER ADAMS Minervini [12]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. BOSTON SCOTT Walker born to American-Australian actress Brooke Harman and husband Jeffrey Walker in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

25. MELISA Rabonova born to Czech pro road cyclist Frantisek Rabon and girlfriend in Plzen, Czech Republic. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. TOMAS Rosicky, Jr. born to Czech footballer Tomas Rosicky and wife Radka Kocurova in London, England. (*thanks K!)

25. STERLING DIANE Falconetti born to American Olympic Champion gymnast Shannon Miller and husband John Falconetti in Oklahoma City, OK. Brother ROCCO JOHN Falconetti [3].

27. SHANIQUA Aspling born to Swedish Champion track star Susanna "Sanna" Kallur and husband Klas Aspling in Falun, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. MARIE HANNAH Verbeij born to Dutch actress Loes Haverkort and boyfriend Floris Verbeij in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother JOHANNES Verbeij [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. DELILAH ROSE Mason-Giles born to English reality TV star Danielle Mason and fiance Tony Giles in London, England. Brother RUDY Mason-Giles [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. LOUISA MARIE Storey born to British Paralympic cycling champions Sarah (nee Bailey) Storey and Barney Storey in Manchester, England.

28. TANCREDI Moraci born to Italian TV presenter Veronica Maya and husband Marco Moraci in Rome, Italy. Brother RICCARDO FILIPPO Moraci [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

28. MATTHEW JOSIAH Muamba born to Zairean footballer Fabrice Muamba and wife Shauna Magunda in Cheshire, England. Brother JOSHUA JEREMIAH Muamba [6].

28. HELENE CLAIRE Stewart born to American actor French Stewart and wife Vanessa in Los Angeles, CA.

29. RILEY Beckett born to Australian politician Shayne Sutton and husband Stephen Beckett in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Sister SARAH MONICA Beckett [4].

29. LIAM Baldassari born to Italian reality TV star Alessandra Pierelli and husband Fabrizio Baldassari in Milan, Italy. Brother DANIEL Baldassarri [2]. (*thanks Michela!)

29. DOMINIQUE Verhoeven born to Dutch footballer keeper Jeroen Verhoeven and wife Manon in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Brother BODHI Verhoeven [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. FLORENCE ELIZABETH Norfolk born to British track cyclist/coach Jon Norfolk and wife in Manchester, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. ALIANNA MARIKA Nassos born to American reality TV star Jenni Pulos and husband Jonathan Nassos in Los Angeles, CA.

30. LEON Neirynck born to Belgian pro cyclist Stijn Neirynck and wife Lies Vanhaverbeke in Waregem, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. LIA Lopes born to Portuguese footballer Miguel Lopes and wife Monica Pina in Lisbon, Portugal.

30. ACE KNUTE Johnson born to Singer Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson in Los Angeles, CA. Sister MAXWELL DREW Johnson [1].

??. VEGA LEE Netsman-Joback born to Swedish singer Peter Joback and friend Linda Netsman, and their respective same-sex spouses Oscar Joback andJona Netsman, in Stockholm, Sweden.

??. CHARLOTTE BRYANT Hanks born to actor Colin Hanks and wife Samantha Bryant in Los Angeles, CA. Sister OLIVIA JANE Hanks [2].

??. RUBY ROSE Presley born to American soap actors Brian Presley and Erin Hershey Presley in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers JACKSON GUNNAR Presley [6]. Sister EMMA GRACE Presley [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. FRASER Schofield born to Australian pro triathlete Steve Schofield and wife Natasha in Queensland, Australia. 

??. MAXIM Hooker born to Australian Olympic Champion pole vaulter Steve Hooker and wife Katya Kostetskaya in Phoenix, AZ.

Born in May 2013

1. EDUARDO COSTANTIN & ALESSIA MARIA Radu born to Romanian footballer Stefan Radu and wife Alexandra in Rome, Italy. (*thanks K!)

1. SAM Cooperman born to Canadian actress Anna Silk and husband Seth Cooperman in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. AURORA Malacarne born to Italian pro cyclist Davide Malacarne and girlfriend Alessandra Sacchet in Feltre, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. WILFRED Tennant born to British actors David Tennant and Georgia Moffett in London, England. Half-brother TYLER PETER (Ty) Moffett [11]. Sister OLIVE Tennant [2]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

2. LISSE Vandendert born to Belgian pro cyclist Jelle Vanendert and girlfriend Inn Stevens in Neerpelt, Belgium. Half-brother SENTE Sentjens [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. TUUR Van Vooren born to Belgian comedian Dirk Van Vooren and wife Griet in Brugge, Belgium. Sister ANNA Van Vooren [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. HARVEY Millar born to Scottish pro road cyclist David Millar and wife Nicole in Girona, Spain. Brother ARCHIBALD (Archie) Millar [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. ANTONELLA Melanitto Montero born to Mexican model/actress Ivonne Montero and ex-husband Fabio Melanitto in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. OZ RHODES Martine born to American music producer Tucker Martine and wife Laura Veirs in Portland, OR. Brother TENNESSEE VEIRS Martine [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. STELLA Frizzi born to Italian TV presenter Fabrizio Frizzi and girlfriend Carlotta Mantovan in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

3. NATALIA Froch born to English pro boxer Carl Froch and fiancee Rachael Cordingley in Nottingham, England. Brother ROCCO Froch [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. FIEN Geel born to Dutch actor Cees Geel and girlfriend Vera in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister LENA Geel [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. LIVIA Auger born to French actor Emmanuel Auger and wife Catherine in Paris, France. Brother MALIK Auger [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. CLAIR Davis born to Australian pro road cyclist Allan Davis and girlfriend Maite Arbelaitz in Basque Country, Spain. Half-sister BROOKLYN Davis [10]. Half-brother HARRISON Davis [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. PAULA de Nigris born to Mexican footballer Aldo de Nigris and wife Patricia Gonzalez in Guadalajara, Mexico. Sister ANTONELLA de Nigris [3]. Brother ALDO PATRICIO de Nigris [1]. (*thanks K!)

5. MILA ANNECY Krahenbuhl Staniforth born to Australian rugby star Nigel Staniforth and girlfriend Gabrielle Krahenbuhl in Orange, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. ALFRED Walliams born to British comedian David Walliams and Dutch model Lara Stone in London, England. (*thanks Michela!)

5. SOHAN Pelissie born to French rugby star Jonathan Pelissie and girlfriend in Grenoble, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

6. GRACE LUCA Burgess born to Australian rugby star Luke Burgess and girlfriend Yolanda Hodgson in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

6. STELLA, later renamed LEA Unger, born to Swedish actress Sara Sommerfeld and boyfriend Jonas Unger in Stockholm, Sweden.

6. BRISEIS Avagyan Bush born to American NFLer Reggie Bush and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan in Los Angeles, CA.

7. AYDEN Impey born to South African pro cyclist Daryl Impey and wife Ali in Johannesburg, South Africa. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LOGAN JAMES Marchio born to Scottish weather presenter Kirsty McCabe and husband Renato Marchio in Glasgow, Scotland. Brother ETHAN Marchio [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LIAM Meunier born to French national hockey star Laurent Meunier and girlfriend in Amiens, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LUC Morla born to Venezuelan actress Chantal Badaux and husband Alberto Morla in Caracas, Venezuela. Sister ZOE Morla [2]. (*thanks Michela!)

7. COLTON DUNCAN Keith born to Canadian NHLer Duncan Keith and wife Kelly-Rae Kenyon in Chicago, IL.

8. DYLAN Nida born to American reality TV star Phaedra Parks (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and husband Apollo Nida in Atlanta, GA. Brother AYDEN Nida [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. ZETTA LEE Higginson born to American actress KayCee Stroh and husband Ben Higginson in Salt Lake City, UT.

10. JETTA JOANIE Levinson born to Australian hip hop star Tim "Urthboy" Levinson and wife Anna in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

10. ALEX Malafeev born to Russian footballer Vyacheslav Malafeev and wife Ekaterina Komyakova in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Half-sister KSENIA Malafeeva [9]. Half-brother MAXIM Malafeev [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. CALISTA ESTRELLA Roberts born to American pop singer Natalie Mejia and husband Johnny Roberts in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. AVA MINNE Berg born to Dutch actress Rixt Leddy and boyfriend Dylan Berg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. LYLA PRIMROSE Brown born to English actor Max Brown and wife Annabelle Horsey in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. OLIVER GUNNAR Franzen born to Swedish NHLer Johan Franzen and wife Cecilia in Detroit, MI. Brother EDDIE BO JOHAN Franzen [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. YAN Zeits born to Kazakh pro road cyclist Andrey Zeits and wife Larissa in Astana, Kazakhstan. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. ANDREA Abate born to Italian footballer Ignazio Abate and wife Valentina del Vecchio in Milan, Italy. Brother MATTEO Abate [1.5]. (*thanks K!)

14. ELISABETH LEYLANI (Isa) Thera born to Dutch singer Sharon Kips and boyfriend Gilbert Thera in Haarlem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. ROSE Galfione born to French Olympic Champion pole vaulter Jean Galfione and girlfriend Cathy in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. ANTONELLA Cruz born to Spanish model/actress Monica Cruz in Madrid, Spain, via sperm donor.

14. ROBERT Volya born to Russian comedian Pavel Volya and Champion artistic gymnast Laysan Utiasheva in Miami, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. WILHELM Mittet born to Norwegian actor Hans Marius Hoff Mittet and singer Maria Haukaas Storengveien Mittet in Oslo, Norway. (*thanks Ramona!) 

16. CHARLIZE Leandersson born to Swedish cross-country skier Maria Rydqvist and husband Bengt Leandersson in Alvdalen, Sweden. Sister WILDA Leandersson [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

16. ANDREA Giugliano born to Italian Olympic Champion fencer Valentina Vezzali and husband Domenico Giugliano in Jesi, Italy. BrotherPIETRO Giugliano [8]. (*thanks Michela!)

16. STEVIE OLIVIA Sterk born to Dutch singer Denize van Donselaar and boyfriend Tim Sterk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. CASSANDRE Compaore born to World Champion sprinter Christine Arron and boyfriend Benjamin Compaore in Strasbourg, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

16. LUCAS Segui Conde born to Spanish actress/TV presenter Patricia Conde and husband Carlos Segui in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

16. RAUL Arbeloa born to Spanish footballer Alvaro Arbeloa and wife Carlota Ruiz in Madrid, Spain. Sister ALBA Arbeloa [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. BENJAMIN born to Danish model/singer Anine Bing and husband Nikolai in Los Angeles, CA. Sister BIANCA [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. INDIA ROSE Wellings born to Australian Champion middle distance runner Eloise (nee Poppett) Wellings and husband Johnny Wellings in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

17. ENEA Mori born to Italian radio presenter Sara Ventura and husband Andrea Mori in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

17. ALEXANDRE born to Belgian professional cyclist Philippe Gilbert and wife Patricia Zeevaert in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Brother ALAN Gilbert [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. FRIDA Mendoza born to Mexican Champion boxer Jackie Nava and husband Mario Mendoza in Tijuana, Mexico. (*thanks Michela!) 

17. FELIX Schroeder born to Swedish model Mini Anden and husband Taber Schroeder in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!) 

18. GEORGE SAMUEL & EVERETT JOSEPH Blitzer Wright born to American country singer Chely Wright and wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright in New York City.

19. LILY Zijlstra born to Swedish journalist Sofi Fahrman and husband Nick Zijlstra in New York City. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. MO VITO Harder born to German World Champion swimmer Franziska van Almsick and husband Jurgen B. Harder in Heidelberg, Germany. Brother DON HUGO Harder [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. JUNO Fleck born to American musician Bela Fleck and wife Abigail Washburn in Nashville, TN. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. BELLE Wasiliev born to Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lloyd and wife Amelia in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Brother JAKE [8], ISAAC [6], and ELVIS Wasiliev [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. SEBASTIAN Rigonat born to Italian singer-songwriter Elisa Toffoli and fiance Andrea Rigonat in Trieste, Italy. Sister EMMA Rigonat [3]. (*thanks Michela!)

20. JACKIE ELEANOR Stotijn born to Dutch rock musician Remon Stotijn and wife Alyssa Wooter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-brothers BENJAHMIN KINGSLEY [11] and ELIJAH JEREMIAH Stotijn [9]. Half-sister PHOENIX RAY Stotijn [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. ALAIA-MAI Humes born to British pop stars Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman Humes in London, England.

20. SON born to English and Irish music DJs Thomas "Toddla T" Bell and Annie MacManus in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. MARIA SOFIA Ferreira Santana born to Brazilian footballer Rafinha Ferreira de Souza and wife Carolina Santana in Curitiba, Brazil. Sister MARIA LUISA Ferreira Santana [4]. (*thanks K!)

20. EMERSON JAY (Emme) Swisher born to American actress JoAnna Garcia and husband Nick Swisher in Cleveland, OH.

21. HENDRIX JOHN HICKSON McGlinchey born to Australian pop singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte and husband Cameron McGlinchey in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Sister HARPER RAIN SINCLAIR McGlinchey [2.5].

21. IVAN Gigineishvili born to Russian actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova and husband Rezo Gigineishvili in Moscow, Russia. Sister NINA Gigineishvili [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. JACOPO Giovinco born to Italian footballer Sebastian Giovinco and girlfriend Shari in Torino, Italy. (*thanks K!)

21. JEANNE Zimet born to French politician Rama Yade and husband Joseph Zimet in Paris, France. (*thanks Michela!)

21. SIENNA MAE Santon born to Italian footballer Davide Santon and girlfriend Chloe Sanderson in Newcastle, England. (*thanks K!)

21. KLAY ANTHONY Rooney born to English footballer Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen McLoughlin Rooney in Manchester, England. Brother KAI WAYNE Rooney [3].

21. JEANNE Zimet born to French politician Rama Yade and husband Joseph Zimet in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. ZACH Hoffman born to Australian rugby star Ryan Hoffman and wife Melissa Fishie in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

22. JAMIE JEANE Lovejoy born to British footballer sportscaster Tim Lovejoy and girlfriend Tamsin Greenway in Buckinghamshire, England. Half-sisters GRACE and ROSE Lovejoy [11]. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. ALIJAH CARSARES Stoudemire born to American NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire and wife Alexis Welch Stoudemire in New York City. Sisters AR'E [8] and ASSATA Stoudemire [5]. Brother AMAR'E CARSARES Stoudemire, Jr. [6].

22. STEPHEN LAWRENCE Hightower III born to American soap actress Julia Pace Mitchell and husband Stephen L. Hightower II in Los Angeles, CA.

23. GRETA Magnusson born to Swedish actor Peter Magnusson and girlfriend Ida Bergenfeldt in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. FRED Wallberg born to Swedish World Champion swimmer Therese Alshammer and boyfriend Johan Wallberg in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. MARGOT Moran born to Canadian singer-songwriter Catherine Major and boyfriend Jeff Moran in Montreal, QC, Canada. Sister FREDERIQUE Moran [4]. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)

24. JANEK Novotny born to Czech Olympic Champion javelin thrower Barbora Spotakova and boyfriend Lukas Novotny in Prague, Czech Republic. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. ALONA Perbet born to French footballer Jeremy Perbet and girlfriend Aloha in Mons, Belgium. (*thanks K!)

24. ALI El Mechri born to Tunisian-French filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri and Belgian actress Virginie Efira in Paris, France. Half-brother LEE El Mechri [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. ALICJA Rubik born to Polish composer Piotr Rubik and wife Agata Paskudzka in Warsaw, Poland. Sister HELENA AGATA Rubik [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. NOAH RAYMOND Slijngaard born to Dutch techno artist Ray Slijngaard and wife Nina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-brother RAYVANO Slijngaard [15]. Sister JOY CHARLENE Slijngaard [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. SOFIJA Kuzmanovic born to Serbian footballer Zdravko Kuzmanovic and wife Marina in Milan, Italy. (*thanks K!)

26. THIAGO Canale born to Argentine-Italian rugby star Gonzalo Canale and wife Eleonora Buiatti in Ile de Re, France. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

27. BELLE van der Laan born to Dutch Champion sailor Lobke Berkhout and boyfriend Dennis van der Laan in Zwaag, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. NOEL Sinkeldam born to Dutch pro road cyclist Ramon Sinkeldam and wife Paola Bax in Wormerveer, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. ROSIE L'AMOUR Leenders born to Belgian comedian Jeroen Leenders and actress Veerle Malschaert in Ghent, Belgium. Brother VICTOR LEEUWENHART Leenders [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. SOSSIE Nalbandian born to Argentine tennis star David Nalbandian and wife Victoria Bosch in Cordoba, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. NINO Cornillac born to French actors Clovis Cornillac and Lilou Fogli in Paris, France. Half-sisters LILY and ALICE Cornillac [12]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. SADE METANOIA Tialata born to New Zealand rugby star Neemia Tialata and girlfriend Sally Whittington in Bayonne, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. BASTIAN Garcia Moya born to Spanish actor Carlos Garcia Cortazar and model/actress Esmeralda Moya in Madrid, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. ALICE HARPER Fiore Tigerman born to American actress Kathryn Fiore and husband Gabriel Tigerman in Los Angeles, CA.

29. HUGO DAVID Lockyer born to Australian former rugby star Darren Lockyer and wife Loren Pollock in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Brother SONNY JAMES [3] and FLYNN Lockyer [1].

29. TIES Groothuis born to Dutch champion speed skater Stefan Groothuis and wife Ester in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. Brother LUUK Groothuis [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. CAMILLE Darcis born to Belgian tennis star Steve Darcis and girlfriend Lauranne Dachouffe in Saive, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. JULIETA Saviola born to Argentine footballer Javier Saviola and wife Romanella Amato in Malaga, Spain. (*thanks K!)

29. SALOME Rodriguez born to Colombian footballer James Rodriguez and girlfriend Daniela Ospina in Porto, Portugal. (*thanks K!)

30. JUSTICE JAY (JJ) Ackles born to American actors Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Ackles in Los Angeles, CA.

31. EVERLY ELIZABETH MAISELLE Tatum born to actors Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. JACK ZEITOUN Dellal born to Italian-Egyptian actress/model Elisa Sednaoui and boyfriend Alex Dellal in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. ROBERT (Bob) Ellis IV born to American TV newsanchor/blogger Angie Goff and husband Robert Ellis III in Washington, DC. Sister ADORA KATE Ellis [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. ZARA Smith born to Australia pro boxer Brett W. Smith and wife Taryn in Landsborough, QLD, Australia. 

??. FINN Mundy born to Aussie Rules Footballer David Mundy and wife Sally Boase in Fremantle, WA, Australia.

??. MATILDE Mastrota born to Italian TV presenter Giorgio Mastrota and girlfriend Floribeth Gutierrez in Milan, Italy. Half-sister NATALIA Mastrota [18]. Half-brother FEDERICO Mastrota [16]. (*thanks Michela!)

??. AMABELLA SOPHIA Markert born to Jersery Shore star "Pauly D" Delvecchio and ex-girlfriend Amanda Markert in Las Vegas, NV. 

??. HUDSON SCOTT Walsh born to American actor Dylan Walsh and girlfriend Leslie Bourque in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother THOMAS CHARLES Walsh [17]. Half-sisters JOANNA MARIE [15] and STELLA HAVEN [9], and sister AMELIE BELLE Walsh [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Born in April 2013

1. KIAN ALEXANDER MacKay born to Canadian politician Peter MacKay and wife Nazanin Afshin-Jam in Ottawa, ON, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. MATIAS Gonzalez Beverido born to Mexican tennis star Santiago Gonzalez and wife Lisette Beverido Garces in Cordoba, Mexico. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. JULIAN PAZ Fedorov born to Ukranian-American pop singer/actor Anthony Fedorov and wife Jennifer Paz in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. JESSICA HARRIET Williams born to New Zealand All Blacks rugby star Ali Williams and wife Casey Green in Auckland, New Zealand. (*thanks Sam/Ramona!)

2. MATTIA Moscardelli born to Italian footballer Davide Moscardelli and wife Guendalina "Guenda" Tobia in Rome, Italy. Brother FRANCESCO Moscardelli [1]. (*thanks K!)

3. MARLON OSCAR JAMES Ebus born to Dutch celebrity stylist Danie Bles and husband Joris Ebus in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother FLORIAN Ebus [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. BETTY SUE Samkalden born to Dutch actress Inge Schrama and boyfriend Daniel Samkalden in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. LUPE Cvitanich Bonelli born to Argentine-Croatian footballer Dario Cvitanich and girlfriend Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli in Nice, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. RAFAEL Pejoine born to French rugby star Jean-Baptiste Pejoine and wife Rosalie in Brive la Gaillarde, France. Brother SACHA Pejoine [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. SCARLETT Barcella born to French rugby star Fabien Barcella and girlfriend Julie in Biarritz, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. CARMINE Insigne born to Italian footballer Lorenzo Insigne and wife Jenny in Marcianise, Italy. (*thanks K!)

4. MIA Savani born to Italian volleyball player Christian Savani and wife Mihaela Travica in Perugia, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

4. LEONARDO Capuano born to Italian actors Luca Capuano and Carlotta Lo Greco in Rome, Italy. Brother MATTEO Capuano [5]. (*thanks Michela!)

4. HENRI-CONSTANT Kumpen born to Belgian race car driver Anthony Kumpen and model/TV presenter Griet Vanhees in Brussels, Belgium. Half-brother THIBEAU Vanhees [11]. Half-sister LAURA Kumpen [11].

4. BRYAN Rodriguez Martin born to Spanish footballer Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma and fiancee Carolina Martin in Barcelona, Spain. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

4. VITORIA Bispo Tavares born to Brazilian footballer Adriano Bispo dos Santos and girlfriend Fernanda Tavares in Porto Alegre, Brazil. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. MARIA Radovica born to Peruvian TV newsanchor Juliana Oxenford and husband Milan Radovic in Lima, Peru. (*thanks Michela!)

4. NICOLAS Gomez-Acebo y Carney born to Don Juan Gomez-Acebo y de Bourbon, Viscount de la Torre and girlfriend Winston Carney in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Michela!)

5. BEATRIX BELLE (Trixie) Box born to Australian radio host/comedian Fifi Box and pro triathlete Grant Kenny in Sydney, NSW, Australia . Half-sisters JAIMI LEE [25] and MORGAN Kenny [21]. Half-brother JETT Kenny [17].

5. MAXIMILIEN Gribaudo born to Belgian model/TV presenter Veronique De Kock and boyfriend Fabian Gribaudo in Antwerp, Belgium. Half-brothers SEBASTIAN Slaets [8] and MATTHIEU Gribaudo. Half-sister ELLA Gribaudo. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. SAGE LAVINIA Huston born to British actor Jack Huston and American model Shannan Click in New York City.

6. DANTE DIFRANCO Napolitano born to American singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco and husband Mike Napolitano in Buffalo, NY. Sister PETAH LUCIA DIFRANCO Napolitano [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. SCOUT MARGERY Jennings born to American Olympic Champion beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh and husband Casey Jennings in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers JOSEPH MICHAEL (Joey) [3] and SUNDANCE THOMAS Jennings [2].

6. JAX COPELAND Arnold born to actor Tom Arnold and wife Ashley Groussman in Los Angeles, CA.

7. JOE Martin Mengual born to Spanish World Champion synchronized swimmer Gemma Mengual and husband Enric Martin in Barcelona, Spain. Brother NIL Martin Mengual [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. ALEXANDER Glogovsky born to Mexican actress Aleida Nunez and husband Pablo Glogovsky in Mexico City, Mexico. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. RYLAN van Garderen born to American pro road cyclist Tejay van Garderen and wife Jessica Phillips in Boulder, CO. (*thanks Ramona/S!)

7. AVERY NOELLE Avila born to American MLB star Alex Avila and wife Kristina Perez in Hialeah, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. TED Jack born to Australian TV newsreader Livinia Nixon and husband Alistair Jack in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Brother HENRY Jack [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. HUGO Wagner born to German footballer Sandro Wagner and wife Denise in Berlin, Germany. Sister MARIE-LUCA Wagner [2]. (*thanks K!)

8. LEAH LOU Abramovich born to Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovich and wife Dasha Zhukova in New York City. Half-brothers ARKADIY [19] and ILYA [10], and brother AARON ALEXANDER Abramovich [3]. Half-sisters ANNA [21], SOFIA [18] and ARINA Abramovich [12].

9. PHOENIX Hardy born to Australian fashion designer Jessie White and boyfriend John Hardy in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Brother BOWIE Hardy [2.5].

9. ELIJAH FRANKY Anderson born to Aussie Rules Footballer Jed Anderson and girlfriend Nicky in Darwin, NT, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. ONYX Varinda born to Australian TV newsanchor Ebbeny Faranda and husband Omar Varinda in Perth, WA, Australia.

9. SANTIAGO De Martino born to Argentine TV presenter Belen Rodriguez and Italian dancer Stefano De Martino in Milan, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. BOAZ JOOST Van Velzen born to Dutch singer Roel van Velzen and wife Marloes van Leersum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother LAUT PEPIJN van Velzen [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. CHASE KRISTOPHER Elstak born to Dutch hardcore DJ Paul Elstak and girlfriend in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-sisters MELANIE [22] and SAVANNAH Elstak [20]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. INDIA Cazorla born to Spanish footballer Santi Cazorla and wife Ursula Santirso in London, England. Brother ENZO Cazorla [3]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

10. HENDRIX Hall born to Australian rugby star Glenn Hall and wife Kylie Butler in Townsville, QLD, Australia. Brother LACHLAN MARK Hall, deceased. Sister INDIANA MAREE Hall [2].

10. GRACIE WILLOW Thaiday born to Australian rugby star Sam Thaiday and wife Rachel Evans in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

10. TIMOTHY Tellier born to French musician/DJ Sebastian Tellier and wife Amandine de la Richardiere in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. BENEDICTE SUSANNE JACOBINE Lindorff born to Swedish TV presenter Linda Isaksson Lindorff and husband Jacob Lindorff in Stockholm, Sweden. Sisters LYKKE WILHELMINA KIRSTEN [5] and WILHELMINA LEIA MARIANNE Lindorff [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. LIA Fabregas Semaan born to Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas and girlfriend Daniella Semaan in Barcelona, Spain. Half-sister MARIA Taktouk [11]. Half-brother JOSEPH Taktouk [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. OLLIE Ormond born to Irish TV presenter Brian Ormond and wife Pippa O'Connor in Dublin, Ireland. Half-sister CHLOE Ormond [12]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. SON born to American actress Sally Pressman and husband David Rogers in Los Angeles, CA.

10. CARTER ANTHONY Quick born to American NHL goaltender Jonathan Quick and wife Jaclyn Backman in Los Angeles, CA. Sister MADISON MYCHAL Quick [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. LENNOX DEAN (Lenny) Fitzgerald born to Aussie Rules Footballer/radio host Ryan Fitzgerald and wife Belinda Irons in Adelaide, SA, Australia. Brother HEWSTON JAMES (Hewie) Fitzgerald [3].

11. NORA Sopranzetti born to Italian actress Anna Foglietta and husband Paolo Sopranzetti in Rome, Italy. Brother LORENZO Sopranzetti [2]. (*thanks Michela!)

11. SENN TIMME CORNELIS Akkerman born to Dutch singer-songwriter Tim Akkerman and wife Stephanie van den Eijndenin Amsterdam, The Netherlands . Sister LILA MARTINE INA Akkerman [6]. Brother DENNE TONY WIL Akkerman [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. MATISSE Schepens born to Belgian TV presenter/author Katja Retsin and actor Jan Schepens in Brussels, Belgium. Sisters MANOU [7] and MILLA Schepens [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. LILA Testot born to French comedian Fred Testot and girlfriend in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. DASHIELL MAX ROBERT Weinstein born to American film producer Harvey Weinstein and British-American fashion designer Georgina Chapman in New York City. Half-sisters LILY [18], EMMA [15], and RUTHIE [11], and sister INDIA PEARL Weinstein [2.5].

12. Prince GABRIEL PEDRO of Orleans-Braganza born to Prince Gabriel of Orleans-Braganza and wife Luciana de Sousa Oliveira Guaspari in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (*thanks Michela!)

13. ALESSANDRO Criscito born to Italian footballer Domenico Criscito and wife Pamela in Genoa, Italy. Brother ALFREDO Criscito [1]. (*thanks K!)

13. JUNE Soupe born to French pro road cyclist Geoffrey Soupe and wife Manon Dubois in Besancon, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. MARGARET LAURA (Mila) Hager born to American TV presenter/socialite Jenna Bush Hager and husband Henry Hager in New York City.

14. KIRILL Gazhienko born to Russian reality TV star/singer Olga Agibalova and husband Ilya Gazhienko in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

14. LORENZO Inzaghi born to Italian former footballer Simone Inzaghi and wife Gaia Lucariello in Rome, Italy. Half-brother TOMMASO Inzaghi [12]. (*thanks K!)

14. MARLO SAATCHI Schipper born to Dutch TV presenter Georgina Kwakye and boyfriend Skip Schipper in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister SUKI LEE MAVIS Schipper [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

15. AUGUST MARIA JURGEN LEOPOLD Dienst born to Princess Felipa of Bavaria and husband Christian Dienst in Munich, Germany. (*thanks Michela!)

15. ANNA Virzi born to Italian actress Michaela Ramazzotti and filmmaker Paolo Virzi in Rome, Italy. Half-sister OLIMPIA Virzi [24]. Brother JACOPO Virzi [3]. (*thanks Michela!)

15. AIMY Offredo born to French pro cyclist Yoann Offredo and girlfriend Marie in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. CHIARA Tien born to Ivorian rugby star Silvere Tian and girlfriend Audrey in Agen, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. JULIETA Manzanares born to Spanish bullfighter Jose Maria Manzanares and wife Rocio Escalona in Alicante, Spain. Brother JOSE MARIA Manzanares, Jr. [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. ELLA MARIE Russo born to Dominican-American TV presenter Mariela Encarnacion and husband Giuseppe Russo in Miami, FL. Brother GIUSEPPE EMANUELE Russo [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. EMANUELE Pantano born to Italian World Champion fencer Stefano Pantano and fiancee Lucia Fattori in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

16. BAUTISTA Suarez born to Argentine businessman Omar Suarez and singer Denise Cerrone in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Michela!)

16. SEBASTIAN Zincone born to Canadian actress Malin Akerman and husband Roberto Zincone in Los Angeles, CA.

17. NYLA Foley born to Canadian TV presenter Cheryl Hickey and husband Kevin Foley in Toronto, ON, Canada. Brother JAXSON Foley [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. VERONIKA Vasileva born to Russian actorsVictor Vasilev and Anna Snatkina in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. FRANCISCO MARIA Sotto-Mayor born to Portuguese model/TV presenter Isabel Figueira and boyfriend Joao Sotto-Mayor in Lisbon, Portugal. Half-brother JOAO MARIA Sotto Mayor [9] and RODRIGO Peixoto [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. DREW BEACHLEY Hubbard born to American TV newsanchor Stephanie Ruhle and husband Andy Hubbard in New York City. Brothers HARRISON [6] and REESE Hubbard [4].

20. ABRIL Soriano born to Spanish footballer Jonathan Soriano and wife Cristina Sabater in Salzburg, Austria. Sisters DANIELA [3] and ADRIANA Soriano [1.5]. (*thanks K!)

20. GILBERT Malone born to British choirmaster/broadcaster Gareth Malone and wife Becky in London, England. Sister ESTHER Malone [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. AINOA Portal born to French former pro cyclist Nicolas Portal and wife Magalie in Paris, France. Brother LENNY Portal [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. EDWARD JAMES Marsiaj born to Czech model Eva Herzigova and boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj in London, England. Brothers GEORGE [5] and PHILIPE Marsiaj [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. SARAYA Guzman born to American actress Lennon Parham and husband Javier Guzman in Los Angeles, CA.

22. MIA BELEN di Maria Cardoso born to Argentine footballer Angel di Maria and wife Jorgelina Cardoso in Madrid, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. VIOLET GRACE DEVEREAUX Sanford born to Australian actress Poppy Montgomery and boyfriend Shawn Sanford in Los Angeles, CA . Half-brother JACKSON PHILIP DEVEREAUX Kaufman [5].

23. PENNY Wernbloom born to Swedish footballer Pontus Wernbloom and wife Nina in Moscow, Russia. Brother MILLE Wernbloom [2]. (*thanks K!)

23. LIVIA JOELLE Barend born to Dutch TV sportscaster Barbara Barend and wife Alette Bastiaansen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother SEBASTIAAN BRAM (Sep) Barend [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. MARK born to Russian actress Natalya Lesnikovskaya and husband Ivan in Moscow, Russia. Brother YEGOR [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

24. PENELOPE (Penny) Manzolli born to Italian professional dancer Sabrina Ghio and husband Federico Manzolli in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

24. LEO Monfort born to Belgian pro cyclist Maxime Monfort and girlfriend Laure Somja in Petit-Rechain, Belgium. Sister LOU Monfort [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. ADRIAN Refaelov born to Israeli footballer Lior Refaelov and wife Gal in Bruges, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. PHAEDRA BLOOM FOREVER Cohen-Geldof born to British socialite Peaches Geldof and husband Thomas Cohen in London, England. Brother ASTALA DYLAN WILLOW Cohen-Geldof [1].

24. HARPER ELISABETH Haines born to American reality TV star Alexis Neiers and husband Evan Haines in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. PHOEBE ROSE Hood born to Australian TV reporter Ashleigh Gillon and husband Aaron Hood in Perth, WA, Australia.

25. LEONARDO Bertolotti born to Italian singer L'Aura and husband Simone Bertolotti in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

25. JULES Huisman born to Dutch Olympic Champion swimmer Marleen Velhuis and husband Camiel Huisman in The Hague, The Netherlands. Sister HANNAH LUTERA NORBERTINA Huisman [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. EMA Modric born to Croatian footballer Luka Modric and wife Vanja Bosnic in Madrid, Spain. Brother IVAN Modric [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. SON born to American MLB star Adam Lind and wife Lakeyshia Bertie in Toronto, ON, Canada. Sister ? Lind [1.5]. 

25. ANDRE' CHANDLER (Tre) Woodson III born to American former NFLer Andre' Woodson and wife Erica McClellon in Morehead, KY. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. PENNA MAE Ziering born to American actor Ian Ziering and wife Erin Ludwig in Los Angeles, CA. Sister MIA LOREN Ziering [2].

26. EMMA DARIA Pedrini Scalia born to Italian singer Omar Pedrini and girlfriend Veronica Scialla in Padua, Italy. Half-brother PABLO Pedrini [16]. (*thanks Michela!)

26. CARI Matos Goyanes born to Spanish socialite Caritina Goyanes and husband Antonio Matos in Madrid, Spain. Brother PEDRITO Matos Goyanes [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. ESTELLE Fleury born to Canadian NHL goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and wife Veronique LaRose in Pittsburgh, PA. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. MICHELA Immobile born to Italian footballer Ciro Immobile and girlfriend Jessica Melena in Pescara, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. SANTI Velthiuzen born to Dutch football goalkeeper Piet Velthuizen and girlfriend Femke Weijenberg in Arnhem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. JACOB Petro born to French NBA star Johan Petro and wife Vanessa in Miami, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. GRACIE JAMES Livingston born to American actors Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt in Los Angeles, CA.

29. MILES CHRISTIAN Morgan born to American sci-fi actress Emily Rose and husband Dairek Morgan in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. ROCCO Heighington born to Australian rugby star Chris Heighington and girlfriend Sonya Collier in Cronulla, NSW, Australia.

30. LEONARDO Lendaro born to Italian actress/pageant queen Anna Valle and husband Ulisse Lendaro in Vicenza, Italy. Sister GINEVRA Lendaro [5]. (*thanks Michela!)

30. ALIYA Tarayre born to French celebrity chef Norbert Tarayre and wife Amandine in Paris, France. Sisters GAYANE [4] and LALY Tarayre [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. RUARIDH Kellock born to Scottish rugby star Alastair Kellock and wife Ashley Fraser in Bearsden, Scotland. Sister KATE Kellock [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. HASSE born to Belgian singer Nathalie Tane and boyfriend Philippe in Antwerp, Belgium. Brother MERLIJN [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. TOVE Myhrer born to Swedish alpine skier Andre Myhrer and girlfriend Madelene Tholin in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

??. YVETTE Nkoulou born to Cameroonian footballer Nicolas Nkoulou and wife Deborah in Marseille, France. (*thanks K!)

??. CHILD born to French actors Virgile Bramly and Audrey Marnay in Paris, France. Half-brothers AMAEL [12] and AIDYN de Betak [9].

Born in March 2013

1. ANNA SOPHIA born to Russian reality TV star Tatyana Morozova and husband Pavel in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!) 

1. GIULIA TOSCA Griselli born to Italian singer/actress Serena Autieri and husband Enrico Griselli in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

1. MARIA INES Martins born to Portuguese footballer Carlos Martins and wife Monika in Lisbon, Portugal. Half-sister BRUNA [12]. Brothers GUSTAVO [4] and MARTIM Martins [2]. (*thanks K!)

1. MATHIS HAMILTON Thievin born to French Champion race car driver Romain Thievin and girlfriend Chloe Mortaud in Las Vegas, NV. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. LUCY SKY Rockett born to American rock drummer Rikki Rockett (Poison) and wife Melanie Martel in Los Angeles, CA . Brother JUDE AARON Rockett [3].

2. GRETA Di Marco born to Italian fashion designer Frida Giannini and husband Patrizio Di Marco in Milan, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. BIANCA Nestor born to Canadian Olympic Champion tennis star Daniel Nestor and wife Natacha Gavrilovic in Nassau, The Bahamas. Sister TIANA ALEXIS Nestor [4]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

3. ROSE Waterhouse born to Australian celeb bookmaker Tom Waterhouse and wife Hoda Vakili in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

3. MEES Gaarthuis born to Dutch radio DJ Lex Gaarthuis and girlfriend in Hilversum, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. ARIA BILLIE Ljungberg born to Swedish footballer Freddie Ljungberg and girlfriend Nathalie Foster in London, England. (*thanks K!)

3. GRACE ALEXANDRIA Cheetwood born to American soap actor Drew Cheetwood and wife Jenna Vitale in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. ARIANNA Sasdelli born to Italian comedian Giuseppe Giacobazzi and wife Roberta in Bologna, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

4. SALLY Van Leeuwen born to Dutch rock guitarist Dennis Van Leeuwen and wife Karen Rosetzsky in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. MARGOT Cullum born to British musician Jamie Cullum and model/TV host Sophie Dahl in London, England. Sister LYRA Cullum [2].

4. LEXIE Burrows born to Canadian NHLer Alex Burrows and wife Nancy Roy in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sister VICTORIA Burrows [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. HARPER ROSE Pavlich born to Aussie Rules Footballer Matthew Pavlich and wife Lauren O'Shannassy in Perth, WA, Australia.

5. WILLIAM RIJIN Klein adopted by American reality TV stars Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein in China at 3 years old. Born February 24, 2010.

5. AMANCIO Ortega Alvarez born to Spanish socialite Marta Ortega Perez and pro equestrian Sergio Alvarez La Coruna Chiron, Spain.

5. IVO Fiedler born to Peruvian TV presenter Astrid Fiedler and ex-boyfriend in Lima, Peru. (*thanks Michela!) 

5. RAINBOW AURORA Rotella born to American reality TV star Holly Madison and boyfriend Pasquale Rotella in Las Vegas, NV.

6. ALEXANDRA Volkova born to Russian Irina Muromtseva and husband Maxim Volkov in Moscow, Russia. Half-sister LYUBOV [12]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

6. Princess LUDWIKA GEORGIA (Georgia) Radziwill born to Prince Michal Jan Radziwill and wife Katarzyna Woyciechowska in Warsaw, Poland. Half-brothers Princes PAWEL ROMAN JAN KLAUDIUSZ [20] and SZYMON WLADISLAW DOMINIK PIO Radziwill [10]. Half-sister Princess JULIA ELZBIETA ELEONORA MICHALINA Radziwill [17]. (*thanks Michela!)

6. ELLIE MARTHA Penxten born to Belgian electronic DJ Regi Penxten and TV presenter Elke Vanelderen in Hasselt, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. MARIA INES Costa Teles born to Portuguese TV presenter Joana Teles and husband Pedro Costa Lopez in Lison, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. LULU OPHELIA Kazantzidis born to Australian filmmakers Allanah Zitserman and Stavros Kazantzidis in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister MILA ATLANTA Kazantzidis [2].

7. SAUL ARTHUR Seder born to American radio host Sam Seder and wife Nicole "Nikki" Cattell in New York City. Sister MYLA RAE Seder [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. ANDRES Fernandez Mohedano born to Spanish singer Rosario "Chayo" Mohedano and husband Andres Fernandez Martinez in Madrid, Spain. Half-brother ANTONIO Tejado Mohedano [4]. Sister ALEJANDRA Fernandez Mohedano [1]. (*thanks Michela!) 

7. KOA Thomas born to American home and design TV host Kahi Lee and British director Jeff T. Thomas in Los Angeles, CA.

8. TADDEO Diamanti born to Italian footballer Alessandro Diamanti and wife Sylvia Hsieh in Bologna, Italy. Sisters AILEEN [4] and OLIVIA Diamanti [2]. (*thanks K!)

8. CYRIEL born to Belgian actress Heidi De Grauwe and boyfriend Brecht in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. JUNE Sassano born to French actress/model Geraldine Lapalus and husband Julien Sassano in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. LUCAS Cavani born to Uruguayan footballer Edinson Cavani and wife Maria "Soledad" Cabris in Salto, Uruguay. Brother BAUTISTA Cavani [2]. (*thanks K!)

8. GOLDIE RYAN Madden born to American footwear designer Steve Madden and wife Wendy Ballew in New York City. Brother JACK Madden [5]. Sister STEVIE Madden [5].

8. JETT LING Song born to American journalist Lisa Ling and husband Paul Song in Santa Monica, CA.

8. THOMAS Beadman born to Australian race car driver Ian Beadman and wife Lisa in Grafton, NSW, Australia.

9. SORAYA Brady born to Australian cricketer Josh Brady and fiancee Celia Knight in Gympie, QLD, Australia.

9. HAYLEY MARIE Gwynne-Duncan born to Australian footballer Colleen Gwynne and girlfriend Megan Duncan in Darwin, NT, Australia. Brother JAYDEN Gwynne-Duncan [3].

9. DAVID HENRI de Krijger born to Dutch opera singer Tania Kross and husband Henkjan de Krijger in Gouda, The Netherlands. Brother ADAM de Krijger [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. VINCENT HENDRIK Jansen born to Dutch actors Cas Jansen and Annelieke Bouwers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister JOELLE LOTTE BABETTE Jansen [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. ELISE Caisso born to French rugby star Olivier Caisso and wife Delphine in Brive la Gaillarde, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. CAMDEN WILLIAM Gunderson born to American country musician Eric Gunderson and wife Emily in Nashville, TN.

12. BRIXTON ROYAL Coleman born to Dutch hip hop stars Carlos "Los" Coleman and LoLa Monroe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. AURELIA Sutherland born to Australian pro cyclist Rory Sutherland and wife Cheynna Treto in Girona, Spain. Brother ESTON Sutherland[3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. NINA Torres born to Argentine pop singer Diego Torres and girlfriend Debora Bello in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!)

13. ESTELLE Shatunova born to Russian pop singer Yuriy Shatunov and wife Svetlana Sokolova in Moscow, Russia. Brother DENNIS Shatunov [6]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

13. HARTLEY ERIC Sanders born to Filipino-American TV newsanchor Veronica De La Cruz and musician Grayson Sanders in New York City. (*thanks godparent!)

14. WILL Watson born to Austrian cricketer Shane Watson and wife Lee Furlong in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. HUNTER PATRICK Hodgson born to Australian rugby star Matt Hodgson and wife Jodie Grubb in Perth, WA, Australia.

14. SIMCHA Blom born to Dutch TV presenter Lisa Wade and husband Peter Blom in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-brother GROVER Blom. Half-sisters MURIEL and RINKE Blom. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. MILO CANNONBALL Meloy born to The Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy and wife Carson Ellis in Portland, OR. Brother HENRY (Hank) Meloy [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. RILEY ANNE Mesnick born to American reality TV stars Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Mesnick in Seattle, WA. Half-brother TY Mesnick [8].

15. IRIDESSA DAKOTA Jane born to New Zealand rugby star Cory Jane and wife Aime in Wellington, New Zealand. Brothers CASSIUS DEVIN [6] and TENNYSON TERRELL Jane [3]. Sister PRISSEIS AMELIA Jane [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. ISAIAH Kepu born to Australian rugby star Sekope Kepu and wife Anna in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister FAITH ROSE Kepu [4]. Brothers WESLEY, deceased, and ISRAEL Kepu [1]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

15. QUINNLAN CLANCY Mehran born to American model Maggie Rizer and husband Alex Mehran in San Francisco, CA. Brother ALEXANDER RAFAHI (Zander) Mehran III [1].

16. JACK van der Grijn born to Dutch actor Matteo van der Grijn and girlfriend Marije in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister TARA van der Grijn [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. OSCAR GENE Jones born to English stage actress Leanne Jones in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. ZULU de la Rua born to Argentine socialite Antonio de la Rua and girlfriend Daniela Ramos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. ADELE & ROSE Mela born to French rugby star Arnaud Mela and wife in Brive, France. (*thanks Ramona!) 

18. MICHELLE CELESTE Garcia born to Filipino actor Patrick Garcia and girlfriend Jessica Martinez in Manila, Philippines. Half-brother ALEX JAZZ Mercado [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. ARIA Groenewald born to Australian singer-songwriter Ash Grunwald and wife Dannii Carr in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia. Sister SUNNY Groenewald [4].

18. LIONEL Cassano born to Italian footballer Antonio Cassano and wife Carolia Marcialis in Milan, Italy. Brother CHRISTOPHER Cassano [1.5]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

18. SAMBO ROMAIN NABUKYE Kanefu born to Belgian politician Hilde Vautmans and husband Semijejero "Sam" Kanefu in Hasselt, Belgium. Sister AMANI ISALICE Kanefu [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. LAURA Oliveira born to Brazilian footballer Adryan Oliveira Tavares and girlfriend Nathalia de Oliveira in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. LANI MAY Alexander born to Australian pro triathlete Craig Alexander and wife Nerida "Neri" in Cronulla, NSW, Australia. Sister LUCY Alexander [7]. Brother AUSTIN Alexander [3].

20. EMERSON CHARLOTTE Hopes born to Australian cricketer James Hopes and wife Maria Verti in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

20. ROSALIE du Plessis born to South African rugby star Jannie du Plessis and wife Ronel in Durban, South Africa. (*thanks Ramona!) 

20. LALIE Henin Bertuzzo born to Belgian tennis star Justine Henin and boyfriend Benoit Bertuzzo in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. FLORENCE AURELIA ALICE Humphrey born to British TV sportscaster Jake Humphrey and wife Harriet in London, England.

20. SOPHIA Dempsey born to American footballer Clint Dempsey and wife Bethany Keegan in Nacogdoches, TX. Sister ELYSE Dempsey [4]. Brother JACKSON Dempsey [2]. (*thanks K!)

21. SORA Sugiura born to Japanese TV star Nozomi Tsuji and actor Taiyo Sugiura in Tokyo, Japan. Sister NOA Sugiura [5]. Brother SEIA Sugiura [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. HUGO Wilson born to Australian formeer pro road cyclist Matt Wilson and wife Meg in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

21. YANNIS ELIA Hug born to Swiss Champion triathletes Nicola Spirig and Reto Hug in Buelach, Switzerland. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. MAX van der Werff born to Dutch musical stars Roman van der Werff and Nathalie van Gent in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ANYA Hardcastle born to British model Nell McAndrew and husband Paul Hardcastle in London, England. Brother DEVON Hardcastle [6].

21. SACHA Casiraghi born to Monegasque royal Andrea Casiraghi and fiancee Tatiana Santo Domingo in London, England. (*thanks Michela!)

21. HOLIDAY GRACE Perrineau born to American actor Harold Perrineau and wife Brittany Robinson in New York City. Sisters AURORA ROBINSON [18] and WYNTER ARIA Perrineau [4].

21. VICTORIA ZOE Beatty born to American NFLer Will Beatty and wife Rebecca Hellwig in West Orange, NJ. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. DELPHINE & CHESKA Picken born to Aussie Rules Footballer Liam Picken and girlfriend Annie Nolan in Perth, WA, Australia. Brother MALACHY Picken [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. THIAGO Reina Ruiz born to Spanish footballer Pepe Reina and wife Yolanda Ruiz in Liverpool, England. Sisters GRECIA [7] and ALMA Reina Ruiz [4]. Brother LUCA Reina Ruiz [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

23. NATALIE BOUADER Shook born to American actress Shiri Appleby and fiancee Jon Shook in Los Angeles, CA.

24. SOPHIE Colville born to Australian cricketer Robbie Colville and wife Trudie in Adelaide, SA, Australia. Sister CLAIRE Colville [3].

25. LEONARD Niemeyer born to German footballer Peter Niemeyer and wife Kyra Heilgenberg in Berlin, Germany. (*thanks K!)

25. EUAN Ward born to Irish model/TV presenter Anna Daly and husband Ben Ward in Dublin, Ireland. Brother JAMES SCOTT Ward [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. DENNIS RICARDO Smith born to American actor/screenwriter Billy Smith and wife Kathryn Hernandez in Los Angeles, CA.

26. PEGGY SWAN Savile born to Australian TV presenter Chrissie Swan and husband Chris Savile in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Brothers LEO SWAN [4] and KIT SWAN Savile [2].

26. DANIEL Iglinskiy born to Kazakh pro road cyclist Valentin Iglinskiy and wife Yana in Nice, France. Brother DAVID Iglinskiy [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. MILO Lachowski born to Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski and fiancee Jessiann Gravel Beland in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. BRENDA Mello Scherer born to Brazilian Champion swimmer Fernando Scherer and actress/model Sheila Mello in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Half-sister ISABELLA Scherer Medeiros [17]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. MIO Husgafvel born to Swedish rock musicians Anette Olzon and Johan Husgafvel in Helsingborg, Sweden. Half-brother SETH [11] and brother NEMO Husgafvel [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. PHAEDRA FREDERIQUE Roodenburg born to Dutch TV presenter Patricia van Liemt and husband Pieter Roodenburg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister MARIA Roodenburg [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. MADDIE RAE Bower born to American heavy metal guitarist Jimmy Bower and wife Dana Kieferle in New Orleans, LA. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. HARVEY JEAN & ROXANNE DEE Weller Allen born to Australian pop singer Toby Allen and boyfriend Darren Weller in California via surrogate. (*thanks Ramona!) 

27. OLIVER MICHAEL Gallner born to American actor Kyle Gallner and girlfriend Tara Ferguson in Los Angeles, CA.

27. MATTHEW Lipsky born to American pro tennis player Scott Lipsky and wife Marie Mijalis in Huntington Beach, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MARCO JAMES Carter born to New Zealand All Blacks rugby star Dan Carter and wife Honor Dillon in Auckland, New Zealand.

28. CELESTIN Jugnot born to French actors Arthur Jugnot and Cecilia Cara in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MILO Martinez born to Argentine actor Mariano Martinez and girlfriend Juliana Giambrone in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sister OLIVIA Martinez [3]. (*thanks Ramona/Michela!) 

28. LINCOLN BELL Shepard born to American actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd in Los Angeles, CA.

28. AVA BERLIN Renner born to actor Jeremy Renner and ex-girlfriend Sonni Pacheco in Los Angeles, CA.

28. KENZIE LYNNE Cameron born to American actress Beverly Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron in Los Angeles, CA.

28. MIA OLIVIA Hay born to Canadian former pairs figure skaters Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

29. JAX Keating born to Australian businessman Patrick Keating and girlfriend Penny Hunt in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Half-sister AVALON Keating [6]. Half-brother SLADE Keating [4].

29. LEONARDO D'Allura born to Italian Olympic Champion judoka Giulia Quintavalle and husband Orazio D'Allura in Massa, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

29. ELLA Alderliefste born to Dutch rock musician Gerard Alderliefste and wife Hanneke in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brothers SAMMY [5] and MANUEL (Mano) Alderliefste [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. LARA Jorgacevic born to Serbian footballer Bojan Jorgasevic and wife Maia in Bruges, Belgium. Sisters MASA [6] and MIA Jorgacevic [4]. Brother LUKA Jorgacevic [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. JACKY MARTIN Fuentes & SON born to Mexican actress/model Jacqueline Bracamontes and husband Martin Fuentes in Mexico City. Son deceased March 29, 2013. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. NOVA ALEXIS LINA Mol born to Dutch model Miranda Slabber and trumpeter Rik Mol in Middelburg, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. LENI Wulf born to New Zealand rugby star Rudi Wulf and girlfriend Magali in Auckland, New Zealand. Half-brother ? Wulf [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. HARRISON Madden born to Australian immunology scientist Dr. Kate Graham and husband Tim Madden in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Brother HAMISH Madden [1.5].

??. EVE Ryan born to New Zealand actor Jay Ryan and girlfriend Dianna Fuemana in Toronto, ON, Canada.

??. SON born to American actor Edward Norton and fiancee Shauna Robertson in Los Angeles, CA.

??. CHILD born to Argentine rugby star Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe and girlfriend Annie in Toulouse, France.

Born in February 2013

1. MARTA Wit born to Polish actress Agnieszka Popielewicz and husband Mikolaj Wit in Warsaw, Poland. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. BOWIE ABBY Girod born to Dutch singer-songwriter Odilo Girod and girlfriend in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. NOAH Koscielny born to French footballer Laurent Koscielny and wife Claire Beaudouin in London, England. Sister RAINA Koscielny [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. THOMAS NIKSON Penson born to American former WNBA star Nikki McCray and husband Thomas Penson in Columbia, SC. (*thanks Larry!)

1. SONNY White born to American rock musician Jason White and wife Janna Rollins in East Bay, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. SOFIA Farley born to Australian rugby star Andrew Farley and wife Lucy in Grenoble, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. LUKASZ Hanretty born to British pairs skater Mark Hanretty and wife Kathy Green in Nottinghamshire, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. SOPHIA Sabino Leite born to Brazilian footballer Rodrigo "Digao" dos Santos Leite and girlfriend Rebeca Sabino in New York City. (*thanks K!)

2. DAVID Martins born to Brazilian footballer Fernando Lucas Martins and wife Fernanda in Porto Alegre, Brazil. (*thanks K!)

3. BENJAMIN ANTHONY Retallack born to Northern Irish singer Rachel Tucker and husband Guy Retallack in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. LOTUS ELODIE Spelling born to American former actor Randy Spelling and wife Leah Stutz in Portland, OR. Sister SAGE AURELIA Spelling [1.5].

4. SIXTEN Svensson born to Swedish singer-sognwriter Pernilla Andersson and punk rocker Dregen Svensson in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. VALENTINA Bastos born to Brazilian footballer Michel Bastos and wife Leticia in Lyon, France. Brother LUCAS Bastos [6]. (*thanks K!)

4. ADDALYNN FAITH Calvert born to American reality TV star Leah Messer and husband Jeremy Calvert in Elkview, WV. Half-sisters ALIANNAH HOPE (Ali) and ALEEAH GRACE Simms [3].

5. LEON PRINCE Wilhelmsson born to Swedish footballer Christian Wilhelmsson and wife Oksana Andersson in Karlstad, Sweden. Sister NAOMI RAESSA Wilhelmsson [1.5]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

5. ISABELLA Iglinskiy born to Kazakh road cyclist Maxim Iglinskiy and wife Natalya in Switzerland. Sisters DIANA [9] and SOPHIE Iglinskiy [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. GRAYSON GEORGE Osmond born to American actor/musician Jason Osmond and wife Lauren Merrill in Provo, UT. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. VIVAAN VEER Oberoi born to Indian actor Vivek Oberoi and wife Priyanka Alva in Mumbai, India. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. MASON ALEXANDER Hesterberg born to American actress Liza Huber and husband Alex Hesterberg in New York City. Brothers ROYCE ALEXANDER [6] and BRENDAN Hesterberg [4]. Sister HAYDEN VICTORIA Hesterberg [1.5].

7. AUSTIN OWEN Matthews born to Australian journalist Kelly Nestor and husband Scott Matthews in Adelaide, SA, Australia. Brother OLIVER Matthews [2]. 

7. FANTINE Gadret born to French cyclo-cross racer John Gadret and wife Caroline Dupont in Bruay La Bussiere, France. Brother ANDREAS MARCO Gadret [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. KENDRA VALENTINA ISABEL Deza Ross born to Peruvian footballer Jean Deza and wife Klenda Ross in Lima, Peru. (*thanks Michela!) 

7. ADAM KANNON (Kannon) Gregory born to American soap actor Adam Gregory and wife Sheriden Nicole Sperry in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. AUSTIN MAXWELL Winterbottom born to Australian race car driver Mark Winterbottom and wife in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Brother OLIVER Winterbottom [2].

8. GAIA Medici born to Italian comedian Checco Zalone and fiancee Mariangela Eboli in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

8. PAOLA Carta born to Italian singer Laura Pausini and fiance Paolo Carta in Madrid, Spain. Half-brothers JADER [15], JACOPO [14], and JOSEPH Carta [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. LEXI Veldhuis born to Dutch stage star Remco Veldhuis and wife Ruudje Douwma in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister JUNO Veldhuis [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. LUCIANA Ochoa born to Mexican football goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and girlfriend in Liverpool, England. (*thanks K!)

9. JOSE MARIA Ortega Aldon born to Spanish bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano and girlfriend Ana Maria Aldon in Madrid, Spain. Half-brother JOSE FERNANDO Ortega [19]. Half-sister GLORIA CAMILA Ortega [16] and GEMMA Aldon. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. JACK & DYLAN Kinchla born to Blues Traveler bassist Tad Kinchla and wife Carrie Hill in Austin, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. TALULAH RUE Price born to actress Sara Rue and husband Kevin Price in Los Angeles, CA.

10. ALBERT Magnuson born to Swedish royal/socialite Oscar Magnuson and wife Emma Ledent in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Michela!)

10. KLAS AUGUST ANDERS Kleberg born to Swedish fashion journalist Ebba von Sydow and husband Johan Kleberg in Goteborg, Sweden. Sister MARIANNE KARIN SILVERIA Kleberg [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. SERGUEI Boutboul born to French singer Felix Gray and wife in Paris, France. Half-sister MARIE CHARLOTTE Boutboul [22]. Brother ANDRE Boutboul [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. SADIE HUBERMAN O'Driscoll born to Irish rugby star Brian O'Driscoll and wife Amy Huberman in Dublin, Ireland.

11. AMELIA MILA Stark born to German singer/actor Rocco Stark and girlfriend Kim Debkowski in Berlin, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ARIANA SIENA Horsley born to British reality TV star/model Imogen Thomas and boyfriend Adam Horsley in London, England.

11. AIDA Sakho born to French footballer Mamadou Sakho and wife Mazda Magui in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. MARGAUX born to French celebrity chef Anne Alassane and husband Mike in Montauban, France. Half-sisters LAURA, JOSEPHINE, MATHILDE, and LOUISE and ROSE, deceased. Half-brothers VICTOR and AMAURY. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ARCHER THOMAS MERRITT Brokaw born to American TV correspondent Sarah Brokaw in New York City.

11. HAZEL McMurray born to American NASCAR racer Jamie McMurray and wife Christy Futrell in Mooresville, NC. Brother CARTER SCOTT McMurray [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. LUCY JEAN Bemis born to American musicians Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree in Tyler, TX. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. LULA ROSYLEA Grimaldi-Adams born to Canadian singer-songwriter Brian Adams and manager Alicia Grimaldi in London, England. Sister MIRABELLA BUNNY (Bunny) Grimaldi-Adams [1.5].

12. ALESSANDRA LINVILLE Bailey born to American model Devon Aoki and boyfriend James Bailey in Los Angeles, CA. Brother JAMES HUNTER (Hunter) Bailey III [1.5].

12. LENNOX PAGE Ali born to American celebrity blogger Emma Bing and husband Russell Ali in Los Angeles, CA.

13. DIEGO FERNANDO Maradona born to Argentine football legend Diego Maradona and girlfriend Veronica Ojeda in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Half-brother DIEGO ARMANDO Sinagra Maradona (Jr.) [26]. Half-sisters DALMA NEREA [25] and GIANNINA DINORAH Maradona [23], and ? [16]. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. JAYTON JAMES Stuckey born to American NFLer Darrell Stuckey and wife Lacie Reed in Kansas City, KS. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. RUBY REY Dellucci born to The Price Is Right model Rachel Reynolds and husband David Dellucci in Los Angeles, CA.

13. KIYOSHI JAMES Vujicic born to Australian evangelist/motivational speaker Nick Vujicic and wife Kanae Miyahara in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. ELIJAH HENRY BROOKLYN Meninga born to Australian rugby legend Mal Meninga and wife Amanda Tindale in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Half-sister TAMIKA Meninga [27]. Half-brothers JOSHUA Meninga [25] and ?

14. MARIA Turchi born to Italian TV presenter Carmen Russo and husband Enzo Paolo Turchi in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

15. EVA MADELIEF RUSSELL Thornton born to British actress Joanna Page and husband James Thornton in London, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. ARJEN Barrantes born to Costa Rican footballer Michael Barrantes and wife Andrea in Alesund, Norway. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. ROX van der Meyde born to Dutch footballer Andy van der Meyde and girlfriend Melisa Schaufeli in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-sisters ISABELLA [10], PURPLE [8], and DOLCE [6], and sister LILLY van der Meyde [1.5]. Half-brother NENO Schaufeli [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. HOLDEN JOHN Dorough born to Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough and wife Leigh Boniello in Orlando, FL. Brother JAMES HOKE Dorough [3].

16. LAYLA Sizemore born to American MLB star Scott Sizemore and wife Brooke McNamara in Phoenix, AZ. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. MARIO ARMANDO (Perez, Jr.) Lavandeira III born to American celebrity gossip blogger Mario "Perez Hilton" Lavandeira in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate.

17. NAVI Cherry-Evans born to Australian rugby star Daly Cherry-Evans and girlfriend Vessa Rockliff in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. JIMMY CHARLES Harley born to Aussie Rules Footballer Tom Harley and wife Felicity Percival in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. ELVIS Verhoog born to Dutch actress Katarina Justic and boyfriend Hein Verhoog in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. NAHIA Mazars born to French rugby star Lionel Mazars and wife Joana in Bayonne, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. MATILDE Amelia born to Italian footballer Marco Amelia and wife Carlotta Bosello in Milan, Italy. Brother GIULIO CESARE Amelia [2]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

19. OLIVIA KATHRYN Ray born to Australian TV presenter Natalie Gruzlewski Ray and husband Jack Ray in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. ISIS SIDNEY Berman born to American reality TV cooking star Katherine Kallinis (DC Cupcakes) and husband Ben Berman in Washington, DC.

19. LETICIA Melo born to Brazilian doubles tennis star Marcelo Melo and girlfriend in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (*thanks Ramona!) 

19. REGINA Audoglio Pastorutti born to Argentine folk singer Soledad Pastorutti and husband Jeremias Audoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sister ANTONIA Audoglio Pastorutti [2.5]. (*thanks Michela!) 

19. IVANNA Castillo Fuenmayor born to Venezuelan musician Luigi Castillo and girlfriend Maria Claudia Fuenmayor in maracaibo, Venezuela. (*thanks Michela!) 

20. NIKITA JAYNE Waller born to New Zealand-Australian celeb horse trainer Chris Waller and wife Stephanie in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Brother TYLER Waller [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. SEBASTIAN Tander born to Australian race car driver Garth Tander and wife Leanne Ferrier in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Sister SCARLETT Tander [1.5].

20. LEON Karolak born to Polish actor Thomasz Karolak and girlfriend Violetta Kolakowska in Warsaw, Poland. Sister LENA Karolak [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. VIVIANNE Bringas born to Swedish actress Rakel Warmlander and husband Lars Bringas in Stockholm, Sweden. Sister ANITHA Bringas [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. AVA ROSE Rawson born to English rapper Richard "Fazer" Rawson and girlfriend Ashley Emma Havelin in London, England.

20. ELLE LEONA Longoria born to American MLB star Evan Longoria and girlfriend Jaime Edmondson in Boca Raton, FL. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. REX RAYNE Wood born to British TV presenter Fearne Cotton and boyfriend Jesse Wood in London, England. Half-brother ARTHUR Wood [10]. Half-sister LOLA Wood [6].

21. JAMES Astier born to French writer/actor Alexandre Astier and wife Anne-Gaelle Daval in Paris, France. Sisters ARIANE and JEANNE Astier. Brothers NEIL and ETHAN Astier. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. SEBASTIAN TAYLOR (Bash) Thomaz born to Rapper Wiz Khalifa and fiancee Amber Rose in Los Angeles, CA.

22. FINN Robinson born to Australian former AFLer/coach Trent Robinson and wife Sandra Stefan in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

22. INDIA, MARTINA & SANTI Canizares born to Spanish retired footballer Santiago Canizares and wife Mayte Garcia in Madrid, Spain. Half-sisters CARLOTA [16] and OLIVIA [6], and sister SOFIA Canizares [3]. Half-brother LUCAS Canizares [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. EMILIA Britos born to Uruguayan footballer Miguel Angel Britos and wife Virgina Reguire in Naples, Italy. (*thanks K!)

23.  MAX & RIOGHAN Lundon born to Irish pop singer/filmmaker Tony Lundon and wife Kellyann Leatham in London, England. Brother LEO Lundon [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. SAMUEL BODE (Sam) Miller born to American Olympic Champion alpine skier Bode Miller and ex-girlfriend Sara McKenna in New York City. Half-sister NEESYN DACEY Miller [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

24. JAYSON MILAN Gouweleeuw born to Dutch footballer Jeffrey Gouweleeuw and girlfriend Edana Bernal Koelma in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. LUKE Melo born to Brazilian footballer Felipe Melo and wife Roberta in Istanbul, Turkey. Brothers LINEKER [7] and DAVI Melo [5]. Sister PIETRA Melo [3]. (*thanks K!)

25. TANCREDI Pacelli born to Italian reality TV stars Katie Pedrotti and Ascanio Pacelli in Rome, Italy. Sister MATILDA Pacelli [5]. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

25. OLIVIA RENSKE Ezinga born to Dutch actress/TV presenter Josefine van Asdonk and boyfriend Andreas Ezinga in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

25. ASHER ORION Guarini born to American singer/actor Justin Guarini and wife Reina Capodici in Doylestown, PA. Half-sister LOLA Capodici [7]. Brother WILLIAM NEKO BELL Guarini [1.5].

25. KAYLIN Kwon born to American reality TV star Yul Kwon and wife Sophie Tan in Castro Valley, CA. Sister GENEVIE Kwon [2].

25. VAUNNE SYDNEY Henderson born to American actress Mercedes McNab and husband Mark Henderson in Greenbrae, CA.

26. ELISE Frohm born to Swedish pop singer Camilla Hakansson and husband Johan Frohm in Goteborg, Sweden. Brother LEON Frohm [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. JEAN-LUC Joubert born to South African rugby star Marius Joubert and wife Stephanie in Durban, South Africa. Brother MARIUS CHRISTIAN Joubert [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

26. INDIA Cohen born to French singer-songwriter Mickael Miro and wife Anne in Paris, France. Sister SIENNA Cohen [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. GIULIA & PABLO Traille born to French rugby star Damien Traille and wife Severine in Biarritz, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. AURELIA Witteveen Lauria born to Argentine singer Axel and wife Delfina Lauria in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sister AGUEDA Witteveen Lauria [3]. (*thanks Michela!)

27. FREDDY THOMAS Mackie born to Aussie Rules Footballer Andrew Mackie and wife Georgia Clark in Geelong, VIC, Australia.

27. MAE Houkes born to Dutch World Champion judoka Ruben Houkes and girlfriend Dani Libosan in The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. SPIKE Bowman Smith born to English radio presenter Edith Bowman and husband Tom Smith in London, England. Brother RUDY BRAE Bowman Smith [5].

27. ERIN Diaz born to Mexican actor Aaron Diaz and Argentina singer-songwriter Lola Ponce in Rosario, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. JUNEYER RENALDO MARLEY Dollard born to Dutch rapper Renaldo "Kleine Viezerik" Dollard and girlfriend in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. ANDREAS Van Goolen born to Belgian pro road cyclist Jurgen Van Goolen and wife Inge Van den Broeck in Isieres, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. LAVINIA Stunt born to British socialite Petra Ecclestone and husband James Stunt in London, England. (*thanks Sam!)

??. MOLLY LeCras born to Aussie Rules Footballer Mark LeCras and girlfriend Emily Marshall in Perth, WA, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. AICHA Mikari born to Tunisian-Swiss footballer Yassine Mikari and girlfriend in Zurich, Switzerland. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. FELINE Castricum born to Dutch TV/radio presenter Rutger Castricum and girlfriend Daphne Rietbergen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. AVA Geerts born to Belgian actor Steve Geerts and wife Marianne Devriese in Antwerp, Belgium. Sister LINA Geerts [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. DAUGHTER born to American actor John Cho and wife Kerri Higuchi in Los Angeles, CA. Brother KAGE Cho [4]. 

Born in January 2013

1. ELOISE Vissers born to Belgian pop singer Laura Ramaekers and husband Pieter Vissers in Tongeren, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. WYNN CHRISTOPHER Laforet born to Canadian rock musician Casey Laforet (Elliott Brood) and girlfriend Jane Maggs in Toronto, ON, Canada.

1. MAJA ILANI Beck born to American rock musician Justin Beck and wife Melissa Howard in New York City. Sister SHALOM MAZIE Beck [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. CLEMENT TALIGA Rokocoko born to Fijian-New Zealand rugby star Joe Rokocoko and wife Beverly Politini in Bayonne, France. Brother CYPRESS Rokocoko [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. BRODY MICHAEL Norrie born to Australian rugby star Bryan Norrie and wife Kim in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

3. AYSE Yilmaturk born to Turkish actress/model Zeynep Tokus and boyfriend Erdem Yilmaturk in Caka Bey, Turkey. Half-brothers ALP Helvaci [11] and ALI Nuhoglu [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. ARIADNI Rouvas born to Greek pop singer Sakis Rouvas and wife Katia Zyougli in Athens, Greece. Sister ANASTASIA Rouvas [4]. Brother ALEXANDROS Rouvas [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. YLAN Flahaut born to French pro road cyclist Denis Flahaut and wife Mallory in Lille, France. Sister FLAVIE Flahaut [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. MATAN SAUL Rodder born to Australia horse jockey Talia (nee Maor) and husband Josh Rodder in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

5. SHINNOSUKE Oda born to Japanese Champion figure skater Nobunari Oda and wife Mayu in Osaka, Japan. Brother SHINTARO Oda [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. TIM born to Dutch musical actress Martine de Jager and boyfriend Sander in Beuningen, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. AIDEN SAMUEL Zuiverloon born to Dutch footballer Gianni Zuiverloon and wife in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. CALEDONIA ROSE Kay born to American sportscaster Michael Kay and newsanchor Jodi Applegate in New York City. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. DAKOTA JUNE O'Donnell born and adopted by American comedian/TV host Rosie O'Donnell and wife Michelle Rounds in New York. Half-brothers PARKER JAREN [17] and BLAKE CHRISTOPHER O'Donnell [13]. Half-sisters CHELSEA BELLE [15] and VIVIENNE ROSE O'Donnell [10].

6. ALEXANDER EVGENIEVICH Plushenko born to Russian Olympic Champion figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and wife Yana Rudkovskaya in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Half-brother EGOR EVGENIEVICH Plushenko [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. NATAMI AMIMAH Petzschner born to German tennis star Philipp Petzschner and wife Dewi in Pulheim, Germany. Half-brother AZIZ Petzschner [11]. (*thanks Ramona!)

6. WINTER VICTORIA Parker born to American social media mogul Sean Parker and fiancee Alexandra Lenas in New York City.

7. SIENNA DIANA MADZY Elmont born to Dutch Champion judoka Dex Elmont and girlfriend Nalini Radhakishun in Haarlem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. SAMUEL RAFI Kasimbeg born to Dutch TV newsreader Aicha Marghadi and husband Shareef Kasimbeg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sister KENZA Kasimbeg [7]. (*thanks Ramona!)

7. GUSTAVO (Gustavito) Diaz Ordaz Castro born to Mexican telenovela star Daniela Castro and husband Gustavo Diaz Ordaz in Mexico City, Mexico. Sisters DANIELA [11] and ALEXA Diaz Ordaz Castro [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. MIENNJE Strauss born to South African rugby star Adriaan Strauss and wife Chantell in Bloemfontein, South Africa. (*thanks Ramona!) 

8. REBECKA Cederstrom born to Swedish comedic actress Rachel Mohlin and husband Calle Cederstrom in Stockholm, Sweden. Brother JACOB Cederstrom [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

8. RICCARDO Binns born to Italian socialite/businesswoman Eleonora Berlusconi and English model Guy Binns in Milan, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

8. LUDOVICA Piparo born to Italian actress Samuela Sardo and husband Massimo Romeo Piparo in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela!)

8. DAAN Arens born to Dutch radio host Bart Arens and wife Anneloes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brother THIJS Arens [6]. Sister LIEKE Arens [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. MARNIE ROSE Cooper born to British singer-songwriter Lily (nee Allen) Cooper and husband Sam Cooper in Cranham, England. Sister ETHEL MARY Cooper [1].

8. NYLA EVERLEIGH Ward born to Canadian NHL goaltender Cam Ward and wife Cody in Raleigh, NC. Brother NOLAN KENNEDY Ward [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. TOMMIE JOSEPH (Joseph) Head, Jr. born to American 16 & Pregnant star Kristina Robinson Head and husband TJ Head in Marshall, TX. Half-brother LUKAS TODD Hight [1].

9. STELLAN Lantz born to Swedish footballer Joachim Lantz and wife Malin Wollin in Kalmar, Sweden. Sisters ASTRID [10] and SAGA Lantz [8]. Brother ARVID Lantz [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

9. DEMPSEY Verhoek born to Dutch footballer Wesley Verhoek and girlfriend Mandy in Feyenoord, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. HARRY Bisson born to English soap actor Chris Bisson and girlfriend Rowena Finn in London, England.

9. TRUMAN CLARK Osmond born to American celeb blogger Don Osmond, Jr. and wife Jessica Nelson in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. BO ELIZABETH Blackwell born to Australian radio presenter Tim Blackwell and wife Monique in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

10. EKATERINA ALEXANDROVNA Zhulina born to Russian former ice dancers Natalia Mikhailova and Alexander Zhulin in Moscow, Russia. Half-sister SASHA Zhulina [12]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. KNOX ADDISON Alan born to American actress Amanda Righetti and husband Jordan Alan in Los Angeles, CA.

11. TIMOFEY Priluchnyy born to Kazakh actor Pavel Priluchnyy and wife Agata Mutsenietse in Moscow, Russia. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ENZO Gutierrez Belluscio born to Spanish former footballer Jose Maria Gutierrez and Argentine TV presenter Romina Belluscio in Madrid, Spain. Half-sister ZAIRA Gutierrez [12]. Half-brother AITOR Gutierrez [10].

11. SABINE Holmes born to American TV presenter TJ Holmes and wife Marilee Fiebig in Atlanta, GA. Half-sister ? Holmes. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ELIJAH JOSEPH DANIEL Furnish-John born to singer-songwriter Elton John and husband David Furnish in Las Vegas, NV via surrogate. Brother ZACHARY JACKSON LEVON Furnish-John [2].

11. JULIAN RYDER Deklin born to American actor Mark Deklin and wife Jamie in Los Angeles, CA. Sister KYLIE Deklin [3].

12. LEO Cahill born to English footballer Gary Cahill and girlfriend Gemma Acton in London, England. Sister FREYA Cahill [1]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

12. PAISLEY FAYE Dean born to American Olympic champion softball star Jennie Finch and husband Casey Daigle in Sulphur, LA. Brothers ACE SHANE [6] and DIESEL DEAN Daigle [1.5].

12. HENRY WILLIAM Johnson born to American actress Kate French and husband Jon Johnson in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. Princess ANNA-CATHARINA SOPHIE of Saxony born to Prince Daniel, Duke of Saxony and wife Sandra Scherer, Duchess of Saxony in Dresden, Germany. (*thanks Michela!) 

13. ZOEY Terpstra born to Dutch cyclist Niki Terpstra and girlfriend Ramona van der Lecq in Assendelft, The Netherlands. Brother LUCA Terpstra [2].

14. CECILIA Cullberg born to Finnish contemporary classical violinist Linda Brava and husband Martin Cullberg in Stockholm, Sweden. Sister OLIVIA Cullberg [3].

14. MATEUS Pereira Santos born to Brazilian footballer Maicon Pereira Roque and fiancee Ursula Santos in Porto, Portugal. Sister MARIA LUISA Pereira Santos [1.5]. (*thanks K!)

15. MAX ALICE Tsvetnenko born to Russian-Australian software millionaire Zhenya Tsvetnenko and wife Lydia Gaugg in Perth, WA, Australia.

15. MIHAI COSMIN Vinatu born to Romanian Olympic Champion gymnast Lavinia Milosovici and husband Cosmin Vinatu in Timisoara, Romania. Sister DENISA FLORENTINA Vinatu, deceased. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. GAVIN DAVID O'Neill born to American professional bowler Bill O'Neill and wife Christi White in Langhorne, PA. (*thanks Ramona!)

16. GIANLUCA Gillet born to French football goalkeeper Jean Francois Gillet and girlfriend Adriana Sanciprani in Torino, Italy. (*thanks K!)

16. ANNE-LOU Herremans born to Belgian wheelchair triathlete Marc Herremans and girlfriend Griet Dingemans in Antwerp, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. JOEY BRETT White born to Australian rugby star Brett White and wife Cassie Adlard in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Sister GEORGIA White [9]. Brothers JAKE ARTHUR [6] and COLT White [2].

17. KEET BOWIE Padberg born to Dutch model Nathalie Hoop and boyfriend Pepijn Padberg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-brother MEES KINGSTON Padberg [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

17. ELLIS JAMES & ELIZABETH MAE O'Leary born to American travel TV host Samantha Brown and husband Kevin O'Leary in New York City.

18. HARRISON Malceski born to Aussie Rules Footballer Nick Malceski and wife Laura Smyth in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. FAY Boucher born to French road cyclist David Boucher and wife Dorien Maes in Belgium. Brother NIO Boucher [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. LOLA Demichelis born to Argentine footballer Martin Demichelis and wife Evangelina Anderson in Marbella, Spain. Brother BASTIAN Demichelis [3]. (*thanks K!)

18. ONDINE CARDA KITTY Fehr born to Canadian actor Brendan Fehr and wife Jennifer Rowley in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters JAMES OLIVIA [5] and ELLISON Fehr [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. VITTORIA SIDNEY Rosolino born to Italian Olympic Champion swimmer Massimiliano Rossolino and girlfriend Natalia Titova in Milan, Italy. Sister SOFIA Rosolino [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

19. LEO Hazard born to Belgian footballer Eden Hazard and wife Natacha von Honacker in London, England. Brother YANIS Hazard [2]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

19. LYAM Niang born to Senegalese footballer Mamadou Niang and wife Laetitia Thiel in France. Half-sisters MAEVA Thiel [12] and MAILYS [12], and sisters KEYLIAH [6] and JELAINA Niang [3]. Half-brother NOLAN Niang [9]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

19. AARON Strokosch born to Scottish rugby star Alasdair Strokosch and wife Kirsty Wallace in Perpignan, France. Sister LAILA Strokosch [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. Princes CARL FRIEDRICH FRANZ ALEXANDER & LOUIS FERDINAND CHRISTIAN ALBRECHT of Prussia born to Hereditary Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie (Isenburg) of Prussia in Bremen, Germany. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. NOAH Odemwingie born to Nigerian-Uzbek footballer Peter Osaze Odemwingie and wife Sarah Fallon in Birmingham, England. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. BLAKE & NICO Spiteri born to British pop singer Jenny Frost and husband Vicente Juan Spiteri in Ibiza, Spain. Half-brother CASPAR J. Thrupp [5].

20. TAYLOR JAMES Hamlin born to American NASCAR racer Denny Hamlin and girlfriend Jordan Fish in Mooresville, NC. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. DANIEL EMANUEL Gokey born to American pop/country singer Danny Gokey and wife Leyicet Peralta in Nashville, TN.

21. JAXON & ALEXA Ilias born to Australian TV presenter Paula Voce and husband Jim Ilias in Perth, WA, Australia. Sister JORJA Ilias [2].

21. IVA Milnichenka born to Russian songwriter/music producer Sergey Milnichenko and wife Natalya Shchyolkova in Moscow, Russia. Half-sisters ANASTASIA [24] and RASSVETA [15], and sister RASSKAZA Milnichenka [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

22. TESS CLEMENTINE Hughes born to Australian comedian/radio host Dave "Hughesy" Hughes and wife Holly Ife in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Brother RAFFERTY DAVID Hughes [3]. Sister SADIE MAY Hughes [1.5].

22. SIENNA AMEERAH Kasyafani born to Indonesian TV presenters Ben Kasyafani and Andriani "Chacha" Marshanda in Jakarta, Indonesia. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. GRACE LIO SUMMER Vannechten born to Belgian celebrity chef Sofie Dumont and fiance Wim Vannechten in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

22. MILAN Pique Mebarak born to Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique in Barcelona, Spain.

23. LODEWIJK LUCAS Beek born to Dutch jazz musician Tom Beek and girlfriend Lisette Maaskant in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

23. REKKER RADLEY Gigandet born to American actor Cam Gigandet and fiancee Dominique Giesendorff in Los Angeles, CA. Sister EVERLEIGH RAY Gigandet [3].

24. LAURA Milani born to Italian actress Paola Cortellesi and filmmaker Riccardo Milani in Rome, Italy. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!)

24. SOPHIA CATHARINA MARIANNE Schuurmans born to Dutch actors Daan Schuurmans and Bracha van Doesburgh in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. EVA Laginha born to Portuguese actor/singer Pedro Laginha and fashion designer Ana Sabino in Lisbon, Portugal. Half-brother AFONSO Laginha [10]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. GASPARD Lousteau born to Argentine politician Martin Lousteau and wife Carla Peterson in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. HERO PEREGRINE Pullen born to Canadian actress Cree Summer and husband Angelo Pullen in Los Angeles, CA. Sister BRAVE LITTLEWING Pullen [2].

27. FRANCIS JAMES Dutton born to Australian sports reporter Angela Pippos and boyfriend Simon Dutton in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

27. SAMAIRA Schroff born to Indian actor/TV presenter Sachin Schroff and wife Juhi Parmar in Mumbai, India. (*thanks Ramona!) 

27. NOA Ladagnous born to French pro road cyclist Mathieu Ladagnous and wife Julie Lambert in Espoey, France. Brother THEO Ladagnous [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. MAXIMO de Carvalho Andrade born to Brazilian footballer Hernanes and wife Erica in Rome, Italy. Brother EZEQUIEL de Carvalho Andrade [5]. Sister LUCIA de Carvalho Andrade [3]. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

28. NIKA Vori born to Croatian pro handball player Igor Vori and wife Olga in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. LUCA Villa born to Spanish footballer David Villa and wife Patricia Gonzalez in Barcelona, Spain. Sisters ZAIDA [7] and OLAYA Villa [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. CASH ALLEN McClendon born to American reality TV star Jenny Masche McClendon (Raising Sextuplets) and husband Levi McClendon in Destin, FL. Half-sisters SAVANNAH JANE, BAILEY ELIZABETH and MOLLI GRACE Masche [5]. Half-brothers ? [10] and ? McClendon [8], and GRANT WILLIAM, COLE ROBERT and BLAKE NICKOLAS Masche [5].

29. LILIA Andrzejewski born to Polish rapper Ryszard "Peja" Andrzejewski and wife Paulina Stefanska in Poznan, Poland. (*thanks Ramona!)

29. PIETRO LEONE Marchesi born to Italian actor Giorgio Marchesi and fiancee Simonetta Sober in Rome, Italy. Brother GIACOMO Marchesi [6]. (*thanks Michela!)

30. SCARLETTE born to Australian comedian Sarah Levett and boyfriend "Moose" in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. HOLLY MARIE Hudson born to Australian footballer Melissa Barbieri and husband Geoff Hudson in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

30. NOEMI Visconti born to Italian pro cyclist Giovanni Visconti and wife Katy Redolini in Larciano, Italy. Brother THOMAS Visconti [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. GRAYSON O'Brien born to English footballer Luke O'Brien and girlfriend Kershella in Oxford, England. Sister MADISON O'Brien [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

30. LANDON MAJOR Lohan born to American reality TV star Michael Lohan and girlfriend Kate Major in Tampa, FL. Half-sisters LINDSAY DEE MORGAN [26] and ALIANA TAYLOR (Ali) Lohan [19], and ASHLEY Horn [17]. Half-brothers MICHAEL, Jr. [25] and DAKOTA (Cody) Lohan [16].

31. GRACE NICOLE Gruber born to Australian pro basketball player Dave Gruber and wife Kara in Figtree, NSW, Australia.

31. KARLA VALENTINA Bacca born to Colombian footballer Carlos Bacca and wife Sayira Santos in Bruges, Belgium. Brother CARLOS DANIEL Bacca [3]. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

31. LENA Blondel born to Belgian footballer Jonathan Blondel and wife Louise in Bruges, Belgium. Brother ILAN Blondel [3]. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

31. GREYSON JAMES CARROLL McCuddy born to American songwriter/TV presenter Kara DioGuardi and husband Mike McCuddy in Los Angeles, CA via gestational carrier. Half-sister ELORA McCuddy [13].

31. ASHER JAMES & OLIVER CHARLES Allman born to American actors Jamie Anne (nee Brown) and Marshall Allman in Los Angeles, CA.

??. REMI Ryan born to Australian rugby star Beau Ryan and wife Kara Orell in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

??. CHANDON Thompson born to Australian rugby play Chris Thompson and wife Crystal in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister ALAQUA Thompson [3]. Brother MATAEO Thompson [1.5].

??. ALLEGRA KATIE born to Australian restaurateur Michelle Saade and boyfriend in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

??. MARIA Fortunati born to Italian actor Ricky Memphis and wife Alessia Cesararo in Rome, Italy. Brother FRANCESCO Fortunati [5]. (*thanks Michela!)

??. CHARLIE-SUE Beeckmans born to Belgian actress Ruth Beeckmans in Brussels, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!) 

??. MARCEL Maeyens born to Belgian Champion rower Tim Maeyens and girlfriend Julie in Brugge, Belgium. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. LYNOTT Lord Cassidy born to Irish actress Elaine Cassidy and husband Stephen Lord in London, England. Sister KILA Lord Cassidy [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. EMMA Ghorbani born to English rocker Liam Gallagher and ex-girlfriend Liza Ghorbani in New York City. Half-sister MOLLY Moorish [14]. Half-brothers LENNON FRANCIS [13] and GENE APPLETON Gallagher [11].

??. ENORA born to Belgian singer Katy Satyn and boyfriend Georg in Antwerp, Belgium. Brother XANDER [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. CHILD born to French actress Anne Girouard in Paris, France. Sibling ? [3].



1. ASHER ORION Guarini
2. SAMUEL RAFI Kasimbeg


1. LULA ROSYLEA Grimaldi-Adams
2. ELLE LEONA Longoria
3. GRACE LIO SUMMER Vannechten
4. LUCY SKY Rockett
8. LOTUS ELODIE Spelling
10. MARNIE ROSE Cooper

Born in December 2012

1. NIXON Beale born to New Zealand rugby star Gerard Beale and girlfriend Roimata Ransfield in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

1. MARLEY Cantavenera born to Swedish actress/TV presenter Tilde Froling and boyfriend Angelo Cantavenera in Stockholm, Sweden. Half-brother MINGUS Lindqvist [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

1. JAMES Goncalves born to Portuguese TV presenter Ricardo Goncalves and model Patricia Bull in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

2. CAMILLE WINTER O'Farrell born to German-Australian model Annelies Seubert and boyfriend Robert O'Farrell in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

3. ALEXANDER NORMAN Kidman Marran born to Australian TV presenter Antonia Kidman and husband Craig Marran in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Half-sisters LUCIA [13] and SYBELLA ANN Kidman Hawley [5]. Half-brothers HAMISH [11] and JAMES Kidman Hawley [9] and brother NICHOLAS Kidman Marran [1.5].

3. ANIELA Kosciukiewicz born to Polish actor Mateusz Kosciukiewicz and filmmaker Malgorzata Szumowska in Warsaw, Poland. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. MARLOE TEXAS JULIAN Glibusic born to Swedish singer-songerwiter Jenny Silver and boyfriend Boris Glibusic in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

3. NIKKI-LO Storby born to Swedish TV/radio presenter Kitty Jutbring and husband Per "Pearl" Storby in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. LACHLAN STORM Henderson born to New Zealand pro cyclist Greg Henderson and wife Katie MacTier in Dunedin, New Zealand. Sister CHARLIE Henderson [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. MARSHALL Bukovac born to American country singer-songwriter Sarah Buxton and husband Tom Bukovac in Nashville, TN. (*thanks Ramona!)

4. DAUGHTER born to Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan and wife Michelle Woods in Los Angeles, CA.

5. PIA Balotelli Fico born to Italian footballer Mario Balotelli and girlfriend Raffaella Fico in Naples, Italy. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. BOSSE Lustig born to Swedish radio/TV presenter Ola Lustig and wife Linda in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

5. VIVIAN LAKE Brady born to Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and NFL quarterback Tom Brady in Boston, MA. Half-brother JOHN EDWARD THOMAS (Jack) Moynahan [5] and brother BENJAMIN REIN Brady [3].

6. MAX NEVILLE Ling born to Aussie Rules Footballer Cameron Ling and girlfriend Nicole Dodds in Geelong, VIC, Australia.

6. RUBIKA ANNE Johnson born to Australia cricketer Mitchell Johnson and wife Jessica Bratich-Johnson in Perth, WA, Australia.

6. MAGNUS HAMILTON Miller born to American country singer Jennifer Nettles and husband Justin Miller in Nashville, TN.

6. JEREMIAH Baddeley born to Australian PGA golfer Aaron Baddeley and wife Richelle Collins in Scottsdale, AZ. Sisters JEWEL KALAIAH [5] and JOLEE ZARRIAH Baddeley [2].

7. ROSEPHINE SANNE ELOISE Staarink born to Dutch TV presenter Sanne Staarink-Steusel and husband Maarten Staarink in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. THEODORE WILLIAM Payne born to Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald and musician Dougie Payne in Glasgow, Scotland. Brother FREDDIE PETER Payne [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

8. LUIS ERNESTO Lamothe born to Argentine actors Esteban Lamothe and Julieta Zylberberg in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. ALICE Boublil born to French comedic actor Max Boublil and girlfriend in Paris, France. (*thanks Ramona!)

9. JULIAN Lindegaard born to Danish footballer goalkeeper Anders Lindegaarde and wife Misse Beqiri in Manchester, England. (*thanks K!)

10. OLIVIA Elensky born to Swedish celebrity chef Leila Lindholm and husband Marten Elensky in Stockholm, Sweden. Brother WALTER Elensky [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

10. DANIEL Brienza born to Italian footballer Franco Brienza and wife Isabella Forte in Palermo, Italy. Sister DENISE Brienza [2]. (*thanks K!)

11. KATE Storer born to Australian journalist Annabel Crabb and husband Jeremy Storer in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister AUDREY Storer [6]. Brother ELLIOTT Storer [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ISABELLE Antonsson born to Swedish footballer Mikael Antonsson and wife Anja in Bologna, Italy. (*thanks K!)

11. MASON RAY Bakkes born to Dutch actress Peggy-Jane de Schepper and boyfriend Karel Bakkes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. ZOE ASTRID Pires born to Portuguese model/actor Paulo Pires and wife Astrid Werdnig in Lisbon, Portugal. Sister CHLOE Pires [8]. (*thanks Ramona!)

11. LUCAS BYRON Allen born to American comedian Byron Allen and wife Jennifer Lucas in Los Angeles, CA. Sisters CHLOE AVA [4] and OLIVIA ROSE Allen [2.5].

12. JADEE MAE Jones born to American footballer Jermaine Jones and wife Sarah Gerth in Dusseldorf, Germany. Half-brother KEANU [11], and brothers KENYON and JUNIUS Jones [3]. Half-sister LIYA JOELLE Jones [8]. (*thanks K!)

12. LAURENT Benoit born to Canadian radio/TV presenter Sebastien Benoit and girlfriend Karine Dumont in Montreal, QC, Canada. (*thanks Ramona!)

12. CARLOS Moya Cerezuela born to Spanish tennis star Carlos Moya and wife Carolina Cerezuela in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Sister CARLA Moya Cerezuela [2].

12. CHARLOTTE KAY Hansen born to American Olympic swimmer Brendan Hansen and wife Martha in Austin, TX.

13. MARIA HELENA Osvaldo born to Argentine-Italian footballer Pablo Daniel Osvaldo and ex-wife Elena Braccini in Rome, Italy. Half-brother GIANLUCA Osvaldo. Sister VICTORIA Osvaldo [3]. (*thanks K!)

13. VIOLETA Belbassi Lecouna born to Argentine actress Agustina Lecouna and husband Diego Belbussi in Santiago, Chile. (*thanks Ramona!)

13. GAVIN LEE Guess born to American model Marisa Miller and husband Griffin Guess in Santa Cruz, CA. 

14. NIUA-CYBELE Mahuta born to New Zealand politician Nanaia Mahuta and boyfriend William Ormsby in Wellington, New Zealand. Brothers ORMSBY Mahuta, deceased, and WAIWAIA NUKUTAWHITI Mahuta [3].

14. LEO DOUGIE Sharp born to English footballer Billy Sharp and girlfriend Jade Fair in Sheffield, England. Brother LUEY JCOB Sharp, deceased. (*thanks Ramona!)

14. GENE CLARK & GEORGE CHRISTOPHER Mounfield born to Stone Roses' bassist "Mani" Mounfield and wife Imelda in Manchester, England.

14. NIKOS & DMITRIS Mpousalis born to Greek-American singer Kalomira Sarantis and husband George Mpousalis in New York City. (*thanks Larry/Ramona!)

14. WILLIAM LUCA Costa-Marsden born to actor James Marsden and ex-girlfriend Rose Costa in Los Angeles, CA. Half-brother JACK HOLDEN Marsden [11]. Half-sister MARY JAMES Marsden [7].

15. CALIN born to American actress Samaire Armstrong and boyfriend in Los Angeles, CA.

15. JASON OLIVER Baumann born to American actors Ken Baumann and Aviva Farber in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

15. PEPPER Hall born to American actress Moon Bloodgood and husband Grady Hall in Los Angeles, CA.

17. CYRUS MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER Dancy born to actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy in New York City.

18. TOMAS Cardoso Ribas born to Portuguese TV presenter Tania Ribas de Oliveira and husband Joao Cardoso in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

18. RYLEY JEAN Tarrant born to 16 & Pregnant star Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant and husband Cody Tarrant in Mansfield, TX. Brother BRODY RYAN Tarrant [2.5].

18. BRAYLYN ANN Crawford born to American MLB star Brandon Crawford and wife Jalynne Dantzscher in San Francisco, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. PUK JOHANNA MADELIEF Vink born to Dutch singer Wouter Vink and wife Judith Kippers in Arnhem, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

19. ISA Ven de Ven born to Dutch pro cyclist Daphny Van den Brand and husband Johan Van de Ven in Veghel, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. LYMEE ANNA Komdeur born to Dutch model Ymre Stiekema and boyfriend Wouter Komdeur in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

20. LILI DALIGA ANNE Mambo born to Belgian Champion sprinter Kim Gevaert and husband Djeke Mambo in Antwerp, Belgium. Brothers VINCE [3] and ROMEO MOKONZI SANTOS Mambo [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ADELINE Gunther born to Swedish comedienne Petra Mede and boyfriend Mattias Gunther in Stockholm, Sweden. (*thanks Ramona!)

21. ADRIAN Sanchez Lamela born to Spanish footballer Jose Enrique Sanchez and girlfriend Eva Lamela in Liverpool, England. (*thanks K!)

21. ELIZABETH ANNE Good born to Canadian singer-songwriter Matthew Good and wife Raeleigh "Rae" Van Breugel in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Brother THOMAS MACDONALD Good [.1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

21. MAXFIELD DAVID Ladin born to American actor Eric Ladin and wife Katy in Los Angeles, CA.

22. CHARLOTTE IVY Cox born to Aussie Rules Footballer Dean Cox and wife Kerry in Perth, WA, Australia.

22. JOSHUA TAYLOR Fortson born to American soap actress Christie Lynn Smith and husband John Fortson in Burbank, CA. Sister ABBY RYDER Fortson [4].

24. LOGAN PHINEAS Miller Murphy born to Glee creator Ryan Murphy and husband David Miller in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate.

25. AURELIA Cole born to British professional dancer Brendan Cole and wife Zoe Hobbs in London, England.

26. LILLY Morgenstern born to Austrian Olympic Champion ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern and girlfriend Kristina in Seeboden, Austria. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. JET STERRE GERALDINE Tilli born to Dutch rock musician Phil Tilli and wife Annemieke Schollhaardt in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. VIRGILE born to French former actress/businesswoman Camille Raymond and husband in Paris, France. Sisters ? [13], ? [11], and ? [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

26. VIOLET MARLOWE Followill born to Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followhill and wife Jessie Baylin in Nashville, TN.

27. RYAN THOMAS Runzler born to American MLB star Dan Runzler and wife Michelle Phalen in Los Angeles, CA. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. LARA Castoldi born to Italian rock musician Marco "Morgan" Castoldi and girlfriend Jessica Mazzoli in Rome, Italy. Half-sister ANNA LOU Castoldi [11]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. ANAIS Boogerd born to Dutch former pro cyclist Michael Boogerd and wife Darya Nucci in Heide, The Netherlands. Half-brother MIKAI Boogerd [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. SIMAO Dos Santos born to Portuguese footballer Leandro Dos Santos and girlfriend Soraia Cunha in Lisbon, Portugal. (*thanks Ramona!)

28. LIVINGSTON ALVES McConaughey born to actor Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves in Austin, TX. Brother LEVI ALVES McConaughey [4]. Sister VIDA ALVES McConaughey [2.5].

29. BRODY JAY Sheehan born to Australian rugby star Brett Sheehan and fiancee Lauren Field in Subiaco, WA, Australia.

29. FELIX CHANG Hong Grant born to English actor Hugh Grant and ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong in London, England. Sister TABITHA XIAO XI Hong Grant [1].

30. LEYLA SOFIA Lukimya born to Congolese footballer Assani Lukimya and wife Assma in Bremen, Germany. (*thanks K!)

30. ELIANA Zamprogna born to Canadian soap actor Dominic Zamprogna and wife Linda Leslie in Los Angeles, CA. Sister ANBILLIENE (Billie) Zamprogna [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. BRAM Reus born to Dutch former weightloss consultant/author Sonja Bakker and husband Jan Reus in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Half-brothers TRISTAN [9] and FINN Lenting [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. SOPHIA LAINE Angle born to WWE wrestler Kurt Angle and and wife Giovanna Yannotti in Pittsburgh, PA. Half-sister KYRA [10] and sister GIULIANA MARIE Angle [1.5]. Half-brother KODY Angle [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

31. HUDSON LENNON Jones born to American country musician Jon Jones (Eli Young Band) & wife Sarah in Forth Worth, TX.

??. SAMUEL (Sam) Elliott born to Australian cricketer Sarah (nee Edwards) Elliott and husband Rob Elliott in Darwin, NT, Australia.

??. CLARA Pesery born to French actress Isabelle Carre and husband Bruno Pesery in Paris, France. Brother ANTOINE Pesery [4]. Sister MADELEINE Pesery [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. CATCHEN (Catch) & CURTIS Watkins born to American actor Tuc Watkins in Los Angeles, CA via surrogate. (*thanks Ramona!)

??. DAUGHTER born to comedian Steve Martin and wife Anne Stringfield in Los Angeles, CA.


Belgian actress Bianca Vanhaverbeke and boyfriend Andy expecting a son in December 2013. Sister JINTE [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Brazilian footballer Adriano Leite Ribeiro and girlfriend Renata expecting in December 2013. Half-brother ADRIANO Leite, Jr. [7]. Half-sister SOPHIA Leite [5]. (*thanks K!)

French footballer Jonathan Biabiany and wife Sara Da Silva expecting in December 2013. Sister KELIS Biabiany [1]. (*thanks K!)

American actor Jesse Williams and wife Aryn Drake-Lee expecting in December 2013. 

American Congresswoman Cathy McMorris and husband Brian Rodgers expecting in December 2013. Brother COLE Rodgers [6]. Sister GRACE BLOSSOM Rodgers [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Dutch singer Deon Leon and girlfriend Rachel Kramer expecting in December 2013. (*thanks Ramona!)

Mexican singer Larry Hernandez and girlfriend Kenia Ontiveros expecting a daughter in December 2013. Half-brothers LARRY, Jr. [11] and SEBASTIAN Hernandez []. Sister DALEYZA Hernandez [3]. 

Dutch actor Bas Keijzer and wife expecting in December 2013. Sibling ? Keijzer. (*thanks Ramona!)

American soap actress Eden Riegel and husband Andrew Miller expecting in December 2013. Brother JACK OSCAR Miller [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

American actor Billy Zane and girlfriend Candice Neill expecting a daughter in December 2013. Sister AVA KATHERINE Zane [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

American politician Joaquin Castro and wife Anna Flores expecting a daughter in December 2013. (*thanks Michela!) 

Dutch singer Dominique "Do" van Hulst and husband Marc Verschoor expecting in December 2013. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch pro road cyclist Johnny Hoogerland and girlfriend Gerda Koops expecting in December 2013. (*thanks Ramona!)

Australian footballer Brad Jones and wife Dani Lawrence expecting in December 2013. Half-brother LUCA Jones, deceased, and brother NICO LUCA Jones [1.5]. (*thanks K!)

American model/soap actress Eva Marcille and boyfriend Kevin McCall expecting in December 2013.

Swedish TV presenter Patrick Grimlund and fiancee Sara Goldensohn expecting in December 2013. Half-brother ? Grimlund [12].

Swedish celebrity photographer Bingo Rimer and wife Katrin Zytomierska expecting a son in December 2013. Brother RINGO Rimer [3].

Dutch radio presenter Dr. Mirella van Markus and girlfriend Claudia Vermeulen expecting in December 2013. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch musical stars Rein Kolpa and Wieneke Remmers expecting in January 2014. Brother SAM Kolpa [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Belgian footballer Thomas Buffel and girlfriend Stephanie De Buysser expecting twins in January 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

English equestrian champion Zara Phillips Tindall and rugby star Mike Tindall expecting in January 2014.

American pop star Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle Deleasa expecting a daughter in January 2014.

Actor James van der Beek and wife Kimberly Brook expecting in January 2014. Sister OLIVIA van der Beek [3]. Brother JOSHUA van der Beek [1.5].

French pro road cyclist Cyril Gautier and wife Caroline expecting in January 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Belgian actress Lindsay Bervoets and singer Luc Schuit expecting in January 2014. Half-brother LINO Schuit [6]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Turkish-Belgian model Zeynep Sever and Turkish football keeper Volkan Demirel expecting in January 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch musician Jaap Kwakman and girlfriend Jenny Veerman expecting in January 2014. Sister FEE Kwakman [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

American reality TV star Kim Spradlin (Survivor) and husband Bryan Wolfe expecting in January 2014.

American actor Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen expecting a son in January 2014.

Dutch pro mountain biker Thijs Al and girlfriend expecting in January 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American reality TV star Andrew Firestone and wife Ivana Bozilovic expecting in January 2014. Brother ADAM BROOKS Firestone [4]. Sister ANJA JASMINE Firestone [2].

Swedish blogger Desiree "Dessie" Nilsson and boyfriend Simon expecting son THEODOR in January 2014.

Music mogul Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Davis Silverman expecting son SIMON Cowell, Jr. in January 2014. Half-brother ADAM Silverman [7].

Italian footballer Daniele De Rossi and girlfriend Sarah Felberbaum expecting in January 2014. Half-sister GAIA De Rossi [8]. (*thanks K!)

Filipina actress/singer Rica Peralejo and husband Joseph Bonifacio expecting in January 2014.

American actress Shanola Hampton and husband Daren Dukes expecting a daughter in January 2014.

Canadian actor Devon Sawa and wife Dawni expecting a son in January 2014. 

Spanish footballer Carles Puyol and girlfriend Vanessa Lorenzo expecting a daughter in January 2014. (*thanks K!) 

Italian footballer Alessandro Nesta and wife Gabriela Pagnozzi expecting in January 2014. Sister SOFIA Nesta [7]. Brother TOMMASO Nesta [5]. (*thanks Ramona/K!)

French pro road cyclist Nicolas Vogondy and wife Deborah Duracka expecting in January 2014. Brother ROMEO Vogondy [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Belgian footballer Thomas de Gendt and wife Evelyn Tuytens expecting in February 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Welsh actress Eve Myles and husband Bradley Freegard expecting in February 2014. Sister MATILDA MYLES Freegard [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

El Salvadoran filmmaker Christian Blaze and wife Crystal-Dawn Rosales expecting in February 2014. (*thanks Larry!)

Filipina TV presenter Jolina Magdangal and husband Mark Escuerta expecting in February 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Aussie Rules Footballer Chris Judd and wife Rebecca Twigley expecting in February 2014. Brother OSCAR DYLAN Judd [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Bermudan Champion triathlete Tyler Butterfield and wife Nikki Egyed expecting a son in February 2014. Sister SAVANA ROSE Butterfield [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox expecting in February 2014. Half-brother KASSIUS LIJAH (Kash) Marcil-Green [11] and brother NOAH SHANNON Green [1.5].

American pop singer Amber Holcomb and boyfriend Lamar D. Denson expecting in February 2014.

British-Gibraltan orchestra conductor Karel Mark Chichon and wife Elina Garanča expecting in February 2014. Sister CATHERINE LOUISE Chichon [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

American Teen Mom reality star Mackenzie Douthit and husband Josh McKee expecting in February 2014. Brother GANNON McKee [2].

Australian actress Teresa Palmer and fiancee Mark Webber expecting in February 2014. Half-brother ISAAC LOVE Webber [3].

American actress/writer Soleil Moon Frye and husband Jason Goldberg expecting a son in February 2014. Sisters POET SIENNA ROSE [8] and JAGGER JOSEPH BLUE Goldberg [5].

Irish pop singer Nadine Coyle and ex-boyfriend Jason Bell expecting in February 2014.

Australian actress Melissa George and boyfriend Jean-David Blanc expecting in February 2014.

British pop singer Michelle Heaton and husband Hugh Hanley expecting a sonin February 2014. Sister FAITH MICHELLE Hanley [2].

Swedish reality TV stars Harald von Koch and Anna Shield von Koch expecting in February 2014. Half-brother NILS von Koch [21]. Sister EBBA LOUISE von Koch [1].

English pop singer Scott Robinson (5ive) and wife Kerry Oaker expecting twins in February 2014. Brothers BRENNAN RHYS [12] and KAVAN REEVE Robinson [7]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

French actress Melanie Thierry and boyfriend Raphael Haroche expecting in February 2014. Brother ROMAN Haroche [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Canadian politician Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire expecting in February 2014. Brother XAVIER JAMES Trudeau [6]. Sister ELLA-GRACE MARGARET Trudeau [5].

American NFL quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford expecting in February 2014. Brother HAWKINS CRAWFORD Romo [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

English socialite/rock heiress Assisi Jackson and boyfriend Alex expecting in February 2014.

Actor Owen Wilson and fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist expecting a son in February 2014. Half-brother ROBERT FORD (Ford) Wilson [3]. 

British-American TV stylist Rosie (nee unknown) Pope and husband Daron Pope expecting in February 2014. Brothers JAMES RODERICK (JR) [5] and WELLINGTON READE (Wells) Pope [3]. Sister VIVIENNE MADISON Pope [1.5].

American reality TV star Vanessa Simmons and boyfriend Mike Wayans expecting a daughter in February 2014.

Spanish footballer Javi Garcia and girlfriend Elena Gomez expecting in February 2014. (*thanks K/Michela!) 

Serbian tennis star Nenad Zimonjic and wife Mina Knezevic expecting in February 2014. Brother LEON Zimonjic [5]. Sister LUNA Zimonjic [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch dance-pop singer Anita Doth and boyfriend Willy de Leon Agramonte expecting in February 2014. Brother DESTYNO de Leon [8]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American Champion dressage equestrian Courtney King and husband Jason Dye expecting a daughter in February 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Aussie Rules Footballer Braith Anasta and wife Jodi Gordon expecting in February 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

American actor AJ Buckley and wife Abigail Ochse expecting a daughter in February 2014.

American footwear designer Ryan Sampson and wife Dana Ferguson expecting a son in February 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American reality TV star (Teen Mom) Aubrey Wolters and boyfriend Brandon Akerill expecting a son in February 2014. Brother AUSTIN CARTER Akerill [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

American reality TV stars DeAnna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano expecting in February 2014.

American TV reporter Andrea Canning and husband Tony Bancroft expecting a daughter in February 2014. Sisters ANNA KATHERINA [4], CHARLOTTE BREWSTER [3], and CHRISTINA MARGARET Bancroft [1]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch TV newsanchor Hannelore Zwitserlood and husband Remco expecting in February 2014. Sister JULIETTE [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Mexican actors Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan expecting in February 2014. Sister ELISA MARIE Soto Bazan [4]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Swedish lawyer/socialite Jonas Bergstrom and wife Stephani af Klercker expecting in February 2014.

Russian-American professional dancer Anna Trebunskaya expecting in February 2014.

Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti and husband Arnaud Mimmerans expecting in March 2014. Brother LIAM ELIJAH Mimmerans [2.5]. Sister TAL HARLOW Mimmerans [1.5]. (*thanks Michela!)

Australian author Leigh Sales and husband Phil Willis expecting in March 2014. Brother DANIEL OSCAR Willis [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and husband Christopher O'Neill expecting a daughter in March 2014.

Irish TV presenter Daithi Ó Sé and wife Rita Talty expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Spanish footballer Cristian Tello and girlfriend Lorena Lopez expecting daughter CARLOTA Tello in March 2014. (*thanks K/Ramona!)

Swedish TV presenter Fredrik Berling and girlfriend Lisa expecting in March 2014.

Spanish model Eugenia Silva and boyfriend Alfonso de Borbon expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Sam!) 

English footballer Jonjo Shelvey and girlfriend Daisy Evans expecting a daughter in March 2014. (*thanks K!) 

American country singer Jessie James and NFLer Eric Decker expecting a daughter in March 2014. 

Swedish sports reporter Karin Frick and husband Andreas expecting in March 2014. Brother SVEN [3].

Dutch footballer Demy de Zeeuw and girlfriend Danielle Slof expecting a daughter in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Swedish actress Helena af Sandberg and husband Fredrik Lycke expecting in March 2014. Half-brother ALBERT Mork-Eidem [8].

Slovak footballer Marek Hamsik and wife Martina Franova expecting in March 2014. Brothers CHRISTIAN [4] and LUCAS Hamsik [2]. (*thanks K/Michela!) 

Dutch actress Esmee de la Bretoniere and boyfriend expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski expecting in March 2014.

English pop singer/reality TV star Kerry Katona and fiance George Kay expecting a son in March 2014. Half-sisters MOLLY MARIE [13] and LILLY SUE McFadden [12], and HEIDI ELIZABETH Croft [8]. Half-brother MAXWELL MARK Croft [6].

Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Chilean footballer Arturo Vidal and wife Maria Teresa expecting a daughter in March 2014. Brother ALONSO Vidal [5]. (*thanks K!) 

Aussie Rules Footballer Michael Walters and girlfriend Marnie Tyers expecting in March 2014. Sister LAILA Walters [1.5]. 

American IndyCar racer Michael Andretti and wife Jodi Ann Paterson expecting twins in March 2014. Half-brothers MARCO MICHAEL [26] and LUCCA Andretti [14]. Half-sister MARISSA CASSANDRA Andretti [23]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American TV presenter Daphne Oz and husband John Jovanovic expecting in March 2014. 

Spanish footballer Sergio Busquets and girlfriend Hannah Vectore expecting a son in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Australian Olympic Champion swimmer Giaan Rooney and husband Sam Levett expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

English actress Katherine Kelly and husband Ryan Clark expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Michela!) 

Actress Thandie Newton and husband Oliver "Ol" Parker expecting in March 2014. Sisters RIPLEY [13] and NICO Parker [9].

American reality TV stars Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders expecting a daughter in March 2014. Brother NOAH THEODORE Csincsak [3]. 

Musicians Gwen Sterfani and Gavin Rossdale expecting in March 2014. Brothers KINGSTON JAMES MACGREGOR [7] and ZUMA NESTA ROCK Rossdale [5]. 

Italian pro road cyclist Vincenzo Nibali and wife Rachele Perinelli expecting a daughter in March 2014. (*thanks Michela/Ramona!) 

Belgian Olympic Champion track star Tia Hellebaut and husband Wim Vandeven expecting in March 2014. Sisters LOTTE [4] and SAARTJE Vandeven [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

British socialite/Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone and husband Jay Rutland expecting in March 2014. 

British pop singer Rachel Stevens and husband Alex Bourne expecting in March 2014. Sister AMELIE Bourne [3].

British pop singer Michelle Heaton and husband Hugh Hanley expecting in March 2014. Sister FAITH MICHELLE Hanley [3]. 

British philanthropist Katie Piper and boyfriend expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Luxembourg pro road cyclist Andy Schleck and girlfriend Jill Delvauz expecting in March 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

French footballer Karim Benzema and girlfriend Chloe expecting a daughter in March 2014. (*thanks K!) 

American footballer Sacha Kljestan and wife Jamie Lee Darley expecting in March 2014. (*thanks K!) 

French NBA star Tony Parker and fiancee Axelle Francine expecting a son in April 2014.

Swedish NHLer Niklas Hjalmarsson and wife Elina Casell expecting in April 2014.

American NFLer Torrey Smith and wife Chanel Williams expecting in April 2014. 

American NFLer Ben Roethlisburger and wife Ashley Harlan expecting in April 2014. Brother BENJAMIN TODD (Ben) Roethlisburger, Jr. [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch actors Davy Gillies and wife Sasha Rosen expecting in April 2014. Half-sister SAM Gillies [10]. Half-brother MAXIME Picard [4] and brother BEAU Gillies [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Spanish actress Amaia Salamanca and boyfriend Rosauro Baro expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American actress Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy) and husband expecting in April 2014.

British boxer Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Spanish footballer Andres Iniesta and wife Anna Ortiz expecting a son in April 2014. Sister VALERIA Iniesta [3]. 

Canadian politician Tim Hudak and wife Deb Hutton expecting in April 2014. Sister MILLER OLIVE Hudak [6]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Spanish footballer Jose Callejon and girlfriend Marta Ponsati Romero expecting in April 2014. Half-sister PAULA Ponsati [5]. (*thanks K/Ramona!) 

Italian footballer Pablo Daniel "Dani" Osvaldo and girlfriend Jimena Baron expecting in April 2014. Half-brother GIANLUCA Osvaldo [6]. Half-sisters VICTORIA [4] and MARIA HELENA Osvaldo [2]. (*thanks K!) 

American actress Tiffany Thornton and husband Christopher Carney expecting in April 2014. Brother KENNETH JAMES (KJ) Carney [1.5]. 

English pop musician Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna Falcone expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao and wife Mary Geraldine "Jinkee" Jamora expecting in April 2014. Brothers EMMANUEL (Jimuel), Jr. [13] and MICHAEL STEPHEN Pacquiao [10]. Sisters MARY DIVINE GRACE (Princess) [7] and QUEEN ELIZABETH (Queenie) Pacquiao [5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Luxembourgish pro cyclist Frank Schleck and wife Martine Schmid expecting in April 2014. Sister LEEA Schleck [4]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Irish actor Peter Coonan and girlfriend Kim O'Driscoll expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch actors Oren Schrijver and Celine Purcell expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Belgian TV presenter Erika Van Tielen and husband Gerd Schelfout expecting in April 2014. Brother FINN Schelfout [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Australian comedian Hamish Blake and wife Zoe Foster expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American local TV newsanchor Nydia Han and husband Dennis Reilly expecting a son in April 2014. Sister SABINE Reilly [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch TV presenter Sofie van den Enk and husband Andre van den Heuvel expecting in April 2014. Brother MAGNUS FREDERIK HENRIK van den Heuvel [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart and girlfriend Sabia Boulahrouz expecting in April 2014. Half-brothers DAMIAN van der Vaart [8] and DAAMIN Boulahrouz [3]. Half-sisters ANISSA, deceased, and AMAYA Boulahrouz [4]. (*thanks K!)

Swedish pop-rock musician Victor Noren and girlfriend Johanna Rosen expecting in April 2014.

American actor Josh Holloway and wife Yessica Kumala expecting in April 2014. Sister JAVA KUMALA Holloway [4]. 

Dutch singer-songwriter Syb van der Ploeg and girlfriend Adriana von Banniseht expecting in April 2014. Half-sister EVA van der Ploeg [14]. Half-brothers MICK and JEFF van der Ploeg, deceased. (*thanks Ramona!)

Filipina singer/actress Geneva Cruz and fiance Lee Paulsen expecting in April 2014. Half-brother HEAVEN Arespacochaga [18]. (*thanks Ramona!)

New Zealand pro ballroom dancer Erin Boag (Strictly Come Dancing) and husband Peter O'Dowd expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Spanish tennis star Carlos Moya and wife Carolina Cerezuela expecting a daughter in April 2014. Sister CARLA Moya Cerezuela [3]. Brother CARLOS Moya Cerezuela [1]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Belgian TV presenter Cynthia Reekmans and boyfriend Philip van de Perre expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!)

Belgian Champion high jumper Stijn Stroobants and wife Svetlana Bolshakova expecting in April 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American country singer Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn expecting a son in April 2014. Sister GEORGIA BELLA Janson [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Brazilian-Portuguese footballer Pepe and wife Ana Sofia Moreira expecting a son in April 2014. Sister ANGELI Lima Moreira [1.5]. (*thanks K!) 

South African model/professional stuntwoman Lee Ann Liebenberg and husband Nicky van der Walt expecting in April 2014. Sister GIA van der Walt [3]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez and wife Vanessa expecting a son in April 2014. Sisters FLORENCIA [8] and KATIE Tevez [4]. (*thanks K!)

American former reality TV star Christina Schuller Sinclair (Laguna Beach) and husband Chad Sinclair expecting in May 2014. 

Brazilian former footballer Leonardo Araujo and wife Anna Billo expecting in May 2014. Half-brother LUCAS (Luke) [22] and brother TIAGO Araujo [3]. Half-sisters JULIA [18] and JOANA Araujo [14]. (*thanks K!) 

American reality TV star Felicia Cooke (16 & Pregnant) & Mauricio "Alex" Gutierrez expecting in May 2014. Sister GENESIS ALEXA Gutierrez [4]. Half-brother ? Gutierrez [2]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Australian pop singer Guy Sebastian and wife Jules Egan expecting in May 2014. Brother HUDSON JAMES Sebastian [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Canadian pop singer Valerie "Lights" Poxleitner and husband Beau Bokan expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American soap actor Bradford Anderson and wife Kiera O'Neil expecting a daughter in May 2014. Sister JUNA MEREDITH Anderson [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Brazilian footballer Fabio da Silva and wife Barbara expecting in May 2014. (*thanks K!) 

Belgian TV presenter Steven Van Herreweghe and wife Katrien expecting in May 2014. Brother LENNI Van Herreweghe [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

English photographer/socialite Leah Wood and husband Jack MacDonald expecting in May 2014. Sister MAGGIE DYLAN MacDonald [4].

Belgian footballer Daniel Van Buyten and wife Celine Cagniaux expecting in May 2014. Sister LOU-ANN Van Buyten [3]. Brother LEE-ROY Van Buyten [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Dutch radio host Sander Lantinga and wife Tessel van der Lugt expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Australian supermodel Megan Gale and Aussie Rules Footballer Shaun Hampson expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Belgian model Jade Foret and French businessman Arnaud Lagardere expecting in May 2014. Half-brothers ALEXANDRE [20] and EMERY Laggardere [17]. Sister LIVA Lagardere [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

Dutch singer Fabienne de Vries and boyfriend Mitchell expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

German Olympic Champion biathlete Magdalena Neuner and boyfriend Josef Holzer expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos and girlfriend Pilar Rubio expecting in May 2014. (*thanks Ramona/K!) 

Norwegian singer Tone Damli and boyfriend Markus Forss expecting in May 2014.

Swedish Champion track athlete Jenny Kallur and boyfriend Henrik Olsson expecting in May 2014. 

Italian footballer Antonio Nocerino and wife Federica expecting in May 2014. Brother FRANCESCO Nocerino [5]. Sister CECILIA Nocerino [3]. (*thanks K!) 

Swedish sports journalist Andre Pops and wife Malin Runsten expecting in May 2014. Brothers THEO [7], ELLIOT [5] and SIMON Pops [2].

Dutch and German speed skaters Ids Postma and Anni Friesinger expecting in May 2014. Sister JOSEPHINE Postma [2.5]. (*thanks Ramona!)

English footballer Joey Barton and girlfriend Georgia McNeil expecting in May 2014. Brother CASSIUS JOSEPH Barton [2]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Swedish journalist Martin Skibbye and wife Linnea Steiner expecting in May 2014.

Swedish TV presenter Ann Soderlund and boyfriend Mathias Johansson expecting in May 2014. Half-brothers OSSIAN [11], ILON [9], and DANTE Bie [7].

Swedish TV presenter Claes Akesson and wife Susanne Rosencrantz expecting in May 2014. Half-sister ALVA [17]. Half-brothers ZACK [14], and BUSTER Akesson [6].

Swedish singer Karl Martindahl and girlfriend Anna Lindahl expecting in May 2014. Sister STELLA Martindahl [3].

Swedish TV presenter/blogger Calle Schulman and wife Anitha expecting in May 2014. Sister PENNY Schulman [2].

American NBA legend Michael Jordan and wife Yvette Prieto expecting in May 2014. Half-brothers JEFFREY MICHAEL (Jeff) [25] and MARCUS WILLIAM Jordan [23]. Half-sister JASMINE MICKAEL Jordan [21]. 

Swedish model/actress Carolina Gynning and boyfriend Alexander Lydecker expecting in June 2014. Sister ALICIA Lydecker [1.5].

American reality TV star Briana Wolfsmith (RHOC) and husband Ryan Culberson expecting a son in June 2014. Brother TROY WILLIAM Culberson [1.5]. 

Italian footballer Leonardo Bonucci and wife Martina Maccari expecting a son in June 2014. Brother LORENZO Bonucci [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Australian radio presenter Yumi Stynes and husband Martin Bendeler expecting in June 2014. Half-sisters ANOUK [11] and DEE DEE Ely [9]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Spanish footballer Roberto Soldado and wife Rocio Milan expecting in July 2014. Sister DANIELA Soldado Milan [6]. Brother ENZO Soldado Milan [4]. (*thanks K!) 

English reality TV star Billie Faiers (TOWIE) and boyfriend Greg Shephard expecting in July 2014. 

Brazilian footballer Oscar dos Santos Emboaba and wife Ludmila expecting in July 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Dutch electro DJ Sander de Heer and girlfriend Marije expecting in July 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American reality TV star Jenelle Evans (Teen Mom) and boyfriend Nathan Griffith expecting in July 2014. Half-brother JACE VAHN Evans [4]. 

Aussie Rules Footballer Jonathan Brown and wife Kylie Adams expecting in July 2014. Sister OLIVIA MARIE Brown [4]. Brother JACK WILLIAM Brown [1.5]. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Dutcher model Doutzen Kroes and husband Sunnery James expecting a daughter in July 2014. Brother PHYLLON JOY Gorre [3]. 

Curacoan-Dutch comedian/TV presenter Jandino Asporaat and wife Shirley expecting in July 2014. Brother ELIJAH Asporaat [3]. (*thanks Ramona!)

British Olympic champion dressage star Laura Bechtolsheimer and husband Mark Tomlinson expecting in July 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

British Olympic Champion heptathlete Jessica Ennis and husband Andy Hill expecting in July 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

Dutch singer Sieneke Peeters and husband Jan Baum expecting in August 2014. (*thanks Ramona!) 

American TV newsanchor Savannah Guthrie and husband Mike Feldman expecting a daughter in August 2014. 

American actress Alyssa Milano and husband David Bugliari expecting a daughter in August 2014. Brother MILO THOMAS Bugliari [3]. 

American model/TV host Stacy Keibler and husband Jared Pobre expecting a daughter in August 2014. 

American actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis expecting a daughter in August 2014. 

Actor Christian Bale and wife Sibi Blazic expecting in August 2014. Sister EMMELINE Bale [9]. 

American actress Eva Amurri and soccer commentator Kyle Martino expecting a daughter in August 2014. 

American rock singer Amy Lee and husband Josh Hartzler expecting in August 2014.

Actors Mireille Enos and Alan Ruck expecting in August 2014. Half-sister EMMA [26] and sister VESPER VIVIENNE Ruck [3]. Half-brother SAMUEL (Sam) Ruck [19].

Actor Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte Walsh expecting in August 2014. Half-sisters SPENCER KAREN [30], GREER KANDACE [22], and MASON OLIVIA [12], and sister FAITH EVANGELINE ELISA Grammer [2]. Half-brother JUDE GORDON Grammer [9]. 

American TV host Carson Daly and wife Siri Pinter expecting in August 2014. Brother JACKSON JAMES Daly [5]. Sister ETTA JONES Daly [1.5]. 

American country musician Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flatts) and wife Tiffany Fallon expecting in August 2014. Brother JAGGER DONOVAN Rooney [5]. Sister RAQUEL BLUE Rooney [3]. 

American actress Gaby Hoffman and boyfriend Chris Dapkins expecting in August 2014. 

American actress Scarlett Johansson and fiance Romain Dauriac expecting in August 2014. 

American actress Lake Bell and husband Scott Campbell expecting in August 2014. 

American country musician Josh Turner and wife Jennifer Ford expecting a son in September 2014. Brothers HAMPTON OTIS [7], COLBY LYNCH [5], and CRAWFORD MARION (Marion) Turner [3]. 

American country musician Dave Heywood (Lady Antebellum) and wife Kelly Cashiola expecting a son in September 2014. 

American musician Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper expecting in September 2014. Half-brother BRONX MOWGLI Wentz [5]. 

American TV presenter Debbie Matenopoulos and husband Jon Falcone expecting in September 2014.

American actor Kevin Rahm and wife Amy Lonkar expecting a daughter in September 2014. 

American philanthropist/heiress Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky expecting in September 2014.

American actress Megan Hilty and husband Brian Gallagher expecting in September 2014. 

American TV newsacnhor Kate Bodluan and husband Michael Gershenson expecting in September 2014. 

American rock musician Dave Grohl and wife Jordyn Blum expecting in September 2014. Sisters VIOLET MAYE [8] and HARPER WILLOW Grohl [5]. 

American actress Leelee Sobieski and husband Adam Kimmel expecting in September 2014. Sister LOUISANNA RAY Kimmel [4]. 

American singer Christina Aguilera and fiance Matt Rutler expecting a daughter in September 2014. Half-brother MAX LIRON Bratman [6]. 

American actor Scott Foley and wife Marika Dominczyk expecting in September 2014. Sister MALINA JEAN Foley [4]. Brother KELLER ALEKSANDER Foley [2]. 

American actor Armie Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers expecting in October 2014. 

Actors Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes expecting in October 2014. 

American reality TV stars (The Bachelorette) Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum expecting a son in October 2014. 

American reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and fiance Jionni LaValle expecting a daughter in October 2014. Brother LORENZO DOMINIC LaValle [1.5]. 

American actress Hayden Panettiere and Ukrainian World Champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko expecting in October 2014.

Australian celeb chef Curtis Stone and American actress Lindsay Price expecting in October 2014. Brother HUDSON Stone [2.5]. 

American singer-songwriter Holly Williams and husband Chris Coleman expecting in October 2014. 

Australian actress Poppy Montgomery and husband Shawn Sanford expecting a son in November 2014. Half-sister HALEY [11] and sister VIOLET GRACE DEVEREUX Sanford [1.5]. Half-brothers BRAYDON Sanford [8] and JACKSON PHILIP DEVEREUX Kaufman [7].

American actor Robert Downey, Jr. and wife Susan Levin Downey expecting a daughter in November 2014. Half-brother INDIO FALCONER [20] and brother EXTON ELIAS Downey [3]. 

American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton and husband Jon McCauley expecting in November 2014. 

British actress Rosamund Pike and boyfriend Robie Uniacke expecting in November 2014. Half-brother ROBIE JONJO [30] and brother SOLO Uniacke [2.5]. Half-sister OLIVE Uniacke [25]. 

Former American Idol contestant James Durbin and wife Heidi expecting in November 2014. Brohter HUNTER Durbin [5]. 

Actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard expecting in November 2014. Sister LINCOLN BELL Shepard [1.5].

American actress/author Jenna Von Oy and husband Brad Bratcher expecting a daughter in November 2014. Sister GRAY AUDREY Bratcher [2.5].

American RnB singer Kelly Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon expecting in November 2014. 

American actress Christina Ricci and husband James Heerdegen expecting in November 2014.

Actors Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson expecting in November 2014. 

American reality TV stars Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick expecting in December 2014. Brother MASON DASH Disick [5]. Sister PENELOPE SCOTLAND Disick [2]. 

American singer Nick Lachey and TV presenter Vanessa Minnillo expecting a daughter in December 2014. Brother CAMDEN JOHN Lachey [2]. 

The Bachelor reality TV star Renee Oteri and husband Bracy Maynard expecting in January 2015. Half-brother BENJAMIN (Ben) Oteri [9].